Health Coach, how to get seen and heard?

Oh crap, health coach.

Nobody’s opening emails anymore.

How are you supposed to get seen and heard?

I want you to be remembered, respected, AND paid for your expertise.

But the sad truth is… many people do not open emails.

(but then, you might not have an email list anyway… am I right?)

So how do you sell a product, health coach?

Get seen?

Get heard?

Get hired?

I want to help you show up consistently online in VIDEO so you can attract your dream clients and turn this health coaching hobby into a real cash-making business.

Because video is taking over especially with the NEW Facebook Algorithms

Everyone is on Facebook, and Zuckerberg has told us that video rules.

Your dream clients are checking out Youtube – searching for How-To videos to help them get healthier.

If you’re not jumping on the video train, you’re gettin’ left in the dust.

So if you want to know…

…How to build relationships with your niche community and book more clients when you have no idea where they’re hanging out online (…Marco!)

…How to hit that record (or Live!) button and know exactly what to say.

…How do you show up when you’re an Introvert.

…How do you tackle those fears?

Be honest.

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing a live video or a pre-recorded video because you are scared to show up.

I was.

I had so much anxiety about starting my biz and even speaking at events.

So, I started to make videos on

I started to get clients world wide because they saw my videos.

I felt like I cracked the code especially because other coaches I graduated with were struggling.

I was not.

You don’t have to either.

Before you enter your email for this LIVE training, I am gonna tell you about Amy.

She had a small list.

She launched and heard crickets.

She could not get people to opt in for freebies or come to a webinar.

BUT, when she did my video marketing challenge, she started to face her Livestream fears.

She went from 0 engagement to 197 views on a LIVE then she hit 597 views.

It was awesome.

She was owning her STORY, her MESSAGE and the HERO JOURNEY she had to take.

People reached out to her.

She re-launched at a lower price to build trust and she did NOT hear crickets.

And how video can lead to real cash-money for your health coaching biz…

Join me for

Learn how to Master Video Marketing

Even when you are an INTROVERTED HEALTH COACH &


A free LIVE webinar for heart-based health coaches (like you)…

Master video marketing

(…So you can build AUTHORITY in a different way and not get lost in a world of 14% open rates – say what?


Emails will definitely still be around, but we gotta flow with the changes, right?

So if you’re ready to learn how to work videos into your biz without fear of the camera – say AMEN!!!

And join me March 15th at 7 PM EDT to see the inside—look under my hood—scoop on how I shoot videos with ease.

I’ll also show you how to:

1. How to ROCK a Livestream and Master Video Marketing, even if you are an Introvert

2. How to use Livestream and Video Marketing, to build your Authority when nobody knows who you are in this health coach biz

3. How to unleash the power of viral video marketing with the exact headlines and content you should use

Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone but we are releasing the Ketogenic Program everyone has been asking for. Come so you can get first dibs and snag the sweet VIP savings.

Show up for the webinar on Thursday, March 15th at 7 PM EDT for the BIG reveal.


So whatcha say?

Ready to boost your authority and attract dream clients?


Hustle with grace, always,



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