Health Coach Success Can Happen with this system.

I am the first one to admit, it was not always easy. I am a momma. I am a CEO. I am a wife and balancing everything was not always easy. Health Coach Success is possible.

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and wonder… am I ever going to make it as a health coach?… will I ever have enough money to pay the bills and quit my 9-5?… will I ever have enough time to make my dream business a reality?….

I have been talking to so many coaches who wanna quit. That makes me sad because I remember feeling that way.

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and wonder… am I ever going to make it as a health coach?… will I ever have enough money to pay the bills and quit my 9-5?… will I ever have enough time to make my dream business a reality?….

When I first became a health coach, I would spend countless nights asking my husband if he could put Max and Sammy to bed while I stayed awake to put custom plans together for my clients.

I would worry about if I could make enough money to pay the bills because my family depended on me. Some nights I would miss dinner time, bath time, story time, and I barely kept myself together. Self-care? That wasn’t an option.

I had a business to build and money to make – and so, I had no choice but to stay up late and create custom programs because that is what paid the bills.

My husband lost his business, it never recovered after the stock market crash. Our financial responsibilities fell on me. And, once I started to bring in enough money to pay our bills – I just had to keep going to make more money for the next month.

It took a lot of time, dedication, and perseverance (just like my son Max has).

You know what? I did it.

I built a 6-figure health coaching practice by the end of my 3rd year in business. That was a far cry from the $13,000 I made in my first year as a health coach.

During that first year, I had BUSTED my ass working around the clock coaching, finding clients, putting together custom programs, and marketing myself. I forgot what it felt like to relax, and my health took a turn for the worse and really suffered – the one thing that a health coach should ALWAYS prioritize.

I learned how to make my business work and earn money the hard way. I made many mistakes, and the only reason I made it work was because I learned how to build my business in a strategic way. I put the time in and studied every blog from every successful entrepreneur. I read books by Tim Ferris and other game-changing influencers in the entrepreneurial world.

When I graduated from IIN, I had a wealth of knowledge about wellness. But- I didn’t know enough about the business end of it all. I didn’t know what times to market on social media, where to market, how to send out a mass email, how to track clients, how to get clients, how to build a program I could sell on my site, and how to really make my business work for me.

If you’re doing it all on your own because you’re afraid to invest in your business, scared to spend another dime to make it work, then I’ve got to tell you something – you cannot do it all on your own. I mean… you can…. but it’ll cost you your health.

Skipping self-care to work just a few more hours. Just tonight. And the next night. And every night for one, two, six, or 12 months. How’s that going to work for you?

Or… do you even have the time after spending 40 hours a week in a job you wish you could quit- if only… you had enough money?

Do you know what you can do?… You could get help. Stay in your own zone of genius, and have more time to coach. Find a system that works and work it. Invest wisely. All your options are right here, right now.

Getting help will take the pressure off and alleviate the stress. You can focus on self-care, have more time, and you can be a business owner who also leads a happy and balanced life.

And… community. How would you feel if you didn’t feel so alone while building your business?…

What if… you had a community of coaches who were there for you to help you make decisions for your business, brainstorm creative ideas, listen to your questions, and offer support? What if… you had a business coach who had done this before, like me, who turned their own health coaching practice into a profitable 6-figure success?

You can have more…







You can have it all.

I created the Done For You Programs for health coaches to make your life and business manageable.

My programs give you MORE than you’ll ever see anywhere else, by offering mass amounts of marketing content in addition to all of the resources your client gets – you’ll literally have a wellness business in a box. I know these programs work because I use them in my own health coaching practice, and you know what – 8,000+ health coaches have had success with these programs too.

You don’t need to go through the stress, overwhelm, and burnout of doing it all on your own. I’ve already created your entire system for you. Your job is simple now. Choose the program that’s right for you and claim your freedom-based dream business so you can have more time, more clients, and more money – without the pressure.



This season we’ve added so much more for you…

So, what’s new this summer?

You know how I roll, I like to keep things super fresh so even if you’ve bought these programs before, I’ve added some new business tools to The Summer Collection to help you maximize your impact. I’ve also created a FRESH NEW RAW LIFESTYLE PROGRAM that is super easy on the digestive system. Yessssss.

That also means NEW copy for sales pages, NEW banners, NEW marketing images, and NEW recipes for summer detox and the NEW Raw Lifestyle Program. Plus, did you see that Easy Weight Loss has an all-new Rockstar upgrade with all new opt-in freebies and more?!

This season, we up-leveled because we know how much marketing your business and your programs is essential for 2016 – it’s digital babes, and it’s time you prepped for the virtual demands of building your business online.

ALL of the programs are new. Every season, I write them from scratch. You might have seen my programs from other seasons, but you haven’t seen these. The ONLY two programs that have remained evergreen from Spring are Paleo (the holistic grain-free approach) and Revitalize (the 6-week family friendly, athlete friendly, everybody friendly clean eating program).

Everything in EVERY program is copyright free and ready for you to slap your name and website on it. Change the eBooks, handouts, presentations, everything to fit your voice- if you want, or you could use it the minute you download just like it is.

Brand it. And coach, get out there and rock it.

You’re a star, and I’m looking forward to seeing you shine.

I want you to have results like Krista… day ONE in the Summer Group:

“Your coaching has been instrumental in me nailing down my process that works! I have graduated from beginner to intermediate hahahahaha! My detox groups have doubled, my client base has grown to an exciting number AND several organizations have asked me to TEACH to their clients and staff. My confidence level hit the roof Rachel Feldman because I executed my plan that you helped me create. So great! Thank you thank you thank you.” -Krista MacGregor

It’s time to relax, go enjoy your life, and build your business without burning out in the process.

I’ve already created everything you need to make your dreams a success.

I believe in your mission, your heart, your passion, and your dreams.

You can do this.













These tools have created success for so many health coaches, just like Michelle.

“You had me at Hello!! Yes, the first time I saw Rachel on one of her online videos, I knew I could trust her and she was the real deal!! Rachel’s “Done For You” programs are the answer to my business prayers. Once I received my programs I was astonished with the fact that I received way more than what I was expecting. I immediately got to work!! My excitement after personalizing my first DFY program led me to wanting to share this immediately and that’s why I took my programs “Offline”. I invited friends and family to a Smoothie Party and out of that I had 20 girlfriends on board at $50 a piece for the Smoothie Slim Down. The success and the sheer fun of this first group morphed into Besties, Moms/Daughters, College Gals needing a boost for finals, wanting to get in on the fun!! So, I introduced these programs, 3 Day Clean Eating Challenge, 3 Days to Ditching the Bloat and 5 Vital Steps to Optimal Health. These 4 programs brought in a little over 6k in 2 weeks!! Rachel continuously gave me all the support I needed to keep this “Healthy Hustle” going through her amazing Facebook page! Without asking a question, the answers and more knowledge continued to pour through each day. Amazing!! Rachel Feldman thank you for being the true “Rockstar” that you are and helping me to jump start my business! Love You!!”

-Michelle R.


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