How to Get More Clients as a Health Coach

I literally just finished jamming on How to Get More Clients, Make Money Doing what you love with the right tools.
During the webinar, I showed you, all my health coach friends,  how to Nail down your niche and get more clients.
I talk a lot about Niche because knowing who I served was the #1 Reason I am successful.
This is why knowing what program is right for you is my mission.
It’s time to make a decision.
We talked about what program is right for your niche and how to make money with the right sales funnel.

You learned how to:

  1. Nail down your nice using programs that speak to your client’s soul and physical needs
  2. Rock out an opt-in freebie in 15 minutes flat
  3. Launch in 2 weeks flat


It can happen:

Kim Ivey launched her programs in 4 days online.

Michelle launched her programs in 3 days offline.
If you missed the live recording, here it is.


And like I said…
When you roll with the Summer Done for You Programs, you get so much more than a program; you get a community.

I know what it is like to not know what to offer in your business, which I why I work with coaches daily to master their sales funnel and launch plan.
Many of you do not have time to create your signature program. Many of you have families like me.

Some of you have bought programs before, and they are not right for your niche.
For example: If you work with busy moms, I would buy the rockstar easy weight loss.
WHY? Easy to deliver, simple recipes for the busy mom, who just needs a plan of action.

If you believe in the foundational principles of detox, cleansing, and clean eating, then I would buy the following combinations:
Detox Rockstar + Easy Weight Loss Rockstar and YOU have a Signature Program to use online or offline.


NOTE: When I work with coaches 1:1, we create a rinse and spin funnel. This means you can use these programs in your work with me, your signature program or as a gateway program leading to your 1:1.
When I work with moms, families, I give them the Revitalize programs and make it a 6-week journey, or you can repeat the 28 day and make it a 3-month signature program.
I have used this program online, offline, at local gyms and local moms groups.


If you love raw, then you cannot hold yourself back from this one. Finally, a How to do Raw right. (thank you for my Raw Certification to right this baby)!
You do not have to do this alone.
We do this together in a community with my Coach Moderators Bonnie, Sarah, and Shay. You have my awesome Virtual Assistant, Jessica to help you too plus all the coaches called your TRIBE.
You deserve a program that works as hard as you do. A PROVEN SYSTEM for growing your list, attracting clients, showing off your smarts, and attracting the ideal client…which is is really you looking in the mirror.

Today is your day to shine.
“Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle”..

Your success is up to you – I won’t promise you instant success. That’s BS. No one can do that for you. I WILL promise you all-new, great-tasting recipes, photos, marketing materials, video tutorials, and MASSIVE EPIC SUPPORT – that the missing ingredient for many coaches — especially for the solopreneur.
These programs have landed coaches on TV, featured in magazines and landed VIP clients because they had a system, which creates visibility, authority, your brand and most of all …. CONFIDENCE.

jessica collage

These smokin’ HOT new programs are HERE for you.

Only a click away:







Overhead View Of Businesswoman Working At Computer In Office

The Best Part?

BONUS #1 When you purchase by 5/31 you get access to a live Launch Master Class (where I show you how to use a google spreadsheet to plan your launch, so you stay on track) plus access to a Master Tech Class with my own Virtual Assistant. {value $500).
Feeling butterflies in your tummy? Great! Now grab the done for you programs with all these massive bonuses before time runs out. I need to succeed. Bottom line. This is my mission.

done for you programs by Rachel Feldman
ARE YOU IN? YES, you are.

Use code: (CODE) before 6/4 midnight EDT to save 15% off any single program*
*Does not apply to payment plans or VIP bundle.

See you on the flip side. Time to #playbig.
I believe in you.


Rachel Feldman









P.S. Check out my latest article on Huffington Post. 


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