Health Coach Truths: Launch without Facebook Ads

Hey, rad Health Coach….This may be a shocker, but it is the truth.

Reason #1: You do not have to spend a fortune on ADS to launch. When you know your niche and what they need to hear from you to follow you, trust you and hire you – selling is not even selling.

This s soul-selling.

You are sharing your life.

They buy YOU – then they buy the program or hire you for your 1-1

Reason #2: When you take the time to think about the story you are sharing – such as

What happened to you..

what solution can you provide..

Then you doing lives, social media posts and webinars on the content that is your life.

The imposter syndrome goes away and confidence steps in.

Reason #3: You can share on your personal page your life and lead people to your business page or a free group – where you give value and lead to a sign-up page like or a blog page with a free offer with a gift or a giveaway or challenge.

Your clients need to hear this from you:1. We want our methods justified.

1. Methods justified.
2. The tried-and-true approach.
3. The “secrets” of the pros.

Too often we get stuck.


  • Funnels
  • Automation
  • Signature Business

The truth is when you speak to your potential client about your story and share the excitement of the journey they can take with you – magic happens.

Trust me.

This is why Health Coach, Christina killed it with her launch and made over 7k using the above simple strategies.

Check out her video here.


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