Health Coach How to Launch a Program Online | Rachel Feldman

I know Health Coach.

I know.

You hear every different do this or do that.

I have been in your shoes.

Time deficient.

Feeling lost.

Feeling like I need to be everywhere online if  I launch a program.


You have to decide first what REALLY works for you.

This means… do you want to launch online or offline?

I found working offline when I first started was vital.

I did not have the authority YET to go online but I worked Facebook daily to build my authority and nail down that message for my niche.

How to launch an online program

Before step number 1

It is wonderful that you have now understood the importance of technology and looking for ways how to make benefits out of it for your business. The internet can be a tremendous beneficial tool once you come to understand how to use it effectively. So, you are health professional, coach or somehow related to the health business and you are looking for ways to take your health professional coaching online. Well, babes and dudes — this is my jam.

Step number 1: Designing the coaching program

What do you want to teach to the people? What is your specific niche? What is your expertise? What specific target audiences you want to teach? All such questions and you must be very clear on their pains points as people buy the pain and not the solution.

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  • What is your niche?
  • Define 10 pain points.
  • What results do they desire?

Next, get the program or create it.

You know your target audiences now and try to outline the essential items, maybe 10 or 12 that you think will be possible key for transformation in your client. Once you made the list of the potential points or chapters, then you have to align them to create an effective online program.

Do proper research on the content of the program because this is the prime thing that will make your online program stand out from the crowd.

Also, determine how long will the duration of the course will be, the advice is not to take it too long and nit too short, just the concise but useful content of the program makes it attractive. The frequency of the courses must be in a consistent rhythm otherwise it will make the whole course ineffective for the users.

Step number 2: Crafting the lead magnet aka opt-in freebie

Now you know where I am taking you and you know as well this matters.

The primary purpose of the lead magnet is to get the reader to know, appreciate and trust you and then you will be able to make the sale to the reader. Avoid to overeducate your lead magnet but focus on only one change, the one topic and central action plan. Structure all the steps into the effective and easy to implement actions. The lead magnet is that power source which will bring you your customers, make it right, do it right and make some money.

Step number 3: E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is where you will create multiple emails which will convert the whole prospect into the paying customer by teaching them, demonstrating the program’s ability and providing value to help them in every way possible. These emails are usually rolled out via an autoresponder feature that you can manage in your program’s email marketing platform. The primary purpose of email marketing is to motivate the viewers to buy your program.

Step number 4: Set price and promote your online program

Set the amount that you think is appropriate for your whole program, don’t give it a huge price tag from the very beginning instead focus on attracting customers. Start promoting at least a month before launching the online program and promote it everywhere you think your target customer can be. That’s pretty it, and there you have your first online program.

Plan your strategy like this:

But here is the big question for you?

Are you a new coach who does not have the authority YET to launch online OR are you not making money online and struggling?

If you need help nailing down that funnel for your online business or 1-1? Contact me…. but first, download this free gift.



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