How I support my body naturally with essential oils

I am not an alarmist but the ebola stuff going around has me a tad freaked out. I know when I go tot the supermarket and grab a cart, I am touching a possible threat. We all know gel sanitizer does not work (recent studies show this), so what do we do. We boost the immune system and make sure we have a bunch of natural solutions at our finger tips.

I am making sure my family is doing the following:

I call this Immune It UP in my house:

1. Drink the lemon water elixir. (one cup water with lemon and 1 tbsp. raw apple cider vinegar with some manuka honey)
2. Consume ginger, garlic and cloves daily to fight off the junky junk.
3. Make sure you are taking vitamin c and eating vitamin C rich foods – grapefruit, lemon, limes and oranges.
4. Drink cranberry concentrate with water and mint to flush unwanted bacteria from kidneys and bladder (junk likes to hide there).
5. Make sure you are breathing – we alkalize our body with breath.
6. Make sure you are taking probiotics, drinking cultured drinks like Inner-eco or kevita or kombucha (babies got good dose this am).
7. Green Galore – smoothies, green drinks, chlorophyll, wheatgrass, barley grass.
8. LOVE somebody – yes this means self love = less anxiety = less gut inflammation.
9. Epsom salt baths for healthy methylation and detoxification.
10. Oils, homeopathy, teas and tinctures (yep, be your own health advocate in your home)

If you want to find out about essential oils or get FREE samples, then contact me at



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