How to Build your Wellness Business {Live Event}

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This past week I got 50+ emails about B-School and let me say, Oh man, I love me some Marie Forleo so I am by no means saying she does not rock but all the emails got me thinking…

I know so many coaches who attend school after school, hire biz coach after biz coach and still are STUCK! What the hell, right? This is not your fault. I thought graduating and making the big bucks right away would be easy too.

But, one thing I have learned and nobody was able to teach me this – was time management.

I am not talking about how to add social media to buffer, although that helps or when to schedule my health histories vs. my one on one clients… I mean the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff nobody talks about. I call this the 4th Trimester after you birth (if you have birthed, then you know what I am talking about).

I have a question for you….

How do you spend a typical workday?

If you frequently find yourself spinnin’ your wheels for endless hours – without anything tangible to show for it – it’s time to end the madness AND make some moo·lah.

I know, I know.

Designing a profitable day is NOT easy.

It takes a strategic mindset and A LOT of self-control.

Believe me, I’ve struggled with it.

I built my business with two babies on the floor. Seriously.

Juggling both my family and my coaching practice forced me to prioritize my time down to the minute. It also forced me to shine a HUGE spotlight on my mojo.

Without my mojo in mind, how would I possibly know what to focus on during the day?

I started weaving my mojo magic into the most miraculous minutes of my day.

Understanding WHAT I do better than anybody and WHEN I do it best has been the secret ingredient to my business success. It’s also helped me…

+ Transform my small coaching business into a 6-Figure Empire
+ Write for the Williams-Sonoma Blog – Yep, they reached out to me!
+ Land speaking gigs from global health summits
+ Receive a dream invite to teach Business (4) times at the Hippocrates Health Institute

Now all this sounds grand and you may be thinking… well, Rachel has peeps helping her but that is not the truth.

Yes, I have a Virtual Assistant 20 hours a week, who helps me day to day but every morning I post on social media and I write my blogs and I share them on all social media avenues.

How do I do this?

This is my schedule:

I wake up 90 minutes before my children to have solo time for my business. This is when I blog, post on social media and handle all my private forums.

I answer emails after I drop my children off at school.

I work out at least 4 times a week (this was not happening for a while because I got into the TOO BUSY mode – yeah #truthbombs are the best) and then I said, ” walk your walk.”

I make sure I work efficiently with a time clock and shut down facebook and turn off my phone when I am working on a project.

I have a full load of clients (business coaching and health coaching clients), who I give 24/7 services to via email, Skype and text, so I leave time to answer any questions my clients have during the day.

I make sure I am drinking a Green Juice, a huge mason jar filled with water, lemon, mint, dash of sea salt and 2 drops of essential oils to stay hydrated.

There are times my office looks like a war zone and times self care slips away in the midst of a launch because building a business.

Getting exposure and managing multiple streams of income in this digital world takes persistent and clear marketing.

I also use Instagram a lot. This is a fabulous way to communicate on the quick and share on Facebook and Twitter.

I also do not quit. I am clear on my why. I remember the day my hubby told me we lost everything in the stock market and I had two babies under the age of two. I also remember bleeding into the toilet with my ulcerative colitis and hormonal imbalances that could have been prevented if I knew about detox, cleansing and the elimination diet early in my life.

I know my purpose. I help people just like myself – rockin’ business owners to believe that you do not need all of the fancy to sell a program (my first program I sold on eventbrite). I help smart and savvy coaches to go from confusion to clarity.

I empower and teach my clients the tools they need to stop chasing the diet or a disease through the power of detox, clean eating and the elimination diet.

I have a daily system for success in my business – every successful coach has one.

So how can I help you build your wellness business?

Join me on March 10th at 7:00PM Eastern for our totally free LIVE Event to determine the most efficient way for you to custom design your day.

I’ll confess – when it comes to productivity, I’m kind of an aficionado in cutting out the bullsh*t from my schedule. I can help you do it too.

Consider me your custom DAILY designer.

After I’m done with you, you’ll NEVER waste your mojo on pointless tasks again.

Oh, and I’ll also reveal exactly how I spend my typical business day on our LIVE webinar. Expect a few aha moments and surprises.

So let’s do it.





Let’s punctuate your day with mega business growth.

Did I mention there’s a BONUS?

When you join us on March 10th, you’ll also receive a behind-the-scenes look at our newest signature offerings, The Spring Collection of The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box, which includes:


PLUS, a signature Launch Timeline, because you can only have MEGA growth when you are organized.

That’s it. You. Me. And a fresh new look at your daily routine. As always, so freakin’ excited to see you on March 10th!


Rachel Feldman


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