How to Create a Profitable Business as a Health Coach or Wellness Coach Offline

Dear Health Coach,

I remember when I first graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (aka IIN)..Yep, my eyes were set on big goals, and my heart was full of even bigger dreams. I had plans! I thought I would come out of school, and instantly make $150 an hour (just like I was told). I cannot tell you how many coaches had the same wide eyes and beliefs that I did.

Truth: Some health coaches did make that kind of money.

Truth: Most of us did not. (especially me, not in my first year!)

I am not claiming the 6 month coaching model does not work, health coach! 🚀

I strongly believe it is just as important to FOCUS on your offline presence while you focus on your online presence. Because, building a health coaching business requires a proven system for success just like any business looking to get clients and turn a profit.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”

Well… don’t bank on solely running an online or offline business – RUN BOTH.

When I graduated, I was lucky because the world of social media marketing did not exist the way it does today. Businesses did not depend on social media the way we all do now.

Back then, it was simple – we worked on a website, we posted on Facebook and that was pretty much it. Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma’am!

It was less complicated.

Today, there are so many avenues to take and it can get incredibly overwhelming.

Do you agree? (raise your hand if you do)

What’s the #1 reason most health coaches are not getting clients and making money?

Because, they are not focussing enough offline.

If your life is anything like mine, I know you’re busy and struggling to create time for yourself. Maybe you are a busy mom, or holding a 9-5 job, or- maybe… you’re taking care of someone you love and at the end of the day you just don’t have any time life. I get it!

So, maybe you’re thinking you have no time and building an online business will make you money faster. Yes, that is a possibility. I love passive income and I love online programs. But, you can make money in your community too.

I started my first online program because I wanted to serve more people and I wanted to have a lower cost option for those who COULD NOT afford to work with me privately in a one to one session.

BUT, too many coaches are going full throttle into selling only online programs and they are not spending enough time marketing offline.

hich is exactly why I am giving you this gift: A flyer for you to download and use offline to grow your business.

When I focused on building my business offline in the “real world”, I posted flyers at the following places:

  • Natural Health Food Markets
  • Panera
  • Coffee Shops
  • Little Gym
  • YMCA
  • And, anywhere that had a stick pin board had a flyer with my information on it.

You need to work on building your business offline even if online is your goal. Do both! What could happen? You make more money because you’ll have a better, bigger plan to grow your business.

WHY are most health coaches not making money? I believe they are not spending enough time in their own backyard.

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • You can host classes in your home, at a friends house, at a local gym or even host a full blown program like this:
  • 2 live in person classes
  • Access to your signature program
  • You can host cooking classes and grocery shopping tours.

Your community need to know you exist.

Quick tip Health Coach: When I posted my flyers I also added my business card so they could quickly grab both and contact me. has awesome simple cards if you are looking for a low budget gem. (love them!)

You can also use canva and create an amazing brochure like this ones we create.

Here is a video on how to craft your signature offline business while using the Internet to get seen, get known and get hired.


  • Define your niche
  • Define the free offers for you niche by nailing down the problems
  • The problems become your product
  • Look at the example below of a rockstar coach, Dana, who created a solid work with me (gateway, mega program) – two offers at different price points.
  • Define your signature offers to build out your 2 Tier Work with Me and to use to the same low cost aka gateway program as a Do It Yourself.

Love and Hustle,


PS. Grab the free course on how to nail down your niche, message and create offers for your health coach business. 

PPS. Dana bought the 21 Day Hormone Detox and Revitalize to craft here signature business. Go here and save: use wellnesscoach15 at checkout.


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