75. The Biggest Mistakes People In The Health & Wellness Industry Make

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Today let’s talk about some of the biggest mistakes I see everyone making in the health and wellness industry. Why should you listen to me? Well, I made almost every mistake in the first few years of building Rachel’s Wellness back in 2010. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and went on to advance my learning and my understanding of detoxification because I sat there and said, “Why are people sick?”

So what I want to do is actually save you those problems that I had building my business as a wellness entrepreneur, a solo entrepreneur, with very little time, because I had two kids under the age of four. 

Now fast forward, 2021. So take a deep breath; if I can do it, you can do it too. I have this hashtag, I say everywhere, “Do it scared.” You can feel overwhelmed, you’re gonna feel stressed. It takes a lot for us to build our business. But we can build it without being overwhelmed. So let’s just talk right away in this training.

Mistakes I Don’t Want You To Make In Your Business

I’m going to give you a simple structure that you can literally implement into your business today. Before we go into this training, if you are stuck, I want you to go to my free tool page and download this free list building course for a 60k, 85k, and 100k blueprint. This gives you sample pricing and all the different ways that I built Rachel’s Wellness. 

As a solo entrepreneur, there are different ways that you can actually structure your business and how you can build a business that not only is right for your dream client but actually serves you. 

And what do I mean by saying that? 

You’ll hear a lot of gurus telling you Oh no, it’s got to be a membership, it’s got to be an online program, you have to do it this way. You have to use Clickfunnels, you have to use Kajabi, you have to use WordPress. 

Well we’re gonna do something different here, we’re not gonna say, “You have to.” I’m gonna say the possibilities are endless. You can build a thriving 1:1. You can also have low cost groups leading to high ticket offers AND your 1:1. You can have a thriving 1:1 practice AND lead people into a more intensive group through month mastery. You can have a combination of 1:1 and groups or a membership. You can you can you can. 

And so I want you to download this because I’m not going to tell you need to make this one type of business that normally doesn’t serve you. Maybe you’ve never wanted to create a group online. I know I didn’t in the beginning. I knew that I work best with 1:1. 

I want you to write down, 

  • How do you envision your business? 
  • What type of business do you need to have that’s truly going to create the best win for your dream client?

Even if you have a thriving 1:1 right now and you’re in the growth scale. You might be sitting there with a thriving 1:1 like many of my past clients, but you’re fried and you’re exhausted. And so now you’re looking for extra opportunities within your business. You want to create these additional streams of revenue so you want to change more lives and make money doing what you love.

So now that we’ve set that precedence let’s talk about the problems. 

Problem #1: Your Offers Don’t Match Your Signature Process

Number one biggest mistake when I see coaches or wellness professionals. And when I say signature process, step one where your client needs to start. I hear coaches say to me, Well, I chose this niche because this person told me it was really profitable. But it’s not really what I believe in. 

Problem number one is your offers don’t even match your signature process. It’s very hard to sell something when we don’t even believe in what we’re offering. 

Problem #2: Don’t Know What The Process Is For Client

Problem number two is I see coaches who know what the process is. Step two, this is the client journey. What is step two, and what is step three, this ultimate transformation, maybe you’ve either had to do that yourself, or you’ve had to take somebody through this process, such as your child, a loved one, or maybe you were a caretaker or a nurse, or a nurse practitioner, you were a doctor, you were a chiropractor, and maybe you’ve shifted your business, to where you’re including more coaching in your offers. 

Problem #3: Your Offer Isn’t In All The Right Places

The third mistake I see is that you may have nailed down your signature process on your work with me page, your signature process in your low cost offer leading to your higher higher ticket offer higher ticket experience with you. But you’re failing on showing that signature process in your list building offers in that place where you need to really be significant and consistent in showing people this process they need to go through. 

Problem #4: You’re Selling The Program Not The Transformation

Think of a coach who bought our women’s hormone program. Why did she buy it? Why are her hormones unbalanced? We have our fertility program, we have all these 21 day hormone detox, we have a gut program, with programs completely done for you in every niche. 

What does it look like when you are not having balanced hormones? What could be these key factors that are stopping you from having healthy hormones? 

If the problem is the hormones are off balance, then it would be safe to say that I need to use the workshops in that program that you buy from us. Or I need to set this stage for my ideal client to see the problem area. 

So they need to actually show up consistently each week to their ideal client. Whether it’s in a workshop, a Live, in their social media posts, in their blog, or in their newsletters. 

So it makes sense that the client journey isn’t just exemplified on my Work With Me page, or exemplified in my offers, but it is showcased in the workshops that I do.

If I’m working locally and networking and wanting to get in front of a doctor, a chiropractor, a women’s Wellness Center, a health food store, a gym, or a spa, – showcase what it looks like when you don’t have balanced hormones. 

So we’re not just going to walk around saying this is what it looks like. We want to have structure in our signature offers. If I want people to come to my program, which is solving their problems of having imbalanced hormones, I need to give them the reasons why my program is the solution. 

Educating Your Client On Why They Need You

But I have to set the stage and educate my ideal client. That is the purpose of us finding our signature offers. Then knowing if this person is coming, my goal is that they’re working with me on a paid offer. It’s safe to say that I probably need to talk about the many factors that lead to imbalances. 

One, I can have a workshop on topics such as repairing your period. Why are hormones constantly imbalanced? I want to talk about the problems that many women face to actually get their hormones balanced. If I’m really focused on repairing the period, I’m going to focus on estrogen dominance. I may even pair that with the 21 day hormone detox, because I know that in my signature process, in my belief system of what it takes for somebody to have healthy hormones – is that my ideal client needs to detox first. 

An Example Signature Process

My baseline program is going to be a 21 day hormone detox. And I’m going to use the workshops in that program to talk about autoimmune and hormone because that’s one of the workshops. I’m going to also talk about endocrine disruptors, so that’s another one of the workshops. 

I’m going to actually be specifically building my signature process, not just in defining my paid signature offers, but what I need to have in my free offers to build my awareness funnel, to build my visibility, and to set myself apart from every other coach saying the same thing. 

That is exactly what I did in Rachel’s wellness was showing people specifically, these are the reasons why it’s still imbalanced. I’m going to touch on each compartment. So if we stay in hormones, then I’m going to possibly sit there and talk about gluten. I may even talk about EMF waves. I may even talk about detoxing your body and the power of the lymphatic system. I may even talk about gut and leaky gut. 

I may decide to go to our workshops that we have and look at all of our hormone workshops and say, well, in my signature process, I do believe that this is also a really key problem. Stress, hormones, adrenal hormones. Now we can go on. 

What do I mean by that signature process? In my business, Rachel’s Wellness, I knew that I was getting people that had all these different health issues. But for me to set myself apart as a coach, I needed to really define this signature process so that I could close with ease on a discovery call. 

I knew where I was leading people when I did a workshop, when I did a challenge in my social media post. You don’t have to have it perfect. But you need to have an idea of this process that you teach. I realized in the beginning, I needed to set myself apart. And so step one in my process was detoxification. 

So I’m going to give you two examples. One is we have the hormone business we just talked about how to balance your hormones naturally. Step one is a hormone detox. Because, you have to have your hormones in balance, that has to be step one. 

Step two is they’re going to graduate to that higher ticket, higher touch longer experience with you, in the hormone module for balancing your hormones. Whether that was on your work with me page, that step one, that could be a 30 day program as working with you 1:1, that could also be a self paced program for people who can’t afford you.

That same one program could also be a group. That’s your step one process. In my gut business, I had my step one process, which was creating a baseline very similar to the hormone detox. This is for people who maybe weren’t sure that they needed to work with me longer. But this also was for me as the coach, I needed to get a baseline, because people come to us with all different varied issues. And unless I had a baseline, it would be very difficult for me to start to really know, what is the right next step for my client. 

In my signature process, I knew that at my baseline, which was our grain free paleo program that was for the woman, the man or the busy CEO that was scared of detox, I had two baselines. A detox based on the Elimination program and seasonal foods, because that is a core part of my belief system in my signature process. And a detox based on the grain free, paleo for that person who was scared of detox. 

They felt overwhelmed, they felt that they didn’t have time, that I could get a great baseline, taking them off grains. And for most of my clients, they came with a myriad of food allergies. So I usually omitted nuts in that as well. Being that that was one of the hidden food sensitivities, I felt that a lot of my clients had for a myriad of different reasons with nuts and grains. We’ll get into that on another day.

But my signature process started there, once we evaluated a baseline I took them to this next step. And in my signature business, I specialized in Candida. I worked with a lot of people on Candida. I worked with a lot of people on weight mindset. I did have a program that really helped them with their weight, but it wasn’t a gut program, because that’s how I separated myself. And then I had people who had a lot of adrenal fatigue, these became my core second steps. 

As I started to see people who had different issues like autoimmune, maybe that was infuriated second step. But what’s nice about that is I at least knew this process, I could say to somebody, you’re going to work with me, and we’re getting a baseline, and then we’re going to see what our next step is. 

Most often, if we take that second step, great. And in two months, we’re going to see a lot of these issues resolved. But if we don’t see it, we’re going to go to Step three. And that was really us going on a much more intensive experience where I often brought in other people to do testing. And I brought in other people to co collaborate in the areas that I was not an expert in, such as more deeper emotional work, deep trauma work, using somebody who did EMDR and chakra realignment, acupuncture, or homeopathy. 

At my stage three, I knew I had taken them from step one and then we really went deep in step two with food elimination and all these different things that I specialized in. Step three was a much higher touch, higher ticket, because I started to involve other people. 

If we think the same for the hormone business, step one can be your detox. You might have people in 1:1 or in groups. You most likely have people who have these common problems. And most often, it’s the very things that you specialize in. 

So if we think of this person who has a 21 day hormone detox. Her second step is how to balance your hormones naturally. Maybe step three is getting them to a place where they are at a second baseline. But you might find that that person either has CIBO, they’ve got intensive gut issues, you might see that you’ve got a niche down even further in the hormones. 

Maybe you specialize in pregnancy or specialize in fertility, maybe you’re taking them through an AIP program because in your signature special business, you generally see people who fit these core issues. Now, I just took you on what I call the bigger, more expansive dream and mapping of your business.

How To Tell A Potential Client About Your Process

So I really want you to think that when somebody is coming to you, so that you have more confidence, so that you actually close on those discovery sessions. I want you to think, if you have gotten discovery sessions, and they have not worked, are you telling somebody a distinct process that you’re taking somebody through? 

In phase One, we do this. In phase two, we do this. In phase three, phase four. Are you telling them that over the next three months, we’re gonna have two 60 minute sessions or six 20 minute sessions? Are you telling them that you’re going to give them handouts, recipes, herbs, whatever. Or in this process we’re going to do testing, and we’re gonna figure out where it’s unbalanced? Are you saying the verbiage like that? Or are you really understanding when you work with me, we start on this 21 day hormone detox, we’re going to go through this step, then we’re going to move into one of these core programs, because my clients come to me for this, this and this.

Let me give an example, my clients come to me because their hormones are imbalanced. And they’ve done everything they can, they’ve gone to doctors, a specialist, they’ve been told their thyroid is fine, even though they know something is off. 

So my steps, the core pillars of my business, and how I’ve structured my business to help this woman is that we are going to detox first, then we’re going to establish a baseline and get her hormones to work naturally. We’re going to go step by step through this program together. And then if there’s still these existing issues, we’re going to make sure that we look at them because maybe your clients have a myriad of food allergies and sensitivities. And so the next step is an AIP program, or the next step is reestablishing great gut flora, or the next step is to really balance your blood sugar. Or maybe that is your last step. 

That’s one program that we have. But there’s also six months of recipes, you’re gonna add in testing, and of course supplementation. Many people do fullscript. And so you’re really clear on your signature process. Maybe in your signature process, you have the harmonic step one, the 21 day hormone detox, you have the core, how women balance their hormones naturally. And then you are getting even more specific, because you work with women to repair their periods. So we have our menstruation module, and your pregnancy module, or maybe a menstruation and fertility module. Do you see how all of a sudden you start to create this amazing skeleton of your business and your processes?

This becomes super clear in your brain. Know what your offers are that you’re leading somebody to but then all of a sudden, your free offers are the mini solutions showing people these problems and solutions. 

So in that hormone business, you’re going to be showcasing why we are out of balance. You’re going to be diving into every step in that program. And you’re going to declare, yes, I work with women who have these imbalances. And I am going to make sure that women know that step one is this detoxification and cleansing. In that pillar I’m really going to dive into why we’re toxic and how that affects our hormones. 

The second pillar I’m going to dive into is food allergies and intolerances and autoimmune. For some of you, maybe it’s not the AIP program, but you’re looking at our 30 day gut fix, because you really want to take somebody into that gut healing. Or maybe you’re gonna continue to talk about gut. Maybe you teach them about the microbiome and some of the imbalances that can happen in the gut and how they feed the specific pathogens, bacteria and viruses, or even things like HPV, and herpes, and all these things that can truly affect a woman’s hormones. You’re diving into that even more. 

The third pillar is that you’re talking about repairing the period. The really cool thing is when you get really clear on your signature process, it happens so quick that in the snap of the fingers, you’re so crystal clear that these are the steps. And so you will be able to say, Okay, these are my offers. Or I’m doing paid offers. 

If you want to put them on your work with me page, if they’re in a shop, if they’re self paced programs, if their courses, if it’s a mastermind, if it’s an online retreat, if it’s membership, you can do whatever like once you’re crystal clear on what’s going to serve you, and what’s going to serve your ideal client. 

So let’s get into this last step so we can close this out. I’m going to show you a document so that you can make it really simple for yourself and do this at the senior business right away. 

3-5 Core Problems To Crafting Your Signature Process

So there are three to five core problems. These are the essentials for you crafting your signature process.

Number One: Find Your Niche. You’re going to know your niche. You’re gonna identify your clients problems, their pain, what they want, and their solution. And of course, what is your free offering. You’re building your awareness and building your list. And you’re going to start looking at your social media posts, your videos, your lives, your challenges, your workshop, the content that you’re talking about in your free group. Decide whether you are consistently doing a workshop twice a month, or whether you’re doing on demand webinars leading to 1:1, or whether your list building organically and all these different social media avenues. 

But you are honing in on these four major problems. So that someone’s going to say, Oh, I consistently see this person. I feel like this person is consistently talking about all these problems I have, so that your content turns into high converting content. Don’t feel like you have to have it perfect, because if you don’t do it with imperfect action, if you don’t do it messy, if you don’t do it scared, you’re gonna sit down in analysis paralysis forever.

Step two is work with women who have hormone imbalances. Step one, I’m always going to talk about detoxing or cleansing. Step two is I’m really going to focus my business on repairing the period. And step three is I’m going to focus on these imbalances in the gut or I work with women with hormones, I’m going to focus on repairing the hormones balance naturally. I’m going to focus on Candida because that seems to be one of the biggest problems. Plus, I am not only passionate about it but I see women constantly coming to me with this issue. Or I’m going to focus on all the toxins. 

All of the sudden it’s much easier to say, Well, if I’m focusing on these core areas, what needs to be on my work with me page? Or what are the offers that I am showcasing to my client? How am I showcasing my business or showcasing my free offers or my paid offers etc? 

The same goes for a gut business. You might say, I’m a gut expert, but I’m really going to constantly talk about autoimmune. I’m then going to talk about an anti inflammatory diet and I’m focusing on Candida. Or maybe I’m a guts specialist but I’m focusing on hormones. I’m focusing on self love, self care, and  mindset. 

Defining Your Teaching Pillars

So what are the pillars or my teaching pillars? What does my signature process look like to take somebody from zero sec to stage four of this ultimate transformation? 

So you’re going to define these teaching pillars so that you know what to offer. And so you know what offers are going to truly make sense for your ideal client. Because you’re going to start using the workshops and the freebies, and even our blog posts in the programs to start to show people that you know these are the problems you’re dealing with: and here’s my little solution. 

You’re going to start seeing where you have the most engagement, you’re going to start asking people who fit your ideal client avatar, “Can we hop on the phone and do an interview? In exchange, I’m going to give you x freebie.” You might even want to give them the 5 day hormone detox, or give them the 5 day gut challenge or give them something in exchange for their time. 

Running Your Program Through Beta Testing

You’re also having them go through either a freebie to see what their real pain points are, how they use their messaging and their verbiage or even to get feedback from them. Ask them, “Did this really help you?” 

The same can be done for a low cost program, if you’re buying a program. You know that this is what your ideal client wants and needs. If you need testimonials or some deeper market research, so you can send the program to your ideal client. Why not give it to 10 people who fit your ideal client avatar? You can find those people in a Facebook group, you can find those people by asking friends, Do you know anybody who has these core issues and kind of is this personality type? It’s exactly what I did. 

I reached out into mom’s groups, I actually contacted old friends who fit my ideal client avatar. And I gave them my first program and said, Can you give me feedback? Are you able to do this? What would you need In addition? Because of that, I nailed my signature process. 

I knew exactly from the feedback, how to tweak some of the messaging of my offers. And furthermore, I asked, what would be workshops that you really want to know about? Or what would the content that you want to see on a blog or information that you’re really struggling with? I also asked on my personal Facebook page, what are some of the key things you’re struggling with? I did polls. Now you can do polls, in Facebook groups, there are so many great things you can do. 

Finding Confidence In Your Teachings

Lastly, go on to Amazon and see what are the books that are trending in your niche? What are the topics people are covering? Listen to people who are leaders in your industry, competitors of yours? How are they positioning themselves as an expert? And the cool thing is you can still be an expert in the same field. But the beauty of you creating this dream business is you’re setting yourself apart and you’re truly being able to take what’s in your heart and in your mind and saying this is what I’m going to teach constantly. I’m going to find out. I’m going to show up even if I’m scared, even if I’ve no idea. I’m going to pitch to this local gym that I know even if I’ve no idea what I’m doing. But I have the content from Rachel and I know this content works, because it’s going to give me the confidence that I need to go step by step through either the workshops that you are showcasing in your free list builders, your blogs, your podcast, or even your life. 

Why sit there and not know what to talk about when you can buy a package from us? Or you can buy a workshop? You can become so streamlined in what you’re saying, which is all the entry points to what your paid offers.

Plus, when you’re standing there in your discovery call, and you’ve mapped out your course offering, you mapped out your work with me page – how much better is it if you actually can say to somebody, “Let me show you what it would be like to work with me.” And you actually can take videos, sneak peeks of what this process is, what that program looks like, the amount of recipes, etc. 

You’re handling their objections instantly on money and addressing concerns of, “I don’t know if it’s doable. I don’t know if I have time.” That’s why those who do this, the coaches who spend time doing this and spend time testing and don’t sit in perfection, they are the ones that actually have success. 

How To Lessen The Overwhelm

I’m just telling you something that is basic Business 101 I know it may feel overwhelming, but put yourself back in your clients shoes. Many of you were at least one of your avatars for your clients.

Just lessen the overwhelm by solidifying the process and then having the guts to show up and say, Yep, I’m going live on this day, or I’m going to pitch to this podcast. Make these your non negotiables. I’m pitching to three people, I’m doing these workshops, because I know these workshops are the mini solution to my program. 

So you choose those list builders that really showcase your offers. So you don’t make the mistake of being like, Oh, I don’t know what my freebie should be. And then maybe listening to somebody that says you should have this freebie instead of saying what would be the mini solution to the bigger solution, which is my paid offer. 

Furthermore, if you’re on a webinar or a workshop, isn’t it much better to say, if this webinar was really what you were looking for and helped understand all the reasons why your hormones could be imbalanced, send me a personal message right right after. 

Isn’t that a much better call to action? It’s what I call the no signup sign up. You want to get somebody into a conversation. Get them to pm you, get them to dm you. Have the guts to go live on Instagram, have the guts to do a pre recorded video, put that on YouTube and create consistency. Go and put that pre recorded video out every Thursday or every Friday. You will see it does start to work. 

Start defining the pricing strategy in your offers. I told you we can have our 60k, 85k and 100k. And then you’re launching. 

Offer Different Digestible Formats

The second thing I want to show you before we get going is if you’re listening to this on a podcast, I encourage you to go to rachelfeldman.com because I’m gonna actually put some of these visuals I am talking about right there. 

I’m a very visual person. And I find that many wellness professionals who are especially heart-based are visual. Plus the overload of processing information in so many different ways. I’m a visual person, which is why I always love to have free offers in different formats, because maybe you have somebody that’s great with audio. But how much better of a conversion would you have if under your podcast, you said, Hey, this podcast was all about endocrine disruptors and some of the things that you can do today. And if you love this, click below and grab the quiz. Or click below and grab this guide. You just hit two types of people consuming information. 

The third, the kicker, do your podcast or do of course the workshop we’re talking about in video format. You have three formats to be able to appeal to your ideal client because we all have different ways of processing information. Marie Forleo talked about this before. You have to get comfortable with doing video. And that’s what I did. I have a fear of speaking in public. And I knew that would take me down. I had a goal that I wanted to help a lot of people not struggle and the pain that I showed with my children, with myself, with family members, that drove me to say, that’s it. I’m going to practice every day on a YouTube video unlisted, I put myself on a video a day. And it worked, I got better at speaking cohesively, and clearly to my ideal client.

Going Over The Three Pillars

So we’re gonna end right now on the three or four pillars I talked about. For those of you watching this video, you’re seeing the slide show says: My signature process. Weight loss is in the middle, Fitness and physical activity is one of the core pillars. Stress and self care tools are one of the other pillars. Clean eating is another.

That doesn’t just mean I specialize in clean eating, that means that you’re really showing somebody for weight loss, what that clean eating looks like. And energy is a core pillar because your ideal client really needs more energym wants more energy, and wants a better metabolism. 

In that process, you might say, Well, I need to have this weight loss program. I’m going to talk constantly about things like fitness and ways that you can get yourself moving, or rebounding. And I’m going to talk a lot about stress and clean eating. 

What should my offers be? The same thing right here, we have gut health. Right in the middle. One of the core teaching pillars in your signature process is mindset, weight loss, detox, and hormones. 

So I want you to think, in your signature process. Here’s one on gut weight loss, detox hormone health and sugars. I want you to think, as you’re creating your process, your signature process is your client’s journey. If you have a low cost, mid cost and a high cost offer, what are they? What steps do they take? Showcase your offer and get seen and known as the expert in your industry. What free offers are leading to your paid offers? 

Is it a 30 day offer? Is your work with me offer a 21 day hormone detox? Or are you launching that as a group, or it’s a self paced program? Having a free offer and doing workshops on the reasons why you need that is how we blast our business and actually create a sustainable and profitable business. 

If your mid cost to offer is a gut offer, like an eight week or maybe another 30 day program, take them on another step. Because you believe that gut is really important. Either it’s the eight week restore your gut, or it’s the 30 day gut fix. Or maybe it’s Candida, the Candida program. 

You believe in that second step. Maybe balancing the hormones naturally is your second step. And you have step one baselines because you believe everyone needs to come to that second step, which is balancing the hormones naturally. But you feel step one, you’re either going to be focusing on the gut fix, or you’re going to be really focusing on the detox to get a baseline so that you’re bringing them to that one on balancing hormones naturally. The third step is working with you longer.

So when you think of it like that, then it’s easier to say what are my freebies? How am I going to get people to my paid offers? So, guys, thanks for being here. I know that we talked about a lot of different things, but I want you to understand that building your business isn’t exactly a step by step. It’s really thinking about this process that sets you apart. Not only does that make it easier for you to confer in a conversation on Discovery call, it also makes it easier for you to work on your elevator pitch and help people to really understand what you do so that when you say I help people who have ABC and don’t want to have 123, which is why I help them in this process of DEF. Your elevator pitch is really a game-changer explanation of really your process. 

It has been a pleasure.

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Big Love,

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