61: How to Have a Spiritually Based Business with Lauren Courtney

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have Lauren Courtney here. Lauren started as a holistic health coach. She is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, sound healer, and INTUITIVE medium. Recently she has taken a deep dive into true body intelligence to explore deeper into the body’s systems.  We are going to talk about how to get the hell out of your way.  Lauren is going to break down what she does.  She shares about her spiritual awakening, how she got out of her own way to make drastic changes, and steps you need to take to have a spiritually based business.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[01:50] Lauren was a holistic health coach when she met Rachel.  She is also a healthy and intuitive chef. Four years ago Lauren became a Holy Fire Reiki master and that opened her up to her mediumship and true body intelligence. She is also certified in Integrative Energy Therapy.

[02:42] She helps people find their light and their soul’s purpose and why you chose to come into this lifetime.  

[05:07] She is an evolver and she takes leaps all the time and often she doesn’t even realize she is leaping. 

[05:36] Lauren shares about her spiritual awakening and how her life has changed. 

[06:59] She dived deep into energy work and then she started working with coaches.  She wanted to share what she learned with others.  

[08:27] During her awakening her mom told her they named her Lauren Courtney because they thought she would drop her last name and that would become her stage name.  

[09:42] Often we try to skip right from chapter one to chapter twelve without realizing how much constant work gets you from one chapter to another.  

[10:45] We have to be willing to take the leap.  

[11:34] We get so stuck because it is easy to stay the same.  It is hard to change your life.

[12:24] We can only change in connection with somebody. 

[13:02] We all have it in us to make drastic changes, but it is a matter of being stronger than the fear.  The fear of success is just as strong as the fear of failure. If you fail at least you tried.  

[16:57] Lauren knew things were right when she didn’t feel stuck and she didn’t feel like she was forcing or selling.  

[18:15] Instead of getting stuck in her thoughts she visualizes the clients and the success happening. 
[19:36] Lauren found out that can I afford this actually meant am I worthy of this.  

[22:51] It is important to do the work and also put it on paper. 

[23:32] If you don’t do the work on yourself and show up fully you can’t move forward and make an impact. You have to keep going! 

[26:51] Just continue to go for it and take a chance. 

[27:46] There isn’t a choice because our purpose here is so big.  

[29:17] Lauren helps bring people back to their authentic selves, not the culturally created self that is on the outside.   

[29:45] It is super important to listen to that gut intuition. 

[30:42] Be around people that are not uncomfortable looking at their dark demons.  

[32:50] It is so important for us not to doubt yourself and step past the fear and do the positive talk to ourselves. We need to not be scared to look at the stuff that is uncomfortable. 

[34:10] Coaches need coaches.  If you’re a coach you need a team that can help you grow.  

[39:10] Get your message and specific voice out there and believe in yourself.

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