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DFY is perfect for any niche. So, if you are one of those coaches who plans to create a program for your niche, you should consider the ways on how to brand and sell the DFY programs to save loads of time and money. Which also means you NEED to KNOW YOUR NICHE to MASTER YOUR MESSAGE and BRAND YOUR PROGRAMS  accordingly. You want your programs to speak to your ideal client.

Branding any program doesn’t have to be hard.

Take these tips to help you:

Tweak the title. If you bought a DFY program previously, you have a chance to make the offering more compelling to your clients by just changing the title or name of the program.

Remove the unnecessary contents. When you buy DFY content, there might be some contents, which are not effectively aligning with your own philosophy. So, remove them – THIS IS YOURS TO BRAND. It would be the best thing to do if you think it won’t work for you and for your audience. Likewise, you can ADD anything you want too!


Add your secrets. Whether you are a new or an advanced coach in your niche, for example in detox health, you may have strategies, food ideas, and supplements that can help clients. Add something that you feel like can help solve the problems of your clients and can give an amazing result.

Adjust the language. When your clients selected you to be their partner on this program, it means they adore your expertise and personality. If you’re ready to utilize the DFY programs, make it sound like you and style it like you would write something or say. Spending some time to effectively adjust the language may make you feel much more confident on what you are putting there. And as a positive result, it will allow you to attract more and more clients.

Now that you are done with the creation of your DFY programs, it is the right time to sell it to the clients.

Let me explain fast and put it this way: there are three major steps needed to sell your DFY program – niche marketing, your message, and follow-up strategy.

You can’t get clients if you don’t have your MESSAGE RIGHT, so consider joining me on my upcoming free webinar, right here.

On this free webinar, you will learn:

  1. Niche-Marketing

Use niche-marketing to increase your entrepreneurial game, get tons of clients, and make some moolah.

  1. How to Create Multiple Messages

Create multiple messages to market online and offline and attract the ideal client.

  1. Story-based Niche Creation

How to create your ideal niche based on your message/story with my 3 step process (this ain’t sold in any book).

Ready to start selling your DFY vault to your potential clients?

Let’s nail your niche, join me on July 13th at 7pm EDT, right here.


Love & Hustle,



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