How to Price Your Programs

As a health coach, you have the unique opportunity to help people improve their lives in an authentic and tangible way.

That’s a fantastic gift and one that is worth charging for.

But how do you know how much to charge?

Too often, when coaches start building their business, they either can’t seem to fill their programs or sessions.

Or they’re booked solid but feeling a huge disconnect between their efforts and what their bank account says.

And the crazy thing is that they never connect that resistance with their pricing being off.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

Everything comes down to numbers in business, and trust me, if something is off, you are not hitting those numbers right.

That’s a mindset lesson for a different day, but you need to remember that it all comes down to the numbers.

If you are pricing your programs too low, you’ll attract people who are less likely to be a good fit, and you’ll spend all of your time struggling to help them… (while feeling like there is no reward or fulfillment for you.)

If you price them too high, then no one will even buy from you.

Finding the sweet spot in between is where you want to be, and I will give you some tips on how to find it.

Creating A Signature Program

One of the most important things you can do as a health coach is to create a signature program.

This is the coaching program that you will be known for, and that will magnetically attract clients to you.

Your signature program should be something that you are passionate about and that you know can help your clients achieve their health goals.

It should also be unique to you and your coaching style.

  • How do you structure that into a program?
  • What do the sessions look like? How long are they?
  • What is the best time frame and length for sessions?
  • What about the follow-up?
  • What is included in the coaching package?

That’s a lot of questions to answer, but they are big roadblocks for many health coaches when they are trying to build a signature program in their business.

I love busting through roadblocks, so let me help you break through this one and finally get your signature program up and running.

First, you need to come up with the content for your program.

This means taking some time to really think about what you want to include and what will be the most helpful for your clients.

Are you a weight loss coach helping your clients start shedding pounds?

Do you coach clients to overcome a stressful lifestyle and finally find peace?

Or are you on a mission to help women balance their hormones naturally?

These are just some of the many ideas you can package into a signature program.

Once you have that, you can start mapping out how the program will be laid out and how you will work with your clients.

That includes your sessions, group engagement (if you have one), and the timeframe your program will be delivered.

Session planning is a huge struggle for many coaches…

1. Look at your market

What are other health coaches in your area charging for similar services?

Use this as a starting point to determine your pricing.

2. Consider your time investment

How much time will it take you to deliver the program or service?

Make sure to factor in prep time, delivery time, and any follow-up or support you’ll provide.

3. Inspect your value proposition

What are the results your clients can expect from working with you? Be sure to communicate this clearly on your website and in any marketing materials.

4. Know your audience

Who is your ideal client? What are their needs and desires? What are they willing to invest in themselves?

Asking these questions will help you determine what price point will work best for them.

5. Consider your costs

What are the costs of running your business? Make sure to factor in things like web hosting, payment processing fees, marketing, and any other business expenses.

Pricing can feel complicated, but it should never be a guessing game in your business.

Let me take this a step further by completing a lot of the research for you.

Most new coaches are between $333 and $697/month. Charging around $1000- $2500 for a 3 month program.

I will give you an example based on Jane, a fictional health coach who is new to her business.

Using those numbers and considering the tips I already gave you, let’s build out the price for her program.

So first, $333/month is conservative, but we will start there.

Jane only needs to sell one 3 month program, like the Gut Health Program,

At a $1k package, which spreads her through 3 months.

That’s a good range for her since she is a newer coach, but she could even bump that program up to $1791, increasing her monthly to $597.

More established coaches can command $3000+ for a 3 month program.

I know many established coaches charging $997 packages for a single month.

We offer tons of programs that can help build out your signature program, like Eating with Intention or The 3 Month Stress Free Program which will give you more stability and consistent growth.

If you follow these guidelines when you price any of the offers you launch, you’ll be more confident as a health coach.

When you’re confident in your prices, you can sell from a place of genuine service –-and that’s what I want for you!

I’ve created three pricing workbooks to help you plan and price your coaching programs. Just click on the annual income you’d like to make right now…

  • 60k Blueprint
  • 85K Blueprint
  • 100K Blueprint

Download what suits you best for you and start building your coaching biz!


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