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Many of you who are reading this email, graduated from the same school I did, IIN. We all received our business materials like workshops, brochures, handouts, and more.

When I graduated five years ago the internet was not viral the way it is today, only one platform was used, but now you have many which can lead to overwhelm.

I’ve been in the forums lately, and I hear these stories of confusion and overwhelm all the time. Here are two forums I created because I wanted to create a support group for solopreneurs:
Click here to join health coach to health coach marketing with love group

Click here to join the health coaching mastermind group

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A solopreneur means you are one without a team; you are solo, just like how I started my business.
I didn’t have the money for a Virtual Assistant, or a designer to build a website on WordPress, or a copywriter to write for me. I didn’t know any of these terms, so the beginning of my business was not built online.

If you look at my posts from 4 years ago my posts only had 2 likes, one of which was a photo of my kid, and then 2 years after that my posts started to get action, now some posts get 200 plus likes.

I had to work at this and build my online reputation.
I’m going to share with you what I did to build my business.

In the beginning, I used my IIN website. I had programs that are the same ones you see today, a cleanse, a detox, and an elimination program. I had all of this visibility online.
But- the work that I did primarily was offline. We just moved from Pa to Fl; it was a fresh start, and I knew nobody. I had no Rolodex of people I could connect with locally. I had to reach out to local health food stores, go in and meet people at least one day a week because I did have to balance this with my babies at home. I had to toss myself out there even if that meant pulling over with my kids in the car, and handing out a flyer or giving my business card out.

I reached out locally to acupuncture offices, and people I would see and build relationships with. I talked about what I did with everyone I could. I would walk into whole foods and stand in the pharmacy aisle, and although my heart would drop with insecurity I went up to them and offered help.

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I did everything I could both online and offline.
Online, I was blogging, submitting articles for online publication, and I created many videos on YouTube.
I felt hopeless when I went to IIN because of my health issues like my own autoimmune, and I was getting no answers from the doctors.

I never thought I’d be a coach for coaches.
I was offering my clients more than 2-50-minute sessions, a tongue scraper, and some handouts. I was offering them an abundance of custom built clean eating and detox programs that I worked so hard on for myself and for my clients.
Coaches asked me if I could sell to them because they were struggling, and they needed the programs I had used with myself and my clients. I saw that my clients needed a system, a plan and a program with recipes.

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I started adding more programs to my own business, and that was organically the birth of the Done For You programs.

If you are at a stand still and you need help either online or offline in your business because that Sugar Blues Workshop isn’t working for you, then this free webinar is for you.
You deserve results; you didn’t go to school to spend 5k to have no thriving business after.
I’m inviting you to a webinar that I am hosting August 18th at 7pm EDT, a webinar I wish I had when I first started my own business. I am going to show you how to build your business brick and mortar from the ground up – both offline and online.










Click here to register.
I will also be announcing the new release of the Done For You Programs. If you can’t make it, it’ll be recorded, so be sure to register to receive the recording.

P.S. – Sign up for the call, and try to get there I’m going to share something with you I never have. Keep it real. See you on the flip side.


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