Rachel Feldman

How Often Does Your Audience REALLY Want to Hear from You?

Rachel Feldman

Each of these real-life scenarios can translate to a business situation.


Small business owners or solopreneurs who don’t create and/or use their email list to communicate with their past customers more than once a year won’t create name recognition among their customers.  They run the high risk of getting their emails deleted or marked as spam. One possible exception: seasonal businesses.

Business owners who only use their social media accounts or email accounts to promote their products and sales are only interested in making money from their audience. They don’t necessarily care about what their followers need at that moment in time. One possible exception: big box stores who offer coupons and other discounts.

Internet marketers and big box stores or companies who email every single day run the risk of annoying their audience and causing people to unsubscribe from their lists. One possible exception: business owners who follow leaders in their industry or who look forward to daily tips and/or affirmations from these leaders.

I always have my clients focus on list building, even if the goal is to work 1-1 because your freebies can lead to a  1-1 strategy session. Speak to your client’s pain points. Know your client’s buyer avatar. Know what converts. Test your market via surveys, beta test groups or different topics for your list builders.

Here are some tips for list building

Ask yourself this question: What problem do I solve for my clients? How will I show this through my social media to grab the attention of my ideal client?
Step 1: Share Your Story
Step 2: Be vulnerable and real
Step 3: Be consistent
Step 4: Offer Value
Step 5: Clear Message
Step 6: Speak to your Ideal Client
Step 7: Stick to your plan to achieve your goals

The Types of Posts

When posting on social media you need to have a plan and an understanding of what is working and what isn’t working, but how do you get this? You need to go through some trial and error to find out what YOUR ideal client is looking for and what they enjoy reading.

Many make the mistake of having a great opt in freebie but they fail when it comes to promoting it. Here are some ideas when it comes to getting seen and getting known as the expert olr leader in your field.

Here are the 7 types of posts you should be making on Social Media:

1) Behind the scenes of your business
2) Your Story/About You
3) Your WHY
4) Benefits of using your program or working with you
5) Showing your program or freebies
6) Personal experiences or lessons
7) Mindset/Inspiration/Motivation

More things you can share in your social media posts:

1) Sharing your recent blog post
2) Testimonials from clients
3) Features of clients (with their permission)
4) Asking direct questions
5) Asking for opinions or thoughts on a popular topic
6) Being vulnerable and allowing people into your world

The bottom line is:

You must know your market to know how often you should interact with them to build a solid relationship. There are always exceptions to every rule, and even within the same industries, different businesses will experience different responses to their communications tactics. Research your market, understand their pain points and create a solution for them.

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My Name is Rachel A Feldman

Rachel Feldman is a wellness momma, health coach, and business niche coach. After health coaching, she realized she needed to help health coaches to change the world. Rachel helps her clients to build epic businesses online and offline using a strategic sales funnel even if they are a new coach. After only earning 13K her first year in coaching, she knew she needed to learn how to create a sustainable business built with a solid sales funnel. Rachel went from making 13K to 72K by year 2 1/2 and then broke six figures in her third year of business.


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