The Most Important Trends in the Health and Wellness Market I learned from Ryan Deiss at GrowthCon 2019


This was the man who I learned so much from when I had no moolah in the bank to hire a coach let alone join a 10k-35k mastermind.

Shit, I was 60k in debt.

Sad face 😩


Listen, Health Coach

People call me a biz coach but I am just like you….a health coach, autoimmune warrior, woman angry at the health system

(choose one or identify with all labels)

This past weekend hubby and me, Scott, went to, and my mentor, Ryan Deiss, was dropping the truth about marketing, ales, soul and what it takes to build a biz.

He was sharing about what it will take to be the marketer (and yes, this is you are a health coach entrepreneur in this digital marketer – even if you work offline).

Watch this video I created for you + here are some of the trends I am jamming about:

Trend #1:  Too many tactics.


I see so many wellness entrepreneurs getting in over their heads with complex marketing tactics, funnels, and platforms – before they’ve done the foundational work for their business.


You have to focus on getting your niche, ideal client, story, and offer dialed in and solid before you jump into things like Clickfunnels, memberships, and evergreen webinars. Don’t waste time and money on fancy ish before you have the basics down.


Trend #2:  Generic offers.


It’s not enough to say you’re a “gut health expert” or to just have a “Detox Program” for sale on your website. You’ve got to narrow down, know who you’re speaking to, and be crazy clear on the problem you help your ideal client solve.


No one wants a “6 Week Platinum Program”. They want to know that you can fix the problem they have. You’ve got to get specific.


Trend #3:  Meaningless content.


The days of throwing up random memes on Facebook and having people give a sh*t are over. What’s your story? What do you stand for? Who do you serve and what do they need to hear in order to trust that you’re the solution for them? That’s what your content needs to focus on.


Be POLARIZING. Share your truth and your experience. People are buying YOU, not a program. They’re buying the promise of what they’ve seen from you over 1 day, 30 days, 365 days of the BIG C (not the curse word)… but CONSISTENCY.


Want to hear me jam out on these trends even more so you can start serving clients and earning cash? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.




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My Name is Rachel A Feldman

Rachel Feldman is a wellness momma, health coach, and business niche coach. After health coaching, she realized she needed to help health coaches to change the world. Rachel helps her clients to build epic businesses online and offline using a strategic sales funnel even if they are a new coach. After only earning 13K her first year in coaching, she knew she needed to learn how to create a sustainable business built with a solid sales funnel. Rachel went from making 13K to 72K by year 2 1/2 and then broke six figures in her third year of business.


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