My hormones got wacky. But this is my solution.


Next year, I turn 40.

I wish I could tell you that my hormones have always functioned properly, but they haven’t. At one point, my estrogen levels were so high, my OBGYN said, “OMG. I have never seen numbers this high unless you are pregnant.”

After countless hormone and blood tests checking my T3 and T4, still nobody knew why my DHEA, estrogen, and progesterone were OFF the charts. I wish I knew then what I know now.

You gotta clean out the liver to have a healthy metabolism and endocrine system.

This is how you can clean out the trash/ toxins, which come in all forms:

  1. Ditch the makeup that is filled with toxins and use natural versions instead from Whole Foods. (I love Gabriel products).
  2. Ditch the deodorant that keeps you smelling nice. The aluminum in it messes with the endocrine system. I love using coconut oil with Purity and peppermint essential oils.
  3. Ditch processed foods, especially those darn power bars that are usually loaded with some kind of isolated protein that messes with metabolism. The worst one with soy is Think Thin (read the label and see if your thyroid is getting hurt by good old soy protein isolate).
  4. Pump up the fat. Eat more avocado, fats rich in selenium like Brazil nuts, and coconut oil, which is awesome for thyroid and adrenal health.
  5. Balance your blood sugar by going grain-free and eating low-glycemic foods.
  6. Increase your mineral intake. You can get colloidal minerals at Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods or simply add 1 tsp. sea salt to 20 ounces of water with lemon and some raw honey.
  7. Give your adrenals some love. If you have belly bloat, poor sleep, lack of sex drive, or just those big bags under your eyes, then, my dear friend, we need to get you some serious adrenal lovin’.
  8. To reduce the liver toxins (yep, ’cause your liver has 500 jobs and the hormones are one of them, so this baby needs some love). I suggest drinking water with lemon upon waking and before sleep. This will cleanse the liver of unwanted junk.
  9. Do some deep breathing. I am not a yoga kind of chick, but we need to calm the cortisol levels in order for the adrenals and thyroid to function.

Top foods I eat to keep the hormones not wacky (’cause we know how bad that can be):

Eat Selenium-rich Foods

Because selenium deficiency is a major factor in low thyroid function, we want to eat these foods daily.

Good sources of selenium in your diet, include seafood and shellfish, beef and chicken liver, eggs, sunflower and sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, mushrooms (as long as no signs of candida are present), garlic, onions, and kelp.

rachel makeup

So I ditched some stuff and headed to whole foods to get the toxic free goods and feeling darn good!

I am not a doctor, but I can say with absolute certainty that the key to your health and happiness depends on your endocrine system. I have also found, in my own life, when I am having digestive issues (candida, UTI, pathogens) and eating foods that inflame most people such as cheese, uncultured dairy, and wheat products, the hormones can get CRAZY!

Take these suggestions here, detox your body with lemon water daily, and if you are interested in finding out how I use essential oils and natural solutions to balance my wacky times, then sign up for this free webinar.

Tuesday, September 16th at 8 PM EST.
Click here to join.

callmerachI’m Rachel Feldman —
Mamma, Florida girl, and double whammy wellness coach. In my 1-1 wellness sessions and programs, I help clients ditch dieting and info overload, and learn exactly how to nourish their unique bodies, beautifully. I’m also a business mentor, teaching health coaches across the world the major-league tools and strategies they need to build their small practices into powerhouse empires. Visit my online home.


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