54: New Laws in Florida for Health Coaches

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Lisa Fraley. Lisa attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a lawyer. Today’s topic is crucial. Lisa will be sharing about what is happening in Florida and some of the changes. She will also be talking about verbiage you can and cannot say no matter where you are in the world. Finally, she also gives some amazing action steps about how to protect your business and where to find the information that you need.

Enjoy the show!

In Today’s Episode:

[01:11] Lisa attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a lawyer.

[02:29] It is not until we get out of the school, that we are faced with figuring out how to protect our business.   

[03:15] Lisa and Rachel are hoping this podcast will empower you.  

[04:56] You always want to be protecting yourself, reducing your risk, and honoring and protecting your income.   

[05:10] If you are working with one-on-one clients, you want to use a client agreement that both of you sign. If you are running an online group or course you want to use terms of use.  

[07:37] First, figure out what your state law says. Lisa shares several helpful websites for finding this information.  

[09:47] The scariest part is to violate the law and not even mean to.    

[11:57] In some states you are not legally allowed to do one-on-one coaching or make recommendations on what people can eat.  

[13:34] As a non-licensed practitioner operating as a health coach, we can not talk about disease. 

[15:15] You can always talk about your situation and what worked for you.  

[18:35] The Florida legislature has relaxed the law around dietetics in some ways. Soon health coaches will be able to do one-on-one work with clients and make individual recommendations.  You cannot do medical nutrition therapy.   

[20:56] In some states you are allowed to become an employee of a medical office and become part of their team and in other states, you are allowed to contract with a doctor to help in some cases. 

[21:29] Health coach records are not medical records. They are coaching notes.  

[23:44] If coaches follow the rules, honor what they can do, and support the cause hopefully we will continue to see more changes.  

[24:51] It is important to use our voice and make our voices heard to our representatives. 

[27:01] We need to get excited that we have the tools and resources to build a successful practice. 

[28:24] If you are feeling stuck or afraid, please reach out to Lisa or Rachel. 

[30:30] Go back and know your laws first and then get clear and create your vision.

[31:19] Lisa has a podcast called the Legally Enlightened Podcast

[31:53] Discouragement takes you away from helping yourself, your potential client, and your clients. So remember there is always a solution. Just get the information first, so you don’t get yourself in a pickle. 

[33:28] Rachel’s action steps: audit your website and look at the verbiage you say. Take videos with your phone and listen to yourself.

[34:41] Make sure that you are protecting your business and personal assets.

[36:57] Especially right now people need to hear from all of us, health coaches. They need to hear our hacks and how we are handling things.   

[38:47] You can still launch things. You may just need a different strategy.  

[39:52] They will really want to stay with you when they see you are educating from a heart-based place.

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