What Every Sales Page Needs When You Are a Health Coach

Wondering what you need to get sales and get clients? It all starts with a killer sales page. Here are my top tips for what you need on your sales page when yo area health coach.

Maybe you already have a website, but you don’t know what it needs to stand out and promote your health coaching business. Your site must evolve as you grow your business. Updating your website on a regular basis will keep your content fresh. How can you create an interesting sales page that will attract your website visitors and convince many people to sign up?

Here’s what a sales page needs when you are a health coach.

Strong Headline

You need a strong headline that discloses the results of the program you’re offering. If you want to make your headline stronger, you can counter the main objection of your target audience. You can include words such as “without” at the end of your headline and add the main objection of your audience like “wasting time and money” and “regaining lost weight.”

Start Date

You should include the program’s start date on the sales page. If you are offering a home study program and it doesn’t have a start date, you should clearly state it on the sales page that your audience can start anytime.

What is Included in the Program

Don’t forget to mention what’s included in the program. This is the part where you list the program’s features such as a private forum, materials, personal coaching, group coaching and email support. People make decisions based on the results they will get, but they want to know what exactly they will gain from a program.

Why the Program is Unique and Why it Works

There are a lot of programs and materials focusing on wellness goals, but not all of them are the same. You have to mention what makes your program unique. It is also important to state why your program works.

Register Buttons and Price

Make sure to include your pricing and payment options as well as Early Bird offers. Don’t forget to include links or register buttons throughout your sales page.

Share Results

People who are enrolled in your program will be motivated by the results they’ll get during the program. You should include a list of the results that they can expect to experience.

Success Stories

You can provide social proof by including testimonials and success stories from past participants on your sales page. Prospective participants will be more motivated to enroll when they read about the positive results experienced by past participants.
You want to write a sincere and effective sales copy. Whether you have been in the health coaching industry for years or you are a new health coach, you should have a remarkable sales page to attract more people and promote your business. If you have an old website that needs to be revamped or if social media is the only place where your audience can learn more about your business, it is time that you create a plan that will turn visitors into loyal clients who will be willing to purchase from you.

Follow the tips stated above and enjoy the results of your effort.

Homework for today:

1. Examine your sales page

2. Ask a friend if they know what you offer and if they would buy from you.

3. If not, then ask them why?

4. Take notes on the key things they say and amend the copy on your sales page.
Love and some hustle,



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