How to Sell a Wellness Program Online and Make Money when You are a Health Coach

I know selling your programs can feel overwhelming, so let me make it easier for you with these secret tips.


Selling a wellness program online can help you leverage your time and streamline your business. With the right planning, you can successfully market like a pro and earn money online. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to assign the tasks that you don’t know how to do or don’t have enough time to do.


Don’t worry if your program is not perfect.


After all, people are not asking for perfection. What they want is your support and assistance. You also need to build your email list because the more people you have, the better the conversions because they are more likely to buy from you. Building your email list is vital before and after the launch of your program.

Here are some tips on how to sell and market your wellness program.

Determine what kind of program you want.

You have to know what you want your program to solve for people.

Who is your target audience and why do you want to help them?

Maybe you want to help women lose weight and maintain it. Maybe you want to help busy people shed weight fast with a detox program. You have to create the outline of your program. List at least six to twelve topics that are important to the transformation of your clients and organize them in the order you think is best. Create an outline for every topic. You can then create the right content for every session and finalize how you want to present them.


Doing your research like surveying your people, checking Google to see which topics are being searched for the most, and asking around can help you determine the main struggles of your target audience. This way, you can emphasize those struggles in your program and provide a solution to it. You can adjust the content as you get feedback from your clients. For instance, if people want more weight loss tips that can help get rid of their belly fat, you should add it and customize your program.
You need to determine how long the program will be. Do you want a short-term program, 14 days maybe? Or, maybe you prefer a 3-month program.


For short-term programs, being clear about the next step you want your audience to take once the program is finished is important. What should they do to continue working with you to get more support? Know what you want the outcome to be before you start, so you will know how to guide people once they’ve finished your program. You can test your program on a few one-on-one clients first before fully launching it online.


Choose the name of your program and mind map what it will contain or keep it REALLY simple and choose one of our Done-For-You niche specific programs here and launch the minute you download.


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Launching can be a breeze once you figure out your plan. And, having the system in place will help take care of about 90% of your launch process – including content creation.


Ask yourself, will you provide videos or group coaching calls?
You should consider the vacations and time off you will be taking (if any) and plan properly, especially if you will offer group calls. As for your program’s name, consider what problem you want to solve and how your program will solve it. The name should describe what your program is about and the benefits it offers. Make sure that the name is exciting, compelling and will encourage people to take action.


Set the price

Your pricing depends on what’s included in your program. Recorded group calls or live group calls will be more expensive than DIY programs. Try testing the pricing and see the how things play out. As you gain more exposure, momentum and experience, you’ll most likely increase your sales. The first group will be the beta group. For the first program, set a low price to attract more people. This way, you will have a test group and great testimonials for your next program. The usual range for the price of an online program is half or 2/3 of your one-on-one coaching fee. It is easier to start at lower prices and increase your rates next time.


You can also provide a limited-time pricing offer or early bird special. This creates urgency and increases enrollment. End this offer three to seven days before the program starts. You can also provide a bonus offer that ends three days before you launch the program. If you want to make the program more exclusive to add a level of urgency and scarcity to it, you can limit enrollment to a particular number of people.

Determine the program’s start date, format and sequence.

If including coaching calls determine if you want to release a single session every week or two sessions every two weeks. Choose the most convenient time for you. It is also important to decide the format you want to use. There are various options for providing content to your clients. A narrated PowerPoint presentation is one of the best ways to deliver content as people will hear your voice as you guide them through every session. You can also give PDF files of the sessions to your clients, so they will have a hard copy of it. Simply convert the PowerPoint presentation to PDF files.
Pick an online platform.

Choose an online platform for your program. You can run your online program with a Facebook group or email to keep it affordable and simple. A membership site like Teachable is also a great option. This website allows you to upload the content into the platform and clients can access everything in a single place. You can send out emails every week and encourage your audience to log into their account to get the information they need. You should also remind them to join your Facebook group for support.


Double check everything.

Check everything before launching your program. Ensure all the links are working and that the content is set to be released on the right dates. You should also tweak your online coaching program. Every time you run the program, you will find new ways to modify and make it better.


These are only some of the things that you need to consider when launching an online program. Your next step is to take action. Just keep in mind that success is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be patient and keep moving forward if you want to successfully sell and promote your program online.

Good news: We give a launch manual and launch timeline with the done for you programs.


If you need to talk to me about your biz and pick my brain, make an apt with me asap.


Love, light and a dash of healthy hustle,

Rachel A. Feldman

P.S. I love the success I see in the forum. I cannot wait to see you this season. Join us here.

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