Simple Ways to Eat Healthy During the Summer while on Vacation

surfer beach timeSummer is here and that for me means fun and feeling HEALTHY!

Imagine having the energy and vitality for the summer months.

Summer means less clothes and that usually means we do not want to feel bloated.

Summer does not have to mean a diet filled with deprivation.

Instead, let’s talk about how a simple, easy and fun ways you can  ditch the bloat and rev up the metabolism.

You may be going on vacation or maybe you are hanging with friends this summer, regardless, it is the time of year that we all want to look and feel good. Have you tried every diet out there and still you cannot get rid of unwanted weight?

What if you could actually find out the right foods for you through a simple program that teaches you how to access this blueprint by doing an elimination diet (not one of deprivation). Follow the simple three steps I suggest below and watch this video I created just for you guys.

The amazing news I can share with you today are my own tips for eating healthy on vacation:


1. Keep it Simple. Even if you are going on vacation, do not think of this time as a opportunity to eat everything that you would not eat at home. Try to use this time to stick to your typical foods or eat the 80/20 rule. This means eating 80% healthy foods and saving that 20% for maybe some dark chocolate or having a treat such as berries with some cinnamon and shredded coconut for a dessert.

2. Keep Moving. Make yourself a priority for exercise. Not only it is essential for your digestion, metabolism but it is important for your daily detox. Exercise also improves happiness. It has been proven that exercise boosts your natural endorphins and that means not only will you be happier but you will support your liver to detoxify which is the key to having great sleep, good skin and effortless weight loss.

3. Keep snacking healthy. If you are on vacation, you can still snack smart. Make sure you have packed nuts or seeds, fresh fruit, yogurt or a healthy animal or plant based protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.

If you are looking for a summer tune up to rebuild, renew and refresh from the inside out:

Summer is here and summer is hot. Most often our bodies get over worked snd that can lead to headaches, night sweats, body odor and fatigue to name a few. In just 7 simple days you can detox to a healthier you. If you want to learn more about this simple 11 day program that is broken down into 3 distinct safe,m natural and easy phases, then click here for information on the complete program.



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