The 1 Day Mini Detox aka the Reboot!

baby dox detox smoothie   copy
If you are looking for a way to rev up your metabolism and reboot, then look no further.

Welcome to my secret weapon: The 1 DAY BABY DOX! 

Sometimes I feel bloated and just need to clean out my system + give my body a break.

Try the Reboot to kick unwanted toxicity to the curb + feel renewed.

To Learn more about my Signature Detox Programs, please contact check out my Signature Online Program at

You can buy this for less that the cost of eating at Whole Foods.

Do not forget to sign up for my Free Guides + this is where I share all my secrets.

Wanna know how I gained 60 pounds with each pregnancy + lost it all?



Picture Credit: Whole Living Magazine.


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