12 Foods to Improve the Quality of your Skin + your Liver by Rachel Feldman

Having skin problems? Skin is directly related to the quality of your digestion and your liver.

When you are having skin problems, think to yourself “Imbalances in the Digestion or Liver Overload.”

Before you make a doctor’s appointment or begin to get nervous, think about adding these foods to fix your skin problems.

Also, think about Digestion & Toxicity. I have always found that doing a seasonal detox is ideal for my liver. If you are interested in finding out more, then check out my Spring Detox Program that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Another tip: Add a good quality probiotic to your diet. By improving the good bacteria in your gut, you are decreasing the toxic load for your Liver.

Remember skin is a reflection of toxicity in your body.

By adding these yummy foods to your life, your skin will begin to glow.

By adding more foods with good bacteria to your gut such as kefir, miso and cultured vegetables, your skin will improve because your digestive system will be balanced.


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