94. How To Write A High Converting Social Media Post with Christine Blubaugh

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Do you want to sell on social media without feeling salesy? You can! Writing authentic, high-converting social media posts isn’t as hard as it sounds –if you have the right formula handy. By combining who you serve and what problem or outcome you solve (with a pinch of valuable information), you can create content that’s impactful, effective, and organically converts those scrollers into clients. 

In today’s episode, my friend, colleague, and incredible conversion copywriter, Christine Blubaugh, is coming on the show to break down the anatomy of a high converting social media post. She’s unpacking one of her proven conversion copywriting formulas to help you write social posts that serve your audience and make selling easy (and not salesy!), so you can land clients without the overwhelm.

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Rachel: Welcome to the Healthy Hustle Podcast, I’m your host, Rachel Feldman. I want to just jump in because this week is something special. I went into my membership and I pulled this amazing masterclass that Christine Blubaugh, my good friend, one of my copywriters and just a person who I love and adore. She also graduated from the Institute for integrative nutrition. If you don’t know, I graduated back in 2010. 

We were talking about captions and writing content and how difficult it can be, I don’t want it to be difficult for you. The Healthy Hustle Podcast is about breaking down all of that overwhelm and trying to make it as easy as possible. And so what I did was one into my own membership, made sure that I pulled down the anatomy of a social media post, and we are going to blow it up this week. 

I wanted to just start this summer off right, because, in a way, we’re in summer school. This is the best time to build our list, this is the best time to build our brand and awareness so that we can launch those programs come the fall with ease. We’ll track our ideal client and do all that magic that we’re supposed to do. 

Remember, we’ve got your back. You will have this amazing training with Christine. And trust me, by the end of this training, you will be blown away. I am beyond excited. I am super pumped because Christina and I have known each other for four years almost. And if you will believe it,  this woman started writing for me back when she first decided to be a copywriter. So I’ve been blessed with brilliance for so long. 

On a more serious note, I’ve been talking about a lot of the disconnect that heart-based entrepreneurs have, health coaches who maybe aren’t exactly clear on how to message but they’re really clear on what they offer in the heart, in the head, and just leads into this frustration. 

Christine’s Copywriting Experience

So Christina is going to break down the anatomy of a social media post and then also show  you how to niche that to three different niches. So, Christine, do you just want to introduce yourself?

Christine: Yeah, thank you. I’m really excited to be here. As Rachel said, I’m a copywriter. Rachel was one of my first clients and I basically sent her an email, can I write copy for you? And then we connected over our experiences. I’m a former health coach as well. So I went to Integrative Nutrition back in  2012/2013. I’ve dealt with my own autoimmune issues and personal health journey. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to as well. So that’s how Rachel and I connected initially and we’ve been collaborating and talking and we become friends over the years. 

As a copywriter, I work with a lot of coaches and other experts to help them create money-making messaging. My philosophy around it is helping you create genuine connections between you and your audience and making the sales process feel really good for all parties involved. So even though I talk a lot about sales and selling, and sales copy, and all of that, the goal is not to make people feel they’re being sold to but making them feel they’re being served. 

Over the years, I have had a lot of success applying my own copywriting skills to social media. That’s how I’ve looked at my own business. Then I started teaching that to other coaches and entrepreneurs, basically how to bring in leads and make sales directly from social media using social media posts that talk about your offers and connect with the people that you help and tell your story and all that. And that is why I’m going to teach today, the breakdown of one type of social media post that you can share. I’m going to walk you through the steps and then I have some examples of health risks specific post that I just made up, but we’ll show you how it works in action. Hopefully, this will help you start to create content that really speaks to your people. 

Rachel: Before Christine shows her presentation, one of the best ways is not taking somebody who’s exact post. Watch how people who do this work, who are great at that, how they flow in either their stories, whether on Instagram, or Facebook, and how they flow in their social media posts of showing all of those aspects that we talked about. You’re behind the scenes and the benefits of your offers and the benefits of working with you most importantly. 

The Anatomy Of A High Converting Social Media Post

Christina: How to write high converting social media posts that attract their ideal clients. Okay, so I’m going to share this post formula. It’s broken down into its simplest parts, so you can see what the flow is. This is not one of those scenarios where everything has to be exactly perfect and fit into this perfect formula. Because I’ve found that when you try to do that a lot of the  emotion and things behind what you’re trying to say can get lost. 

So I call this more of  a guideline than a template, because there is room for you to go with the flow within this. Don’t feel like it’s a constraint. Think of it more as a starting point. So the purpose of this is to get people to stop scrolling when they’re going through their Facebook or their Instagram. There’s so much content, we want to make them stop and read your post, and then get the right people reaching out to you. 

Here’s how we’re going to do that. So I teach different types of content. One of those is educational content, where you are teaching your audience something, right. That’s what this formula is going to show. 

The Scroll-Stopping Headline

So the first part of this is your scroll-stopping headline. This is one of the most important parts of your posts because people are just scrolling through their content on Facebook and Instagram. You can’t see the whole post when you’re scrolling through, you only see either the very first line or the first couple of lines. So you have to give people a reason to stop and to click that read more button. 

I have the saying that unread copy can never convert. So if nobody’s seeing your posts, it doesn’t matter how good they are. They’re not going to do anything for your business. So you want to make sure that headline is really attention-grabbing. That it is really something that is going to make people be like,  hmm, I want to know more about this. 

It could be a really intriguing question. It could be a statement that makes people just be like, whoa, what is this about? Ultimately you want people to want to continue to read whatever it is that you’re sharing. And Rachel if you have anything you want to pop in and say feel free at any point. 

Rachel: I would say the question that I was thinking is are you suggesting that they do it in all caps or test out some different ways? 

Christine: Yeah, you can. You can do it in all caps. You could use some emojis. These are definitely things that I teach In my program. Add some punctuation marks around it if you want, you don’t have to. There are things that can draw more attention to your posts, caps and emojis and things, but it’s not a requirement. Try different things. 

That’s actually a really good point that bringing up around trying things. All of this, it can work. But different things are gonna work better for different people’s audiences and things. So try different things and pay attention to what happens. So if you make a headline, and there’s 13 emojis in it, and you get more engagement than ever, then think about maybe that had something to do with it. Actually pay attention to what you’re doing and the results that you’re getting from it and do more of what works. 

Rachel: One of the things that I love that you just brought up, our own individual client is so different. I think about this headline, Christine has found that a certain type of picture works well for her audience. But for some of you, it’s gonna be a quote, and for some of you, it’s going to be a picture. 

So try to test without deviating so much. It won’t actually allow you to review the analytics and see. A social media person who words on ads said to me the other day, even paying attention to emojis, for example, I want to know if you use a lot of fire. Does your audience like that? Or do they have more of the heart base emojis? I thought, wow, that’s such a really good point. So I love that you brought that up. 

Christine: Yeah, totally. And I think too, with that you can also go a little bit based off what is your brand? If your brand is very bold, I feel like fire emojis totally make sense. For someone else listening, you might be a more  flowy heartfelt softer brand. You might have little swirls and stars and things like that. That might make sense for you. So it depends on who  everything you do, the language that you use, the visuals that you use. It is a combination of who you are and who you’re wanting to attract. Sometimes there’s a lot of overlap in that we attract people who are similar to who we are. 

So this is your first step. 

Rachel: So everyone’s impressed because we’re seeing that messy action, just start doing that stuff, don’t overthink it, and follow this formula, and then say, I’m just gonna go for it. 

Setting The Scene

Christine: I call the next part, setting the scene. And for educational content, or really any content, one of the most important things that you can do here is either introduce a problem or a desire that your specific ideal client has. 

This is where we get into why you have to really know who it is that you want to serve. If you are working with a specific type of person or if you are helping people solve a specific problem, then this is where you want to start talking about that. I’ll show you some examples for some different niches. But I want to just reiterate how important it is to be really clear on who you serve. 

Sometimes I think we get really caught up in, Oh, I help women 25 to 45, who want to live healthier lives or balance their work and health or whatever. That’s not a problem that you solve. So you want to think of it less in terms of the demographics of the person, and more about the problem that they have. Whether it is needing to lose 30 pounds, whether it is needing to heal from a specific issue. Somebody has diabetes or something. Maybe their problem is that they are an emotional eater, and it’s wrecking their gut.  Think about the problem the person has and less about their age range and their gender and things like that. 

So this is where you’re introducing either the problem that they have or the outcome that they are wanting. 

Rachel: Christine quick question. I’ve spent so much time on this ideal client avatar and all the demographics. So I always say that’s the structure of getting to the place where we let go, and we go more into this specific talk to these people. What would you say is a good exercise to  move through that fear of, I work with people between the ages of X. So they can into more of a fluidity of understanding that specific problem in that post? 

Christine: Yeah, so the demographic stuff is helpful. But the problem that the person has is the main event. Where they live and their age and how many kids they have, and all that stuff is secondary. So you want to start with, I help people who are emotional eaters, or I help people who want to lose weight. Start with that problem. And then from there, think about, okay, now, what are the specifics of the person who’s experiencing that problem? 

Rachel: So just to solidify this, because I know you might be saying, but Marie Forleo says this, and Ryan Deiss says that demographics and doing the market research and understanding who you possibly are going to attract. Maybe they’re different age, their demographic and how it’s affecting their life, their daily habits, the psychology of that person. 

Christine’s saying, go with that second step, do that work, and then start testing out. Start refining the message to be so crystal clear that if that person is sitting there saying, Oh, wait. You stand out from the crowd, and you’re not just like, I help them to lose weight. But you really get specific in that verbiage. 

Christine said, I help women to lose those 10 pounds that they cannot get rid of. That’s a really good example. If you just say, I help women lose weight –every woman on planet earth wants to lose weight. So it’s not specific enough. So it is important to get specific. 

Educate & Inform Your Audience

Christine: So after we’ve set the scene here, this is where we go into the actual teaching. This is where you are educating and informing them,. One of the most powerful things that you can educate people on is how to change a belief they have, that is keeping them stuck. So a lot of times when we think of education, we think of three tips, or something along those lines. 

If we frame it as like, Okay, well, you have this belief. Let’s say someone has the belief that the only way they’re going to be able to lose weight is if they deprive and starve themselves. And you’re like, hold up, I’m going to educate you on why that belief isn’t true then tell you actually what is true. 

When you start to make that shift for them, they start to see you as an authority, they start to see how you can help them do the thing that they have been stuck with. So instead of just saying, here’s a recipe, or here’s some tips, helping them make these mindset shifts that get them a step closer to wanting your help. It’s really impactful. And it makes your content a lot more effective. 

Rachel: We’ve seen multiple sales pages and funnels that you and I were working on, and I said, I want to do something on video marketing. And you said, Yeah that’s really great. Maybe a few years ago, when you had done this, everyone was like oh, wow, video marketing, but everyone talks on video marketing. So how are you going to make this different? And we sat and really talked about the fears that I had, even though it doesn’t appear that way to speak in public, to go live, to take that chance and not feel anxiety? And you’re like, wow, what if we did video marketing for introverts? 

So when I think of even my health and wellness business, and the copywriter that I’ve worked with back then which was Hillary, she would always say, okay, so everyone, what do you really want to be known for? Not just, I’m gonna help people feel better. She was like, No, get really specific on the problems and the fears and the objections that your ideal client has, and you always say the same thing. Get extremely specific in that area. So that post really speaks to that. Objection Hey, I know you’ve been told that you’ve got to deprive yourself that you’ve got to do ketogenic for life or you’ve got to be on AIP forever. Let me break this down. 

Christine: Yeah, totally. What I said here on the slide is, what belief is holding them back? What new belief can they adopt? And then we’ve been saying, talk about specific issues. So one of the biggest things I see in people’s content that I think is holding them back is that they use either really general terms or jargony terms. 

So most people, if they have gut issues, they’re not like, I want to improve my gut health. They’re like, Oh, my God I’m embarrassed to go anywhere, because I light up the room. And it’s so embarrassing, or my pants don’t fit most of the time because my belly is so bloated, I can’t zip up my jeans. Those are the things that people think about. They don’t think, I want to heal my gut. So you don’t say things like, I’m going to help you heal your gut. 

What is the issue that they are actually thinking about? They’re typically not thinking about the term weight loss. They’re thinking my daughter’s wedding is coming up, and I don’t fit in the dress. That’s their biggest fears. 

Rachel: I love it. I still have a problem page where I would always think of everything that I struggled with. My fear of eating out, I would always say no to going to any different parties or events. It was embarrassing. Or it was hard even to go to Passover at somebody’s house or any holiday because I had to bring my food. And then everyone is like, Oh, so what’s wrong with you? So I just avoided that. 

And talking about having that scroll-stopping headline. Are you scared? Is your IBS stopping you from meeting your partner? Is your ulcerative colitis stopping you from sleeping over at a friend’s house because you just pee the bed? Let’s talk about our deepest fears that we internally have. It’s almost like we are conscious of it. But we push it to the side because we feel that there is no solution. 

Christine: Yeah, exactly. I want to point out that I have this bulleted 123 in this little diagram. But that’s arbitrary. You might just have one teaching point, you might be doing a list where it’s five things, or three things are whatever. That part doesn’t matter. The examples that I’m going to show you, there are no bullets, there’s no 123 bullets. So you can see how that looks. But I just did that as  a visual representation. That number is really arbitrary. It doesn’t matter if you have bullets, or one point or three points or whatever. 

Rachel: Yeah, and guys, just a quick suggestion. I have sticky notes all over. I’ve got whiteboards, I’ve got little visuals of this stuff from a great post to a value ladder to a funnel. Take a picture of this, print it out and put it in front of you when you’re writing because Christine will be coming back in here. 

The great thing is when you learn this flow, this is a video, this is a Live. This is even emails and  there are different flows. But it’s when you really can set the stage you’ll see when you get a marketing email, it was exactly this. I broke it down. Here’s the anatomy of this, we’ll get this show-stopping headline. Because in an email, you’re only looking at the top. So why and I said it’s your struggle with problem is down there. This is for you. Keep reading. 

So take notice of when you’re in marketing, which you are marketed to 24 seven on commercials, social media posts, emails. How are they showing these different aspects and what really speaks to you as a radar. So just always go back to this. There’s not magical unicorns. Just stay with this and master it to where it’s so easy. It comes naturally. 

The Wrap Up

Christine: Yeah, there are definitely other formulas. I teach other formulas besides just this one. But this is a really great starting point for you and definitely something that you can use again and again. It doesn’t matter if your posts are all structured the same. Mine basically are and they do a lot for my business. 

So after the teaching points, we get to what I call, the wrap up. This is where you’ve been educating your audience on these different things, or this one point or whatever. Now you want to tie it back to that pain or desire that you introduced at the beginning. 

So you’re reiterating the reason that they are reading this, the thing that they are trying to solve or achieve. You can also mention how you help people to solve that thing or achieve the other thing. So mentioning that you are someone who has a solution after you’ve introduced this problem and talk about how they can have a mindset shift, they can go through it. You can be like, hey, this is how I help people. This is what I do. You don’t have to do it in a way that’s icky. 

I have this three month program, and you can join and get on a call with me and click here and it’s $997. I’m going to show you an example of how you can just slide in the fact that you are someone who has the solution and then we’ll also talk about the next step. 

Rachel: Whenever I’m in any class or course or masterclass it can seem overwhelming. But that’s why I do encourage you to go and watch Christine’s. Be a part of her posts, be a part of her stories, because you will see it’s one conversation. It’s a conversation that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, except maybe something saying free masterclass on Christine’s posts. This is what helped me, this is what has worked for me, this is what I wish I would have known. Drop a question in the DM I’m here for you. And really getting people into a conversation or putting an emoji finger up and saying clicking the link up there. It’s 123 for you that will help you to achieve. 

So it’s always bringing that value back to them in this non-salesy approach because nobody wants it to be this 999. They want to understand the value behind trusting you. Just watch people so it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming. 

Call To Action

Christine: Yeah. So this wrap-up is really how you’re tying the posts together. And then Rachel was talking about, the last step is your call to action. And the mistake that a lot of people make here is that they’ll say, book a call with me at the link in my profile, or book a call with me and they’ll drop a link. The thing is for a lot of people going to a scheduler booking a call and getting on the phone with you from a social media post is, you’re asking way too much. 

The best thing you can do and the thing that will feel the best for you and for other people so that you aren’t like, Oh, this feels really salesy, is to ask people to do something that’s really easy. So you can ask them to comment, you can ask them to put an emoji in the comments, you can say, send me a message. 

Something that I will say a lot in my post is, if you have questions, comment or DM me. Because sometimes people aren’t comfortable talking about whatever it is. They don’t want their question to be seen publicly in comments. So you can ask people to send you a message. 

There’s so many small actions that you can ask people to take that are going to be really easy for them to say yes to. Some people call these micro conversions or micro yeses, where you’re just asking people to take these baby steps towards you, instead of, Hey, get on a sales call, where I’m going to sell you something and ask you for your credit card. 

A lot of times people either know that when you say get on a call, that it’s going to be a sales call, or they have no clue at all. They think that you’re just going to coach them for free or something  that. That ends up being really awkward. So in order to eliminate that, you just ask people to do something really simple. Maybe you have a freebie or maybe you are offering to answer questions or something like that. Or maybe you just want someone to share. If they agree with something that you said or is it something that you’ve struggled with? So yes or no in the comments and it’s really easy for someone to say yes or no. A lot of times they’ll elaborate beyond yes or no, but when you break it down to that simplest step, you’re gonna get way more engagement from people. 

Freebies & Linking On Social Media Posts

Rachel: I don’t think I’ve ever hired somebody from a social media post link. I think I didn’t have time to go check out their site and see what they’re about, and then watch, and dm. But the part that I wanted to address — and this is something I know can be extremely confusing for coaches. I started with a freebie. If you could just shed a little light. Is that sometimes you don’t even want that freebie to be in a form? You’re just literally giving them that freebie in a Google Drive and Dropbox, even doing a voice message audio on a DM or even a video response on Facebook? And saying oh, here’s my free gift. Can you explain that? because I know I caught the no opt in and I swear, coaches always but we have these freebies and on top of these forms.

Christine: Yeah that’s totally that’s not something that I did other than I’ve done it in my free Facebook group where people have already said yes to me, and they’re in there. I’m like, here’s a little bonus freebie, you don’t have to opt-in for it. I’m just going to give you the dropbox link. That’s definitely something you can do. I think that would go a long way to getting people  to love you. 

But you could just be like, Hey, I have a free thing. If you want it, comment below, and I’ll send you the link. I’m going to show you this in action in the examples that I have a really great thing. I know in Instagram, you can’t put links in posts, but you can say the link is in my bio. On Facebook, you can actually post the link in your post. 

Instead of doing that, a really great thing you can do is talk about how amazing this free thing is that you have. Tell people that if they want it, they should comment. And then send them a private message saying, here’s the link to the thing. Then you’ve taken a step towards having a relationship with this person, besides just them going and clicking on a link and going to a landing page. You are now in a conversation with them in private message. You can say here is this free thing. Go ahead and download it and tell me what you think. Then you can check back in with them and say, Hey, what did you think of this? And let me know which thing you’re going to try first. Do you have any questions about it?You’re starting a dialogue with people. 

Making The Sales Process Easy & Organic

This is amazing, no matter what stage of business you’re at. But especially if you are in the beginning stages of your business. Or if you don’t have a very big audience or something like  that. It is so worth it to have these individual conversations with people. This has been my whole strategy for getting clients and even selling my lower ticket offers, is just having conversations with people in private message. It’s really easy to do in a way that doesn’t make people feel  they’re saying yes to everything before you give them anything. 

They’re saying, Yes, I want the free thing. And then you send it to them. And then you’re having a conversation. And then you say, I have this thing. Can I share it with you? And they say yes. And then you share it. So there’s no, Oh my god, here’s my thing take my thing, buy my thing, whatever. It’s very organic, it flows, and you’re building an actual relationship with people as opposed to just blasting them with content and hoping that somebody clicks. 

Rachel: A lot of what I saw 10 years ago, five years ago, and it’s starting to happen again now is you’ll have that conversation with somebody and be like, hey, can I have this? It’s not like, oh, here’s the form, go sign up. Instead of giving them a link in that PDF, they’re actually clicking tojoin my group right here. I think I downloaded maybe seven in this last two weeks. Just seeing people doing that, which can be really easy to do a clickable when you just copy and paste a freebie right into Google Drive and then convert totally got those clickable right there. 

A Walk Through Of An Example Post

Christine: Yeah. That’s a really good way to build trust with people right off the bat. Yeah, I love that. Okay, so let us look at a couple of examples of posts. 

So here’s an example of a post for a gut health niche. I have this at the top here. I have this headline: the number one secret stop painful belly bloat and feel comfy in your jeans again. So we’re addressing a specific issue. A problem that they have is they don’t feel comfortable in their jeans. It’s intriguing because, oh, well what is the one secret? 

This is just an example I pulled off of a headline formula cheat sheet in my course and this was just one of the formulas on there. So I just pulled that out.

Now we’re going to address the setting the scene and talking about introducing this idea that this ideal client that what’s holding them back, or that’s causing them harm, potentially, in this case. So you think that the only way to beat the bloat is to pop breath mints. We’re  talking about shifting this belief. Because, in this case, this client probably thinks that, Well I have this symptom, that’s just the way it is. Let me buy this over the counter thing, and just deal with it that way. 

We’re starting to shift the belief and educate them about the truth of the matter, I came up with these examples right before we hopped on here, so they’re not perfect, but that’s okay, your posts don’t have to be perfect either. We move into talking about this step, mentioning how you help people overcome it. That’s what we’re doing here. The women I work with learn how to calm their bellies with my five-step anti-bloat system. So you’re positioning yourself as someone with a solution, I made this up five-step anti-bloat system, whatever way you help people. And then I said, want access to my free cheat sheet to stop bloating and end the embarrassing gas? So asking them, letting them know that they can get something really great to help them solve the problem that they have. 

Then for the call to action, I just said, drop a heart emoji in the comments and I’ll send it to you. So easy for them to drop a heart emoji in the comments. It’s simple stuff that people if they’re like, Oh, my God, yeah, I have the gas issue. I want to know what the cheat sheet is about, I’m going to put a heart there. Then you basically, from here, what you can do, what we were talking about before is anyone who drops the heart, you can send them a message privately and say, Hey, I just saw your comment asking for my cheat sheet. Here’s the link, let me know what you think. If you have any questions, and then go back to your post, and reply to their comment and say, Hey, I just sent you a message with the link. Not only does this get your post more engagement, and bumps it up in the feed, but it also makes sure that the person knows that because on Instagram and Facebook, your message might not go to their main inbox and stuff  that. So so you’re letting them know to look for it. So that is one specific niche and how you can  use this formula. 

How To Have A Signature Process

Rachel: Christine, I just have a question. Can you just speak a little on this system? I always talk about understanding your signature method, your signature process or signature system, even if you don’t know yet completely what that looks like. But would you say that for somebody who’s looking for a solution to their problem, that they are more inclined on a conversion to be interested if you have this four step process? I wouldn’t say that you don’t know what it is, when I say that knowing what are the actual steps that you’re taking somebody? And getting more specific later, as you’ve gotten more clients, you’ve evaluated and reevaluated that process, but can you expand? 

Christine: Yes, the thing is you don’t have to have some special skill or learn something new to have a signature process. Everyone has a way that they work with people, all you have to do is  be like, Okay, well, there are four main parts to this. Then you just make up a name for it,  seriously, that’s all it is. 

So when I teach copywriting for social media, I call it my Conversion Copywriting Formula. It’s really just the three things that I show people how to do. The three main parts of my program, and I just made that up because I knew it would be more memorable for people. It also makes people feel like they understand what they’re either buying or getting into. So it makes what you do a little more tangible and it also helps brand you. If you have the anti-bloat system and you just say that all the time, people will remember that. 

I’m going to show you one more example for basically this same exact post but for a different niche. This is for a weight loss niche. So the number one weight loss secret to fit back in your skinny jeans. So if you’re anything like the women I work with, you think that losing weight means depriving yourself of all things delicious. So we’re introducing the problem. We’re talking about this belief that this person has around starvation, but serving yourself skinny is not the way to back into those jeans from college. Then we are educating them on what the truth is. In this case, I said making small changes to develop a new lifestyle. And then we talk about what it is that you do and how you help people. The women I work with learn how to drop inches while continuing to eat their favorite foods that’s pretty juicy with my five step anti diet system. 

And then same thing, want access to my free cheat sheet to drop 10 pounds in the next three months and keep it off? Drop a heart emoji in the comments and I’ll send it to you. So simple, speaks to a specific person positions you as an expert. Lets people know you have a solution and potentially gets people either on your email list or in a DM conversation. So it’s hitting all the bases just in this one simple post. 

Rachel: I love that one. I love both of them. But I love five-step anti diet. I love them all. But the part that I love about the college is it instantly brings the brain right back to a time of, Oh my god, I was younger. We as humans just start to recap all those memories and start to say, Oh, did I feel good at that time? When did I actually feel good? 

Christine: Yeah. It just goes back to sharing those specific things that your ideal client is actually thinking about and experiencing. Not the jargon and lingo that you use internally in your business. You want to talk about the things that your ideal client is thinking and experiencing because that is what’s going to create that emotional response and also just grab their attention. Because they don’t care about weight loss. They care about fitting into their jeans. They don’t care about gut health. They care about the actual solution that’s going to help them that day. 

Rachel: Yeah, exactly.  And feeling good and remembering those times. And yeah, remember those? Yeah, it was good. All right, lady and guys. Make sure to watch her stories. They’re absolutely fabulous. Thank you.

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