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A miracle happened in my life. I went away with the hubby for two days

Everything I wanted happened in two days. 

It was glorious. I chilled on the beach,  I laughed with the hubby, I got a massage and I just enjoyed myself to the fullest.

I read Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger and I just relaxed wearing my bathing suit.

It was delicious.

My hubby and I took time for ourselves and I was so relaxed. I felt renewed. It is really amazing what can happen in just 2 days. Actually I felt renewed in even 5 hours.

I love my family, my job and my life but I realized the importance of stopping and taking care of me.

So I made sure I had some fun. I ran on the beach without shoes.


But what happens when you eat clean and you vacation?

My clients always ask me what to do when they travel or how to eat clean on the go.

This is what I did when I was traveling:

1. I found a local place to make my Morning Green Juice.

2. I made sure I ordered a meal off the menu that would be similar to what I would eat at home. Clean protein (grilled) with grilled asparagus and a small salad with no dressing.


3. I made sure that I had simple snacks in my hotel room. I always make sure I travel with apples, shredded coconut, goji berries or cranberries and almond butter or sunbutter and a KNIFE of course (even a little bowl) because I never know when I am going to get hungry. The goal for me is to keep my blood sugar balances during vacation and life so I stay happy and FREE. If the hubby desires. If you can tolerate gluten free oats, this makes for a perfect post work out snack or a great snack for any day to ward off the afternoon crash.

nuts and seedsSo on vacation or eating on the go- do not deviate from what you normally eat


You will feel great if you:

Eat Clean.

Eat Simple.



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I help men and women who are struggling with digestive issues, weight gain and who want to know the exact foods that will give them endless energy for their unique body. I help you to find your healthy food blueprint. Are you ready?



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