5 Productivity Tips for Health Coaches + How To Master Your Launch

Please tell me this is not you.

You have bought every done for you program out there.

You have every done for you freebie but you never used one.

You have taken every course known to man and woman but you are not making money.

You are in every free challenge on Facebook but you cannot seem to apply the principles to your life because you have NO time and you cannot prioritize your day or your launch.

I know how busy life can be.

I am a Health Coach turned business coach and creator of the done for you programs for health coaches.

I am a momma, wifey and run a 24/7 business and know how to launch (you all know I do this a lot).

I know what it takes behind the scenes and not just the pretty outcome on the sales page or the great marketing fluff on Facebook.

I know how to launch with a team and without a team.

I did not get my first virtual assistant until 3 1/4  years into my business.

Rachel Feldman at desk

Use these 5 Productivity Tips

I love making my life easy and saving time, which is the way any business owner has to work. You want to plan your day, so you can save time and then launch and not waste time.

  1. Instagram – You can post on Instagram and then share on Facebook and Twitter. There are times I do not want to share the same information on my personal page and I choose to only share on Twitter. When you watch this webinar, you will see my tips for INSTAGRAM and how I save time. I post on my Facebook Business page from my phone, then edit the post, then choose feature SELECT ALL, choose feature COPY, then go to Instagram and choose feature Paste. In all of 5 minutes, I have saved myself so much time and shared on multiple streams on social media.  You want to insert picture of choice and then hashtag # — #weightloss #IINTAKEOVER #JUICECLEANSE to create better search engine optimization for you.
  2. Hootsuite or Buffer – because you need consistent visibility and this is how you schedule even when you are on the go, or working a 9-5 job. You can get a free account or take the plunge for a paid account because you have the ability to post in private groups, which is great when you are running challenges or private Facebook groups.
  3. Instaquote on iTunes.com- you can add captions and quotes in fractions of the time it would take you to make a picture in canva.com or picmonkey.com. I love saving time and making awesome images because people see images before they read words.
  4. Periscope When you Periscope you are reaching a different community and platform. I save my Periscopes to my (camera roll) iPhone and upload them to Youtube.com or Vimeo.com and then make a Video Blog or use the Video for Marketing Purposes.
  5. LIVE STREAM – Facebook has really done right when it comes to Live Streaming. Especially when you are launching and you want visibility and connecting with your community or visibility, live streaming is the way to go. Less and less people are opening emails these days, which is why video is so important (hence why I love Periscope and Live Stream).

         TIP: Save the video to your camera roll then upload to vimeo or youtube.com and then repurpose as a VLOG.

If you want to see a sample of a calendar I created during the Launch Webinar, check it out here.

Launch social media calendar

If you have programs you have not used, take time to sit back and evaluate what you have and use them.

Organize + Prioritize!!!!

If you have no time and you are struggling with a system and a plan, then it is time to master your day and get your sales funnel working because your list will not build itself.

I am giving this calendar away to anyone who buys the done for you programs before June 4th, 2016. I still need to update some goodies on this baby but you can listen to the whole webinar here. We talked about my 2 + 2 method.

Yes, 2 weeks to pre-market + 2 weeks for open cart. Check out the replay.

To buy the done for you programs for health coaches, visit http://www.healthcoachbiz.rachelswellness.com

Love and some hustle,

Rachel Feldman



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