3 Tips for a Successful Health Coaching Business

I love building, masterminding and planning my business in the summer.

I used to sit and worry about planning. I would ask myself, ” Should I do this? Is this right? Am I doing it right?”

Oh boy….the questions were endless until I stepped into a place of faith in my system and my gut business building way.

This time, there will be no looking in the rear view mirror with shame and blame. Instead, it is time to detox our negative thinking, worry and move forward with our dreams and our visions.

It’s time to be financially AND emotionally profitable?

My warmest wishes for you during this time are to rock the ripple effect in every passionate way that you can and to step into that place of power, because the world needs you.

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Here are my 3 tips for a successful health coaching business this summer:
1. Master your goals and your vision. Use a whiteboard to map out and plan your success. Get clear on how you will build your biz from the ground up with your 1:1 coaching or your gateway program.
2. Take 5 minutes in the AM to set an intention for yourself. Listen to positive speakers online or listen to a favorite YouTube video from Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, or Marianne Williamson. Set yourself up for success by BELIEVING in how much you can offer to your peeps, how you can help them.
3. Get clear on the who, what, and why of coaching. Go beyond just the word “niche”. Get a clear understanding of what that means for you – who you are serving, what you are offering them, and why you’re the one to offer this solution – so you can really help the people who need you in this world.

Stay strong, stay positive, and be the change you want to see in this world.

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Rachel Feldman

Business Coach helping other coaches to create amazing sales funnels and signature businesses.


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