5 systems every business owner must have in place

I remember starting my business and guess what? I knew NADA – nothing.

I did not even know about dropbox or mail chimp (learning that even took me 15 hours the first try).

I built my business ass backwards and you know what? That it totally ok!!!

The most successful business owners I know or have interviewed for the done for you programs, and the new one launches August 18th – check out the deets here, made a ton of mistakes just like me but they did not QUIT.

I did learn how to get those systems in place because systems allowed me to run a more successful business but nobody told me about these systems when I first started my business. These systems — every business owner needs to have in place.

I had to learn them on my own.

There is no one rulebook for starting a business.

Nobody is cookie cutter – which means that X,Y and Z method may work great for Suzy and not for you.

But, that does not mean you are not a great coach or should not start a biz – just means you need to re-message your program, your launch or your 1:1 business.

I know that sounds like a lot but if you take a step back from your business and imagine you a client – would you hire you?

I implement these basic systems into my business and it has made my life easier.

These systems allow me to have passive, active, online and offline success because I can be organized.

You want to be organized – even if you are working solo, like I did for years (you as the CEO needs to be hella organized to run a business).

1. Google Drive – Keep your business organized

2. Calendar or Organization – Basecamp, Asana, Teamwork or Trello for Free.

4. Dropbox – I swear this has my life in it but dropbox is great because I am such a visual learner. I can map out my programs, upload my content (current or future projects) and see them organized. You can create great systems in dropbox for your BIZ.

5. Scheduling – like Timetrade or Acuity (downside it does not sync with Mac users like myself) because when we are building our biz, the emails back and forth to schedule take up time — have a link to schedule the healthy history with you plus you can link this to your website as well.


Now chill out and take a deep breath. I know this can feel hard and I am not here to say building a business is all rainbows and fairies but you can do this.

Drink a green juice or make a fruit and spinach smoothie and have some down time. Go to the pool or even just take a few minutes to chill in your office and say the Mantra, ” I can build the business I deserve to have”.

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s all good – join me August 18th for a killer webinar on how to build your online and offline business and make money doing what you love with PASSION + PURPOSE. Click here to join.


Rachel Feldman


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