Paleo Breakfast For Champions

Paleo Breakfast for Champions
I had headaches and digestion stuff my whole life. To be honest, I cannot remember a day where I did not have a belly ache even as a kid. I was never a lover of pasta but I did love bread.

I remember getting diagnosed with my first ulcer at 14 and then Asthma and then liver toxicity and then ulcerative colitis (there is a long story but I will save those details). Bottom line – I had to come to the realization grains and me were not BFF.

I tried quinoa and buckwheat and low glycemic grains and they were ok at one time in my life but as I got older they stopped making me feel good – I was inflamed, irritated and exhausted.

Did I mention was hella moody? You could even ask my hubby. HAHA.

Going grain free changed my life. I knew I had gluten issues (and I passed those onto my sweet babies) but I had not idea grains were adding to the inflammation to the big picture – my gut, my overall health and adding fuel to my autoimmune.

I ditched the grains and thank goodness. I was lucky everyone starting making Paleo Breads because having a simple meal like this was great for a business woman like me.

To make this simple meal, all you have to do is this:
1 slice Julian Bakery​ Paleo Bread
1 scrambled or poached egg
a few slices of Avocado
Chili Flakes

//Great for a Simple and Easy Breakfast, Post Workout Meal or Snack.
//Loaded with health healthy fats, carbs and a dash of heat to rev up the metabolism.

If you love smoothies instead, just grab 21 smoothies here Click Here

If you are interested in diving deeper into an elimination diet, then join me for the summer cleanse, where you will learn the blueprint for your body.

Trust me – it stinks to feel stinky.


Rachel Feldman



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