A Healthy Hustle + Gratitude

My son Max brought me to tears.

It has been one of those years. I had so many breakdowns to breakthroughs I cannot even count. I wish this were REALLY easy – the mom and business owner gig.

The truth is – I lost a lot last year. I made some financial choices that were not the best for my business and personally I lost my faith in the world.

I know that sounds BIG but it was. I was scared last year. Supporting my family has not been the easiest. I am grateful for my business but I also felt resentful I was missing special times with my kids. I lost my gratitude.

I am a born hustler. I would hustle a business no matter what but my mindset, despite a huge year for me financially, was broken.

I felt alone even though I was not.

I made a choice this year to dig deep and let go of everything that was keeping me in this stuck place – again this mindset.

It was painful. I needed to go back into old stories and old painful memories of some trauma to release and be able to come back to my home, my body, my spirit and my business.

I started doing a gratitude list again. I started doing gratitude chats with my kids.

I sat at the dinner table alongside my favorite loves, my hubby, my son Max, and my daughter Sam. Before we indulged in marinated bison and roasted veggies, we had a moment of gratitude. We sat around the table and talked openly about what we were all grateful for.

I went first. I looked at Max and Sam and said, “I’m grateful beyond measure that the angels gave me the two of you. You both overflow my heart with love, and you teach me daily how to be free and let go of anything holding me back. I love you both.”

My son Max was next in line. I could see in his eyes he was deep in thought.

He spoke up with his calm voice and said, “Mommy, I’m grateful you can pay our bills.”

Instantly my eyes welled up with tears. They streamed down my face before I could even utter a word. Sam sat there with her eyes of innocence and smiled. Sam has an old soul, she knew my tears were of honor and not sadness. I swear her and I lived a life together, before this one.

The hubby turned to me and said, “Honey, you saved our family. You work so hard and without you, the life we have today would not be possible.”

As if I wasn’t crying enough, right?

I didn’t expect to be the highlight of our family moment of gratitude. But, I was.
Behind this gratitude lives a history so deep I’ve only been able to touch the surface of it openly.

My daughter came over and hugged me and said, “ Mommy, I love you.”

It wasn’t easy handling the truth when we lost everything we had.

I was scared to death when we had to sell our home and move to Florida.

I was TERRIFIED that my dream of becoming a health coach wasn’t going to be enough to make ends meet.

I was a phone call away from reviving my connections to the commercial real estate world, and getting back to “business”. I was almost back to my 9-5, but I’ll be honest my days were 12 hours long, 9-5 was a dream in commercial real estate.

My husband’s business ultimately folded after the stock market crash.

We lost absolutely everything.

I hung onto hope.

I clung to my dream as if my life depended on it. And the truth is, my entire family depended on it.

Our businesses depend on how hard we hustle. We can’t sit around and wait for our dreams to come true on their own, and we sure as hell cannot give up on them because of FEAR.

Right now, if you’re sitting there wondering how you’re going to make it as a health coach to pay your bills and put food on the table then you need to give your dream business a fighting chance and LEARN how to make it work.

When I created the healthy hustle, it was for one very near and dear reason.

Too many coaches are working harder, not smarter, and they are struggling.

I was working just as hard in my early years, and then I finally learned how to make my business work for me. I learned how to save time doing business so I could spend more time with my family. I spent long hours day in and day out, for months on end, learning how to create and implement a system to make my business THRIVE.

I couldn’t afford thousands for business school or business coaching.

I get your struggle because it was once mine.

I created the Healthy Hustle Business Group Coaching for a fraction of its value because I want to share all that I’ve learned to help you succeed in your LIFE. I don’t want you to GO BROKE trying to climb to the top.

You and I are alike.

You are driven.

You have a dream.

The only difference between you and I is that I learned the hard way how to build my business to six figures.

The Healthy Hustle begins Sunday, January 31st. It’s a month long journey loaded with business building tools and classes, and it includes serious accountability to teach you how to build your profitable dream coaching business for only $179.

I have seen courses like this for close to $800. I am giving you everything you need to take it to the next level and not feel alone.

I’m offering you a shortcut to success. Join me here, it’s only days away.

We all have a story, this is a glimpse of mine.

I’ll touch base with you in a couple days when I’m ready to open up and tell you the entire truth.





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