Business, Dyslexia and Real Life

Let’s talk Business.

I often blog about recipes.

I often blog about health.

A little about the stuff you never hear.

I am talking about my business and  not the pretty parts of it. The beginning.

6 years ago I graduated from health and wellness school and that same month, we lost everything in the stock market. It was the first year I was not working (2 kids under the age of 3), and I took time for me. I decided to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Reiki School.

It was one of those times in life. I had a choice.

I could go back to making 6 figures in commercial real estate or go after my dreams.

I went after my dreams but year #1, I made 13 K and change (not enough to pay anyone’s bills).

Year #2 I tripled that number (but we had a lot of bills, and that was not cutting it for a family of 4 and a dog). There were emergencies like my son falling and ending up in the ER. I got a bill for close to $4,000 because that was our deductible. I had bills just like you – clothes for my kids, bills for the house, preschool to pay for and trust me, I cut out the simple pleasure of getting my nails done or getting a massage.

I mean R-E-A-L BILLS.

By year #3 I got a system in place.

Thankfully we sold our home when we lost our savings, which we owned and that helped to pay for year 1 + 2 + 3 ….kids in Montessori school, bills, needing to move to Florida, real life bills and so on.

Every day I think of that day. Every day I talk to a coach who tells me they are not making a cent, and it kills me. I am not different than anyone else. I struggled too, which is why I teach other coaches how to create successful businesses.

I listened to an inspirational speaker this morning say, ” what if you do not go after your dreams, and you take them to the graveyard.” I have wanted to write for Huffington Post for so long – having dyslexia and learning issues as a kid left me w/ that B.S story I was dumb.

Everything I have accomplished would say the opposite, but the spelling can still be a toughie (thank you grammarly).

This morning I said F*CK it because I listen to Derek Halpern, Kimra Luna, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas, Les Brown daily, and they all say go for it.

You can go for it too. I am not promising you X amount of clients in X days or making 5K in 3 weeks, but I promise you a chance to live your dreams and make money doing what you love.

If this resonated with you, then please join me for this live webinar on January 28th at 7 PM EST.

Love, Rach

P.S. This baby will be recorded.

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