How to do a Health History by Rachel Feldman

I remember when I first became a health coach. I was told to do the 60 Minute Health History.

I wish I could tell you it was a magical experience but I found I was giving too much away for free and not converting those health histories to paid clients.

I am going to teach you what not to do in a health history. This is what used to happen to me.

“Oh no, I thought to myself.” I did it again.

I gave away the shopping center for free during that Health History. This happened over and over.

Does that happen to you?

Do you follow the traditional 60 Minute Health History?

Is it working for you?

It did not for me, which is I switched over to the mini health history.

Instead of doing a full health history, I used this time to discover what my potential client needed.

I let my potential client tell me what was going on and why he or she needed a coach.

Check out this video where I do a mock Health History.

If you are ready to download my signature 3-page cheat sheet for doing a Health History, sign up for this Free Training on June 30th at 7 PM EST here.

See you on the webinar!

Love and hustle,

Rachel Feldman


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