The Top 4 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing can be very rewarding and bring you in a lot of revenue, but if you do it wrong it can just lead to a lot of people unsubscribing from your list. There are many mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to be successful with email marketing, and here are the top four.

1) Hyped Up Or Misleading Subject Lines

Getting your emails opened is high priority for obvious reasons, but using hyped up or misleading subject lines can really upset your subscribers and make them reach for the unsubscribe button quicker than anything else.

Don’t use subject lines like “You Have to Open This Now” or “You Can’t Miss Out On This”. Potential clients will deliberately not open these kinds of emails, it comes off as too salesy.

Worse is the misleading email. Some of these titles include “Your Download Is Ready” or “You Have Been Verified”. Don’t use sneaky tricks either such as using “Re:” so that it looks like a reply to an email the subscriber sent. Treat people on your list how you would like to be treated as a subscriber on a list you are on. If it turns you off… it probably turns off your ideal client as well.

2) Let People Reply to Your Emails

Never make the sender a “no reply” email address. When you list wants to reply to you they want to either ask you or tell you something that can be business/revenue impacting and this kind of email sends their nowhere and bounces back. This makes you seem unreachable or makes them feel unimportant. People want to interact with other people, so make sure that if they want to reply to your email and ask you something, they can do that.

Using a “No Reply” tactic will tell the subscriber that you do not want to hear from them let alone correspond with them. Emails are all about corresponding. Don’t hide behind a No Reply set up.

3) No Added Value in Emails

This is a classic in the Internet marketing niche. An email is sent offering absolutely no value whatsoever. It is just a sales email telling the subscriber to buy the latest shiny object that has been launched, and will teach them how to make a gazillion dollars by clicking a few buttons.

People do not want to be sold to. Use your emails to build a relationship and connect with people. Inform them and educate them. Tell them how you solved a problem the hard way, and then were able to solve it easily by using a specific product. Gently recommend this product to them with one call to action.

Put the reader first with all of your emails. If you do that, they will appreciate and trust you. You will keep them subscribed and, more importantly, they are much more likely to check out something that you recommended.

4) Emails Are Too Short or Too Long

You need to get the balance right here. If your email is too short then it will probably be dismissed as hype. An email that contains too much text is a real turn off. The information might be really fantastic, but people are busy and expect brevity in the emails that they receive.

Three lines in an email just isn’t going to cut it. What are you going to say in 3 lines? Something unappealing like “XYZ product will make you rich. Check it out now before it is withdrawn. Click this link.” If you think that these emails don’t exist then you would be wrong.

If you have a lot of information to provide, then break this up into several different emails so that you don’t overwhelm the reader. People will not read an email of 1000 words. They will just give up halfway through and you will not achieve what you set out to do.

Keep these 4 tips in mind the next time you reach out to your list and see the open, click through and unsubscribe rates move into your favor.


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