Exposure in your Business – How to Get it Health Coaches!

Hey Health Coaches,

What’s the difference between someone who asks for what they want and someone who doesn’t?

And more importantly – which person are you?

After my husband and I lost everything in the stock market, I knew the only way I could take my business to the next level and help my family was to be unabashedly BOLD … and to start actually asking for what I want.

Asking for what you want ain’t always easy, babes.

The morning I emailed The NY Times Best Selling Author, Yuri Elkaim, I gave myself a dozen or so pep talks, chugged a green juice, and finally said to myself, Screw it. Why not?

And with one click, I sent Yuri a request to join me as a guest expert in

The Spring Collection of
The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box.

Yuri said yes.

I didn’t stop there. I lined up a crazy-awesome cast of guests experts to feature in our ROCKSTAR™ Program … guests that I’m even sh*tting.

Like Dhru Purohit, CEO & Co-Founder of Clean Program; Lisa Wilson, Founder of The Raw Food Institute; Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating; and more.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because IF you want to grow your list [and business] exponentially, you need EXPOSURE.

And the only way to get exposure online is to step up, face your fears, and ask for it.

If you’re ready to learn how YOU can get your top-ticket influencer to actually answer your email, how to grow your mail list, and MORE, join me on March 10th at 7:00PM Eastern for our totally free LIVE Event:

How to ACTUALLY make money
in today’s digital world.

Oh, and there’s a BONUS…

When you join us, you’ll also receive a behind-the-scenes look at our newest signature offerings, The Spring Collection of The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box, which includes:

So tell me, what do you want?

Do you want to be a well-known name in the health & wellness world? Do you want to own a powerhouse empire? Do you want a business that allows you to change people’s lives?

All you need to do is ASK FOR IT.
[And join us on March 10th, of course!]

I believe in you. Join me for this LIVE WEBINAR.



First Detox Ever – SOLD 54!!!
eris norman 2“I love detoxing 4 times a year and really wanted to create a great detox program for my clients, however, there was so much I needed to make sure I was providing for my clients to detox effectively. I was very frustrated at the process of putting a detox together. Then I found Rachel and her program and all my questions were answered! I have a detox that helped me with all the info I needed and learn how to execute it in a professional way. For my first detox, I have 54 participants and I have all the tools I need, it’s so amazing and I am so fortunate that I found Rachel and her team. I believe this is the start of a bigger and better business for me.”

Eris Norman, www.erisnorman.com

belinda whalan“I just wanted to share a success story with those of you that are holding back from getting your program out there in hope that it will inspire you. I expanded upon the 28 day program and added videos to it and a bonus detox to go with it. I have been selling this as my high end online product and so far have made $7000 Aus in sales (this doesn’t even include the detoxes that I also have sold separately) this has completely transformed my business and time freedom. I heard recently that most coaches barely make $10, 000 in their first year so it’s pretty awesome that I have been able to make that in just online products.
Thank you Rachel Feldman for over-delivering and giving me the foundation to change lives and my business. The feedback I have received from my ladies that have transformed their lives is awesome!! I am so grateful for you. XO.”

Belinda Whalen – Health Coach


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