84. Finding Clarity On Your Offers Before Hopping On A Discovery Call

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When hopping on Discovery Calls, the biggest advantage you have is believing in yourself and understanding that it’s a conversation with someone who needs your help. And the more you practice and the more that you visualize your ideal client and get super clear with your offers, the easier you’re going to make money and change people’s lives.

In today’s episode, I’m continuing my discussion about Discovery Calls, this time walking you through how to position different offers for a potential client so they know the different options of working with you. I’ll also talk about how to stay in control of the call, why lower-cost options work, and explain why knowing your offers inside and out will help you step into that clarity so you can sell your offers with conviction.


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Hey, there guys it’s Rachel Feldman here at the healthy hustle podcast. Today we are keeping it really simple. So let’s dive into discovery calls. 

Say it with me, sister and brother. I don’t need to have a script. But if I do need to have a script reach. Thanks for doing this podcast episode on Discovery calls. So step one, if you have not gone and listened to Discovery Session, part one, please go, stat. Because in that exact episode, I took you through how to create your open-ended questions, some really strategic ideas and why pre-qualifying questions allow for better sales conversion.

How To Use Pre-Qualifying Questions To Position Your Discovery Call

One of the biggest problems I see with coaches and I know I struggled with this myself is if you don’t have those pre-qualifying questions, it’s really hard to position your discovery call. 

What do I mean by that? Positioning yourself doesn’t mean that you abandon your alignment and your service-based heart and just think it’s all about sales. But it means that you do need to think based on this person’s problems that they told you about in the pre-qualifying questions before they got on a discovery call. Do I have a good sense of what they need? What offer would be ideal for them?

So that’s why I always say when you’re setting up your list building and your discovery call process, whether you’re leading them from a freebie to a one on one call, a masterclass tournament call, you’ve kicked off a webinar to your high ticket program. And people have questions. That’s why a discovery call is essential for so many signature opportunities, especially when we’re charging a higher ticket price. 

How I Would Position An Offer For A Client

So I really want you to look at a discovery call as you and your ideal client seeing if one, you’re a good match, two, if this client would be a good match for you, and three, being able to take control of that sales call, which means this –if I have a person who’s coming in, and they have a ton of problems, ones that have been long standing, since maybe childhood or even in their teen years, such as myself, or there’s some long standing history of disease passed down. And there’s so many multifaceted issues that are happening, such as trauma, anxiety, adrenal, gut skin, food intolerances, environmental toxins, there’s a crapload of issues. I know to be able to get on that discovery call and be able to say very confidently based on every one of the problems that you had filled out and you told me the most glaring and how it’s affecting your life. I do think for what we want to get accomplished. It would be ideal for us to work in a longer capacity. If that feels like it’s too much because you said in your discovery call form that you know you barely have any time. Now, if one of the biggest struggles is that you are traveling, you come home and you’re in hotels. And so if you feel that you can’t commit, at this time, we can start with a jump start. But I do think that working with me in a three month capacity is going to be the most advantageous. 

Now, hold on everyone, because I’m reading your mind that that offer, that three month offer doesn’t just have to be a one on one offer. Many of you are positioning your signature offers where your clients are in a group with you and they get access to the whole month. Many of you are positioning your signature offers, whether they be 30 days, or 60 days, or 90 days, or six months, or even 12 months, where you are seeing people in a group capacity, but you are working intensively with them. 

So please understand that for those of you who have been told to do everything, either online, or you should only do retreats, or you shouldn’t do high ticket or low cost self paced programs, I want you to stop, drop and roll and say, what is really going to give my ideal client the best when the best transformation? And how do I want to show up with my client. So just remember, a discovery call is a really important process. 

Why Discovery Calls Are To Determine If You’re The Right Fit

I know for myself, when I’ve outsourced hiring somebody, we get on a discovery call, because in that call, that person I’m hiring is going to a qualified ourselves, they’re going to be able to answer questions about what it is like to work with them for somebody else. I can ask those hiring guide engaging questions, open ended questions like here’s the problems that I’m experiencing. Do you have the capabilities of solving this specific problem?

It’s the same as when somebody is hiring you. So remember, when you’re sitting there thinking about how you want to set up your discovery call, think about what has most often worked for you to convert. And if you haven’t ever been on that other side of hiring somebody, even think about the doctors you choose or the acupuncturist or the homeopath or people that you entrust with your journey or to take you to another step. 

There a process for seeing if you’re a right fit, now that we’ve opened up our mind for these infinite possibilities of the discovery session, and infinite possibilities of the type of model of business that you want to have, that really creates fulfillment for you. 

How Lower Cost Options Work

And that your ideal client is going to have no such a great experience that even if they go for your lower cost offer because they have objections of price, or it’s time, or it’s their own past history of working with somebody and maybe having certain failures, all this different stuff, that you can have a lower cost option for them. 

A lower cost option on a discovery call is simply to get that person’s feet wet, so that they are wowed. You take them through a mini transformation. And that next step is your higher ticket. For some of you that low cost offer is doing a Power Hour clinic session, or doing labs running labs and then doing an hour analysis. Many of you also work in spas and wellness centers, chiropractors, offices, or you are a chiropractor, or a functional medicine practitioner. 

It isn’t always that every practitioner has these kinds of packages. So really look at what you are doing currently. Or what do you want to do? And what would allow you the most happiness and freedom, but also have the most transformations with your ideal client? And I say that simply because I often have questions from people who are either thinking about buying a program from us, or a bought in they say, Oh, I didn’t even know you could use this in a one on one for my one on one offers. Oh, wow, I didn’t realize that I could add videos for my one on one offers to help my ideal client know in that discovery call. 

When you work with me, this is the type of content or materials that you’re going to get. I want you to take a look at this. I also want you to see that each week. I’m making it super easy with these quick handouts. Guys side note, you can do videos on this little handout. You can take any of our content and turn it into a step by step process. 

Resources To Help You Package Your Offer

Why am I telling you this? You might say Rach, Did you deviate like you’ll always go into another rant? No, I deviated for a reason. That reason is because mastering that discovery call is also knowing how you’re packaging your offer. 

So if you have the three month stress program from us called Revive, and you know that you work with really busy people, and you’re setting up your offer to be a high converting no brainer, and you’re on a discovery call with somebody, and they are saying how am I able to use this? You can right away turn and so when you’re working with me, this is what the next three months is going to look like. 

What I’ve actually put together is workbooks, handouts, guides, I even have videos that I put together to make sure that even if you are so busy, you’re traveling, you don’t even love to cook, I’ve made it in a way that is easy for you to access, easy for you to understand the steps and I’ve laid it out in this way, because I know how overwhelming it is to make change, especially when we have the our calendar on our plate full. 

Knowing Your Offer Helps With Handling Objections

Alright guys, did you hear that? Being able to know that offer really clearly so you can handle objections on the Discovery call. If somebody says to you, no, I just don’t have the time, right there, you can try to handle the objection, then talk to them and remind them about some of the core issues that we have, but also help them to make the connection of how it is impacting their life. 

Here is an example client problem. This woman has got all these different problems. How is it impacting her life? She doesn’t have any time. So she’s hesitant. So how can you talk to her about how you’ve developed this to make it really easy for her even though she doesn’t have time? And if the time thing is really the issue. And you know that this person is fully committed, it may be a personality.

I call my ideal client avatar, Jane, because Jane has been in and out of doctors offices, and she is a high standard on the go kind of person, and she’s got a lot of responsibility. And just the thought of making some changes, makes her feel extremely overwhelmed. And so even though she seems like a go getter, and she’s moving and shaking, she actually makes slow changes, because of her own past history of diagnosis, misdiagnosis, things constantly never getting resolved. So more diagnosis would happen. 

Maybe you have a person like that, where you need to build a little more trust with them. They’re jaded, they’re nervous that they’re not going to be able to accomplish it. And so saying to that person here’s another way to work with each other. If you don’t have a 30 day core offer or something that is less or time or half of your signature, offer time commitment, or maybe a group, a lower cost option. That is called the gateway. The gateway allows this person to say, I could definitely carve out to 60 minute sessions. And let’s start with a month. 

So that’s how in the discovery call, it’s really important to know, what do you want to have on your work with me page? Whether you’re working online, offline, in clinic, face to face, in retreat, style, and mastermind, think of your work with me page as your home for opportunities that are paid opportunities for your potential client. 

The Intangibles Vs. Tangibles Of Your Offer

And so in the discovery call process, it’s really important to have clarity on where you’re leaving them. Perfect example from one of our coaches who came to us, she didn’t have a problem getting people on a discovery call. This is Dr. Body. She’s amazing, fertility and hormone specialist, but she had problems converting, because even though she knew the process, the herbs and the elixirs and the healing of the trauma, she was having a tough time explaining that transformation to her potential client. Well she and I talked and we had an amazing conversation and got super clear that she needed the 21 day hormone detox. We got super clear on the fact that she was going to incorporate all of her special sauce, all of her sparkle into that program, so she wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

I just actually got off a phone call with a dietician who became a coach named Jamie. And she was actually saying the same thing. She’s like, I have two young kids, ages two and three. And I don’t have the time and I keep trying to start my program. But I don’t get there. And so I finally turned and said to my husband, I have to call Rachel. And so we talked about this element. It’s not that you don’t know how to do a discovery call or explain what that transformation looks like. It’s that the transformation that you teach is the intangibles. What the tangibles are, is that actual offer for them. 

Having Options For Them To Work With You

Remember, they’re coming to you for the coaching. But that conversion is much easier when you’re able to say to somebody, I’m going to give you this amount of handouts, we’re going to go step by step through a guide. And you can actually create and take any one of our programs, and either chop it up or combine it with something else, or combine it with your own stuff that you have, so that you are saving time on creating your offers. But most importantly, so you’re super clear about where you’re leading that person, always know the goal of the discovery call. 

If your goal is one on one, awesome know how many one on one people you can take per month. If you were like another dietitian I talked today who is fully booked in her signature offer and she is turning away clients rather than having a lower cost group or a self paced option is ideal. And that then priming them to be super ready. If they are needing to go further that entry gateway program or that offer that you have, it could be an entry could be self paced, it could be self paced, and sessions with you. But what it allows you to do is know what is your higher ticket offer and what is your lower ticket so that you can down sell to somebody and handle their objection, instead of just saying, Oh why don’t I follow back up with you in a month, you can actually say this may be an option, we can do a 60 minute session and incorporate this seven day plan, we can do a 260 minute incorporate this 30 day it is all self paced, but we’re able to personalize it. 

And then all of a sudden, you have these offers expanding that potential of that person saying yes, especially if their objections are about time and money. Always refine and know what you’re offering and the benefits of that transformation. Who is it right for? Who is it not for some? That how you can take massive charge of your discovery call. 

Scripted Vs. Flowing Discovery Calls

So let’s talk about script verse flow. So whether you create a script or you just get into flow, I’m more of a flow person. But in that intuitive flow of a call, I need to have a really clear understanding on what those clients potential problems are. You can also ask somebody, Hey, can you really fill out this food diary for the next three days before we meet, so you get a good sense of what actually they’re putting into their body, what their day is like. 

Remember, you are in control, because we have to be that way so that we can really be concise, clear, confident, stand with conviction and convert, which means you are transforming somebody’s life and getting paid for it. And you should and they need you to. So stand strong. 

You can go with the ACE opening, like appreciate. Thanks for joining me, check on your timing. Remember, in the first part, we decided how long are discovery calls? What is the qualified time if you’re doing a higher ticket? Do you need to have a little more time than maybe 20 minutes. So you’ll have to gauge yourself, tap into your intuition, let go of self doubt and the fear and think of what either you would have wanted when you were in your health crisis or your family member. 

You can say at that 15 minute mark, if you’re doing a 15 or 20, it’s been amazing to have this conversation. I just want to make sure that we get to our end goal so that I have a better understanding if I’m the right coach for you. You can also just say, I’ve reviewed your discovery call questionnaire, it looks like you’re struggling with XYZ. Tell me more about it. Allow them to just flow and take notes. I like to keep notebooks, as I’ve always said, and allows me to go back so I can really stay in that process with that person, instead of typing. 

Second is, you can ask how has this impacted your life? What have you tried so far? What have been the hardest things for you to maybe change and implement your life? So I know how I can best serve you? What was the time when you were feeling the best? What was going on in your life? What do you think is different from now? So helping them to make that connection between that pain, how it’s impacting, and then also being able to say to that person in a beautiful flow of conversation? 

How do you think this is going to impact you in like, five years, or with your kids or with your parents or with your work, whatever their biggest pain isI think it’s really at times hard for people to make that connection. Because as human beings, we have learned ways to compartmentalize our problems. 

So just allowing that flow, remember, like you’re getting to know this person and infusing even some of your own personal story. Now, the whole thing is not about you. But you want to have that connection to know if this person is going to be right for you or not. Because the truth is, maybe that person needs to have this call with you, and they’re not ready, but they will call you in a few months. This happens all the time. Hey, we have this really powerful conversation, I just looked at your email that you had sent after the call. And I wanted to talk about this again. 

So you can also ask do you see anything getting in your way, like what’s actually stopping you? And you can also ask those questions even before you get on, but then further deepen it. Position yourself as this expert, when I’ve worked with people, y, z, I noticed that they have these specific challenges. Have you noticed this too? That means that you’re really understanding your ideal client, a lot of coaches come to me now, via our programs, or I’ll see them in different forums where I’m just seeing chat. 

Understanding How The Problem Impacts Your Clients

I always think that it’s important for us to get clear in our niche, it’s extremely important to understand how our clients massive problems that they have, affects their life, in their work in their health, in their relationships inthe places that cause the pain and take away from their, from this potential change. And I think that we don’t do enough of that. I know, that’s one of the reasons that I always talked about understanding why your client buys some because her guts bad, or it’s not because he has psoriasis, or it’s not, those are the problems, but how is it actually impacting their life? And why do they need coaching? And what’s that best model for them? Are they better in group coaching? Do they love workshops? Do they love master classes? Are they a good fit for a one on one? You really get a sense of what type of model you need to create, and who you really attract. 

So have that flexibility, if you’re in that early stages, and you’re like, Oh, this is not working. It doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out in the trash. If you’re in the fashion industry, and you want to do health, maybe that’s a little different of a niche. Maybe there isn’t a specific type of person that you were working with or wanted to work with. And now you’re super specific because you’ve taken in a certain certification or something happened in your life, then it’s really clarifying the message. 

But remember, most often, we haven’t actually practiced this enough. We do a lot of the busy work, which is essentially having a freebie a month and a workshop a month to help keep us on track of what are we going to talk about that month, using blogs as newsletters or taking information from handouts or any of the program content and putting that into a newsletter. Putting our signature offers together list building prospecting, reaching out and  trying to get in front of other people’s audiences, whether it’s podcasts, interviews. 

Understanding The Type Of Client You Attract

But this is the part that I really want you to always think about that person’s on a call with you to know, the style and the type of personality that you attract. I always say to understand your ideal client avatar and really understand their personality, so that you’re not trying to be like, you have to do this. This is this only one way, but that you understand that sometimes people’s attractions are really because of their own past experiences, or that something really is in their life that’s financially stressing. And it’s when it’s a great opportunity to have that that lower cost or that gateway. 

The only reason that I always wanted to work with people one on one, the only reason I did groups, is because people were calling me in tears, wanting to kill themselves, because they had been told, you’re crazy. You’re not having parasites coming out in the toilet, you’re completely certifiable that you’ve got these skin rashes, nothing’s wrong. And so when people came to me, the level of pain that they felt and how they identified with me on my YouTube videos that I committed to do monthly, knowing that was going to help somebody identify with me and why I was a great coach. That also helped me to see that not everyone has that money.

I think that in the coaching world, we hear too often like, Oh, it’s not that they’re committed, or, oh, they’re probably spending money on something else. They also are really jaded, especially for working with people that are extremely overwhelmed, or have had their own health issues or their own spiritual issues or their own trauma, PTSD. I mean, please just understand that part of being in this intuitive flow of a script is staying in empathy. And really understanding that some people just have their own hesitations. And that it may not be about you, it means you need to be more clear, or do a little more connecting in that discovery call. 

This little mini rant was so that I can tell you how important it is for you to practice and visualize this person coming on the call, if you have additional questions, too. Don’t be scared to reach out and say, hey, before we get on this call, I really want to make sure that we achieve our goal. So can you just answer me a few questions, but big problems, bigger desire to change, big, little big problem, less desire to change? 

That can usually be when there are some financial objections or trauma objections. What is that little problem that there may be down selling? Why are they actually on this call with you? So if somebody is like, wow, this isn’t really bad. I mean, you’re like, that’s $497 a month, going back and reminding them you know, Hey, I just want to stop this conversation so we can get on the same page. 

If you don’t feel this is a big deal. Why? What prompted you to set up for this call? What prompted you to schedule? Don’t be scared, but do it like with that comfortable flow. Don’t be scared to redirect a conversation at any time. And so getting on to the next is being able to really solidify that and say based on what you’ve told me, this is what I would think I’m booking clients for this week. Would you like to get on my schedule? Or would you like to put your deposit down?

Overcoming The Nervousness 

That can be really nerve wracking. Truth is, I always felt a little panic. I’ve talked a lot about my money, mindset issues, and having my own self doubt and self worth issues. So I will say every one of us comes to this table with different degrees of experience. Some of you are brilliant speakers, some of you have been speaking for your nine to five job forever teaching. And so maybe you flow with this conversation, or you’ve been in a position in your life where you have those skill sets or you’re just natural like that. Some of you are not going to be as natural. Just remember, do your push ups in the necessary part of your business that is going to allow for better conversions and not just focusing on what I call the basic stuff. It doesn’t mean that the business stuff is not essential. It’s essential for us to have our list building our awareness, which is the social media and the blogs, and our videos that people can find on different us teaching classes, we’re alive. That’s that front visibility. 

But remember, somebody is going to opt in, and you being able to know what are your different options of working with you will allow you to step into that clarity and also that conviction and not feel like you’re choking while you’re on a discovery call. 

An Example Discovery Call Script

So let me just go through a little script for those of you who need this script. And the cool thing is that all of our podcasts have a transcription. So I think I’m even gonna pull this out and see if I can give you a few little paragraphs from this to just make it super simple. So we’re gonna start, 

Always take a deep breath, put on some essential oils, or just do your affirmations. Get in that place of really talking with clear convection. So you can say:

Hi, I am [coach’s name]. I’m your coach, and I’m so excited to be part of this discovery call together. What do you prefer? Or what do you want me to call you? 

Wonderful, I’m so glad that we’re able to connect today to embark on this new transformational journey. I know that you had scheduled this call and your concerns were number one, number two, number three. 

Before we deep dive into some of the questions that I want to ask you, Do you have any questions about me first and my coaching style? Right now you and I don’t have this kind of transformational relationship yet. But I really want to make sure that I know every question that you may have, so that I can answer them and be 100%, open, honest and here to set the stage for this unbelievable journey. 

Then, always sit there and remember, go back to these goals as your coach. 

Today, I want to have these three major goals for this call, or I want to have this one major goal. The first one is to make sure I answer all of your questions in this coaching call and give you all the information you know about me, and myths this transformational journey I offer, so we can see it for a best fit. 

My second call is to make sure that this program is the right fit for you. And that you’re right for me. So we have this ongoing trust trusting relationship. I don’t invite anyone just into my program, simply because not everyone’s the right fit for taking the kind of transformation that I know you need. And I know I need it. 

However, if this isn’t the right, the third goal is to coach you into helping you define what are your goals? What are your goals for health? How can we actually achieve them and get there and to see if we’re a great fit. So with that being said, Can we get started to have any questions, 

I can’t wait to deep dive in and see if we’re a good match. And if you’re not the right match for this program, I may even have some other ideas that we can talk about. But I really want to hear what’s the biggest problem? How long has this been going on? And how is this affecting you in your life?

Keep in mind, I’m reading from a little script. But I’m not a lover of scripts, because you see that we kind of stopped in these places. I’m a lover of creating your own special script and thinking about the kind of flow and style that you admire, that you like and creating the business that you know is right for you and right for your ideal client. 

So just remember, go back to part one, Part one is going to give you a lot of information on how to create these high engaging questions, pre qualifying questions. Number two, is for those of you who are looking at our protocol quiz and lab reference sheet packages. Those come with great pre qualifying questions or even a quiz that somebody can take as your discovery called quiz and lead them onto a one on one call. You can also on any one on one call page, do a little video show somebody what it’s like to get to know you so that you’re already warming up that relationship before you get on the call, making it easier for them to get to know your personality. And you can give them a free gift or like I said access to the slow workshop. So you’re setting the stage for them already understanding what you do, giving some nurturing content and then setting the stage for this person to go yeah 

You are my coach. And remember, it’s the down sell opportunity, you have that opportunity on the Discovery call to address that. So don’t doubt yourself. Put yourself in your coach entrepreneur shoes, if you have any needs for content, we have done free programs, blogs, social media packs, signature, three month programs, gateway programs. And you can catch everything at yourhealthcoachbiz.com. 

So guys, this is me just talking real and raw about what it was like to graduate from IBM, not know anything, not even know how I was going to do a discovery call process. And I’m really saying this with my full big open heart. Believe in yourself and understand that this is a conversation and the more that you practice it and the more that you visualize your ideal client and get super clear with your offers, the easier you’re going to have a time making money and changing people’s lives. So it’s been a pleasure to be with you guys. Again, if you have any questions, please let me know. And with that being said, I’m going to see you later. Bye. 

All right, guys. That is all for today. Thanks so much for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to subscribe to the show, so you don’t miss any future episodes. While you’re there. It would mean the world to me if you take just a few seconds and leave me an honest review. I love your reviews helped me to reach even more health coaches and wellness professionals who are ready to explode their business and want the truth in this non bs approach. 

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