85. How To Take Ownership Of Every Part Of Your Business with Samantha Edwards

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Do you struggle with the overwhelm and uncomfortableness of putting yourself out there in your health coaching business? There is no magic bullet to accomplish this, because it requires shifting your mindset and doing that deep inner work –but I promise, if you believe in yourself enough to push past your fears and step into your empowerment, you can show up in your highest purpose. 

In today’s episode I am talking to Sam Edwards, a health transformational coach who helps women struggling to lose weight reach their weight goals without dieting. Sam graciously shares her beautiful journey of failing forward, building connections with her audience by humanizing her experiences, and why stepping into her ownership has helped Sam create a unique and special vibe to her business. 

Connect with Samantha:

Website: https://vibeupweightloss.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vibeupslimdown/ 


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Rachel: Hey guys I am completely pumped. I have invited this amazing coach on the show. She is going to keep it real, she’s going to also tell you exactly what it’s like starting her business. So welcome to the Healthy Hustle where we talk about the reality of building your business versus what you see on social media or in the perfect Facebook ad that tells you you’re gonna make this happen in a week. We’re gonna bring it back down to reality so guys I want to welcome Sam. Sam can you tell everyone just a little about yourself?

Sam: Hello Rachel, thank you so much for having me.I’m so excited and happy to be here. My name is Samantha Edwards, a health coach, I’m a transformational coach, I’m a wife. I’m a grandma, and I help women that have been struggling to lose weight to finally lose weight without being on a diet. 

Rachel: Seriously, I would say in this current culture, every time you do a live –guys, no joke, follow Sam because of her personality, this is how she shows up in her lives.I’m always reminded when I see your lives like okay, I was craving sugar today. I was really craving it, I was emotionally craving it. I was like okay I need to have this treat because I want it for myself. 

So when I asked you to be on this podcast it was becauseI’ve been so blessed to witness the beginning when I would say there wasn’t as much. Because we all have this, when there wasn’t as much ownership of who you are as the coach, When you stand you are confident beautiful and we all see that, but I think for many of us we have this inner critic that keeps saying you got to be this way, you have to be this way, that way, say this, do that. They don’t really let somebody know what’s happening in our own home, our own lives. 

So can you take everyone back to how you started your business and what was not really working and then what was. What was that aha moment that you had.

The Truth Behind Running A Health Business

Sam: Thank you Rachel. Just having graduated college, I am so excited to go out and share the word and help people and so forth. And then starting a business and then this idea of really being a health coach and really wanting to have this sort of presence where everything’s put together everything looks perfect, everything’s working and that’s what I would try and portray. 

Yet in the background, in reality, what was happening was I was struggling. My business was not working. I had so many issues with broken technology, I didn’t even know how to start a business, right. And then I was doubting that am I good enough? A little bit of an imposter syndrome but the minute I would try and get on camera, the minute I get in front of people, I would just come out really bubbly and really cheery. I was really trying to create this facade that yeah everything’s perfect. I’m this health coach and all put together and it was completely the opposite to what was going on in the back, It was a real struggle. I really really struggled and it wasn’t like I struggled for a month or two it was a long time that I did struggle 

Rachel: I see so many coaches saying, yeah, the tech. I never thought that I would have to understand marketing, let alone technology, let alone social media platforms and all these compartments in our business –which really is starting a business. But I would say for a lot of us who are heart based, heart centered wellness entrepreneurs there tends to be a little more of that self doubt that I think nobody talks about. That imposter syndrome. 

I think of coaches who have said, well, I really want to help him and break free of cravings but I shoved my face the other night with a piece of cake. I remember saying to this coach, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say, I said, oh, you mean you’re human? There are coaches no joke that aim for discipline perfection. I always say, well then you should share about that because I’m sure your ideal client really wants to know. 

But for that coach who is feeling exactly how you felt and how I felt, am I good enough? I have all these faults and I don’t always keep my habits and I binge ate this thing the other night like oh my god how can I really then show up? Can you just bring it in and explain in your own words what that’s been like to push through that fear. 

Pushing Past The Fear & Showing Up For Your Audience

Sam: That was my own Sean T right now, breathe, because I go back and I think about it just with my own struggles with weight, especially with cravings. And then with emotional eating and really tending to go to food. But then this is what are we doing in the background and then just feeling totally like an imposter. 

I am coming up and telling people, well these are the steps that you should take. I can help you and yet at the back of my mind knowing that I am still struggling. I just never wanted anybody to really see what was going on in the back but then I realized that when I started to share it actually for me was a sweet tooth and then I started to share like hey guys, I have a notorious sweet tooth. I’m notoriously known for my sweet cravings but this is how I’ve learned how to do it. I’m still taking ownership of it instead of really trying to hold on. 

Rachel: I love that you’re really sharing this because I know each one of us, whether you have an autoimmune or maybe there’s weight issue or sugar addiction or you know diabetic or your keto coach. I would say the majority of coaches that I’ve talked to, at least 91%, are what I call like we have our faults and we have things that are so hard.  Because in the human design and our life life does get busy and that’s why I think when we humanize our experiences. It doesn’t mean that we turn our social media platforms into a diary or a journal but we also can look at our experiences and say, the time that I did eat that cake, how can I really share what was actually going on with me that brought me to say screw it to choose the food? Why did that best serve me over something that we know is better like breathing and calling a friend or doing more self care?

I feel like it’s a huge breakthrough when you say, I’m going to show up as myself. It doesn’t feel as hard, I’ve been so fortunate to know you in all this time. What would you say to the common woman? I always said your social media posts are so great but I think that there was this like confidence and this ownership of your flaws and the imperfection. To be able to show this woman that is so your ideal client and are parts of of course ourselves not like if I can do it you can do it.

Finding Human Connection With Your Experiences

Sam: I’ll just back it up a little bit. I come from a background where you don’t show feelings. You don’t show what’s going on. You always have a tough exterior. You keep it going. Nobody gets to see. So when the time came for me to really start trying to let go –and I remember because we spoke about this so many times –it was so hard for me.  

I noticed that when I just started letting go, and letting go, and then talking to people and talking to the ladies, and I remember when I was talking, I think I did something about how I was eating some chips, mindlessly without even thinking about it. And I had some women reach out to me and go like, oh, my goodness that happens to me. And then be able to say, Okay, so this is what I was feeling when I was doing this. I was feeling a certain way but this is what I know to do now. And so really taking them through how to shift that and how to make a to make better choices. 

Rachel: Yeah, because even as you were talking, I was sitting here thinking, Okay, so I’m going to hire somebody, because I know one of the biggest struggles, and one of the biggest pain points I hear from coaches is nobody’s buying my program. I mean, I think we all have that. Oh, nobody’s signing up for my freebie, nobody’s buying my program, nobody’s joining me. 

One thing that I always felt committed to do is that I would show people, not just the vulnerability, but show them the transformation in my day. Show them how tough it can be to want to take the healthy road to want to be disciplined to go and work out or go and take care of yourself in the morning or do your breathing or all the things that we do to help our ideal client who’s struggling with an issue. 

I always would say maybe your client actually doesn’t know enough about you, maybe they don’t understand what that transformation is. And so showing it in your own life and letting people know that there’s a part of you that really works hard to not feed into the cravings and then showing them that conversation that we have in our head. I mean, do you agree? 

How To Own Your Own Vibe

Sam: Yeah, absolutely. 100% because something just recently happened. And it was just before Christmas, actually, I did this challenge, how to help women get through Christmas to survive the holidays. Making good choices are stressful guys, because we are shooting this in 2021. So I would say Christmas and Hanukkah, New Year’s are a little different. 

You need to know how to get through them. And then I had Christmas and birthdays and there was a birthday cake. And so what I did was after the holidays, I got back on and I showed up real and I’m like, Okay, this is me, this is what I’m doing. I had my green juice. I’m like, okay, I overindulged over the holidays, when I did it. I know lots of us have done it. But this is what we’re gonna do. This is what I’m doing. I’m looking after my liver, I’m doing a detox and just showing that we are human, we go through these things. But we can always pick it up and get back on track. And that’s what I help people do. 

Rachel: So guys, let’s just recap the clear message and clear tip for anybody listening is that so often we are doing everything right. But there is this part of ownership that has to happen. Before Sam and I were talking or recording this. We were talking about how often we really struggle in that place of ownership of our business. So we feel the imposter syndrome. 

We’re showing up and we’re doing everything right, but our vibe isn’t. Our vibe isn’t telling our ideal client I’ve been here. I’m your person. I’m letting go of ego. I’m letting go of pride. I’m letting go. Because that’s all the fears. But if somebody thinks I’m stupid while I’m doing this live, what if I mess up? What if I don’t know every specific of this macro on this micro? It’s like, but that’s not your ideal client. And I think we all have to go through that. 

Listening To Your Clients

But there’s that moment and you guys are hearing this with Sam where you own it, and then we can really start listening to our ideal client. And so that brings us even to the second really clear message is that do you feel With the nice work that you did, because I hear it always with people, they’ll come in, they’ll be like, I want to buy your program free Meo, or I want to do this workshop, I know my niche. So I don’t need to work on it or, or we think we know our niche. But we haven’t tested enough or taken the step. We know the problems. But now we actually need to go into that. The role of the digital marketer, even if we’re using the online space to bring people to our one on one and our brick and mortar, we have to actually listen to what people are saying and hear their verbiage. Can you share what, what was that? What was leading up to that moment where you said maybe I need to listen a little more?

Sam: Yeah, that’s really great. Because I really, truly believed I had my niche nailed down. I had created all this content, and programs for my niche. And then I was wondering  okay, but why was nobody responding? Why is it just flat? Why is it just crickets? This is what I thought they wanted. And then what I did was I actually did a poll, and I did a few polls that I did some research, and really started asking questions, and asking more questions. 

Then starting to test what I had to see and what he turned on his body, what turned out was what I thought was my niche. I was completely off curb, like completely off message. Just listening to all the feedback and doing that research. I got really, really clear on it. And then I took some material, and I started testing that. And that has been well received. And so I’m like, Okay, great. Now, I’m on it. 

Rachel: I love that you brought that up. I did this and then I did this because I know in this world, we already want quick fixes. In the health world, we all were looking for a solution to our problem, whether it was an autoimmune diagnosis and addiction, mental health issues, I mean, everyone suffers in their own way. And so when I look at business, I look at it the same way. 

You might think this one protocol or this supplement, or this thing is going to work and it’s gonna be magical, and there’s gonna be no sickness. But we do have to go through our testing phase, in our business, just like we had to go through our testing phase with our health. And just like you and I know, we go through hormone changes, and maybe we have to even tweak and refine what we take or add in some extra stuff. So I love that you really brought that up, because for our coach listening, you really share that path of just kind of going back, going back and refining it going, going and digging deeper. And doing that market research in a very simple way, as you explained, to really hear what, what words are people actually communicating to you. 

Finding Solutions To Your Clients Specific Issues

Instead of saying, I help people with sugar cravings. It’s like, how are they actually saying, is it that they have sugar cravings? Or are they saying something like, I just feel so off that I just found myself eating the whole cake. I’m just so sad. I feel like I’m not being the best mom, or I feel like my relationship is really struggling during this stress. It’s their actual life. And in their own words. And sometimes, of course, they say like, I just can’t say no, but then being able to actually understand your ideal client, what are her real key problems? Is it that she can’t say no? What’s really happening in her life that makes her say, I can’t say no. I can’t put myself first. 

Sam: Yeah that is so true. And then taking those words and coming back with solutions is what I found really, really worked. 

So let’s even go back to let’s go back to your niche. Because I know a lot of lot of wellness professionals, a lot of maybe even people who happen to thrive in brick and mortar who are going to the digital space to build their visibility. What would you say in the beginning? Take us back. You thought you really had nailed your niche. What made you start to see that there needed to be a little more diving deeper into your niche? What was going on at that time?

How To Redefine Your Niche

Sam: I thought I had my niche nail down. And so I started trying to speak to that. And then just not connecting with anyone, no engagement, nothing. And then I knew I must be off target. I must be missing the mark, something’s happening. Why? Why am I amI’m not speaking the language?

I’m not really understanding what’s going on, because nobody is engaging. I’m just not connecting, my message is falling flat. And then thinking, Okay, let me go back to the beginning. Let me try this a little bit differently. Let me dig in a little bit deeper. Let me ask different questions. Let me really try and get to hear what they have to say. And like you said, Rachel, in their own words and then using that. I think that’s where I realized  oh, okay, this is actually at first it might have been, maybe sugar or whatever it was, and like, Okay, and then also realizing that my audience, my clients have also evolved, they’ve changed. Things have changed in their lives, in their bodies, in their health. That’s why I feel it’s really important to keep asking questions, and to keep listening. 

Where & How You Can Conduct Market Research

Rachel: I love that you describe that. I was thinking you know your niche. Can you give everyone listening a little understanding on if people were answering questions in a poll in your Facebook group? Did you ask questions on your lives on your personal page? Did you ask questions to people who you didn’t even know, to do some additional market research? I would love to get so nitty gritty. So that that coach says this is what Sam did. 

Sam: Okay, great. Thank you. So, so yes, I did I put a poll, I put a poll in my group. I asked the questions there. I also reached out to friends and family. And I asked them questions. I also put a post in just a simple post on my Facebook personal profile. What’s your number one struggle? What’s your biggest challenge? I went into groups where you can post and women’s groups, and also posted the same thing? What is your biggest target? Or if you could just change one thing, what would that be? 

And then what I did was, I started taking all the exact words that they used. And that’s how I started coming back. And really getting clear on my messaging. And that’s really helped me to get really, really clear on my, on my niche, and my ideal client. 

Rachel: My Isn’t it crazy? It’s so funny when I think about how overwhelming it feels for us to do that research. I think a big part was like, Oh, well, I don’t want to bother somebody. What if it’s a bother to get on the phone with me? Or to answer a question? But the thing is that I realized, and I really do believe this is a mindset shift is that when we stepped into that place of empowerment in our business, and we know that we are the solution, which really is a mindset shift, it’s a mindset shift from the new coach to the coach that’s like, I am so sick and tired of stressing and doubting and overwhelming myself and feeling like a failure, that we just get to that point where our intent and I will say this for you. 

Owning Your Story 

I will say this for knowing you, Sam. I think the beautiful part about you that I hope coaches understand is some coaches flip it around. They’re doing all that market research, but their intention in their heart isn’t there. And so they haven’t done that inner work of releasing. As we’re building our business. For some of us, it’s the best therapy. It’s our forgiveness and our compassion for ourselves as we see. It was our pain that provides a product and there’s our pain that that helped us and you for a lot of us it’s not this horrific pain but it’s like an emotional pain where we feel like we weren’t enough we never did it right like all the stuff that you and I have our like soul sister our stuff with. So I think for the coach listening it’s really important to know that you did that work and in addition in that ownership when you were like is it really that simple if I ask you all questions but knowing that also that’s a combination of you have gone through the time have seen what did work, 

And also not quitting in that time because that leads me to the next question. The part where I see everyone stopped because that is the hard part. That’s really hard because it goes after everything. I’m putting myself out there and it’s attacking everything that says oh but see you weren’t right. Your xyz tool, you shouldn’t even do this. I mean come on girl and so you just push through that and really keep feeling.  I would say what were you feeling at that time where you’re like maybe I shouldn’t be doing this 

Sam: Rachel I had heard before from coaches before they got to that point where they thought that they would give up. That that was it and I said, that’s not gonna happen to me. Careful what we say right? The thing is, what every person talks about when we’re really ready to build our business is that we are scared and I think that when we were even talking about like showing up and letting your tribe know, guys the holidays stuff got a little crazy. I’m in my house but now this is what we’re going to do for you that really is being yourself. 

Believing In Your Purpose & Sticking With It

Rachel: I think that too often we think that other people are not struggling because their social media images look great and the branding looks great and the website looks great but maybe all this other part the stuff that you’ve even shared that you were you kept digging into you kept leaning in you’re like it’s gonna be hard but like I’m staying here yeah what do you what do you feel were some things that really kept you grounded to not quit on your dream? 

Sam: We both know what a struggle it’s been. But through the struggle what really kept me going was I got a message. I’ve got this desire in my soul but even in my heart, I’ve got this desire. I know I can help people. I know all this stuff is coming against me but I can help people. My purpose felt bigger than the obstacles coming toward me. 

Rachel: Not only can I relate but I really do think that is the only difference between somebody who fulfills their dream business is. There were times that I wanted to quit. But there was just something inside of me that was like if you quit Rachel, what about the person who is like you. What about this person? I think similar to you, your family is so important. Even your introduction was like, I’m a grandma. But there has to be that thing that is inside of us. 

I truly believe that message and that feeling when nobody is watching here when we’re in the shower or we’re having that quiet time and all those just fears flood in or we’re just thinking. I know a lot of us don’t overcome those fears because I think they’re not as clear on their purpose or they just don’t trust themselves.

Sam: That is so true because honestly Rachel if I didn’t really feel this in my soul if I would have quit. I would have gone back to what I was doing. But just because I truly believe that this is my purpose that this is what I’m meant to do. I’m meant to help people and I mean to help women that have struggled like me. So they don’t have to do it like I did. There was nobody there for me and I don’t want anybody to go through that. When you trust yourself you believe in yourself and when you really feel it within your soul you will push past it. 

Rachel: So if you could go back when you started, what would you say to that coach who is going to start their business and they’re like okay everyone’s telling me I should do this, I should do this, I should do this. What would you say? What were the things that really helped you continue to either believe in yourself or your time saving hacks or just the things that you were like wow I really wish I would have known that?

What To Do When Starting Your Business

Sam: One, it doesn’t have to be hard. You can make it as hard as you want. During the research, I remember when I first started and there were so many things that I was told to do the research. For me it was just as simple as asking people questions and listening. That saved me so much time. I really wish I had done it in the beginning. Just listening to them. 

I know there were times where I made the struggle for myself where there shouldn’t have been. The biggest biggest thing is when I started with Rachel, you said to let go of this perfectionism, let go of this, just let go. 

Rachel: It’s needless. You put too much pressure on yourself .There needs to be delay in your success. I know Sam also so well because she’s in my membership and so I think the other day we were even talking about procrastination and self doubt because. There’s not one day that we probably all don’t know that message or even the multiple what we want to scream from the mountaintops to like this woman who is still so deep in the struggle that your ideal client but we sit there and we say what well should I post this like should I talk about this should I do this instead of and I do believe it’s it’s a mindset shift. 

Because I know I spent that first year in that panic of not believing in myself. I’m similar to you because I think we’re both like Aries right aren’t we? Or the person walks in the room and we’re like, Hey, what are you doing? Okay let’s do it like this. But you and I have always talked about what we felt internally and that’s why you and I had the heart connection and understanding that maybe your ideal client really needs to hear. That part of you and I think that’s if I could go back in time I would say, Rach, get a grip. Stop trying to be somebody else. Stop thinking that you need to have everything perfect but what you do need to do is perfectly. 

Listen to your potential ideal client. If you don’t have clients which none of us have in the beginning. Contact friends. Do you know anyone that fits this type? As we learn this avatar and start to find those people, put polls into facebook groups, make it your top priority just like you’re like. I’m gonna make my Instagram profile my top like make it your baby in the beginning and I think that’s what I wish I would have done is more believed in myself to lessen the overall welcome and the paralysis that comes with just building a business. 

Just looking back it’s been a journey. But once you, you know. I should just listen to you right here right now and as we talk, thinking oh my goodness I wish that I was listening to this message back then. It would have saved so much. What you touched on is really important like it would save so much and would really help get you. Really get you out there connecting and doing what you really want to do. That is really helping people without this worry and this burden of overwhelm and perfectionism. 

Being In Alignment With Your Offer & Your Business

So bring us to forward now in what is happening in your business are you happy where it is now? What is really your focus are you working with people one on one? Just bring people up to speed with this amazing conversation on what you do these days. 

Sam: With the clarity, I’m just so excited because I know who I’m talking to. I know who I’m working with. So what’s happening is I’m getting more engagement and getting more connections and getting people reaching out to me. It’s been amazing. I’m working one on one and it’s really been amazing and I’m really looking forward. I’ve got some really exciting things that are coming up very very shortly so I’m really excited about that. 

The reason I’m excited and I’m not nervous is because I know I’ve listened, I know I’ve done the research and I know I’m in alignment with my ICA. So I’m feeling really lucky. Even just helping the person who’s listening is that I think that’s the part nobody talks about is the failing part to be able to fail forward. 

How To Be The Solution For Your Clients

Rachel: Yeah and in that part where sometimes we don’t know exactly what the knee shows or we think we know our niche but we’ve missed the message. What is going to be so helpful for for coaches listening is to be able to say you know, I’m going to take the advice that Sam said in the beginning that she wished she could have told herself is, lessen the overwhelm so we step faster into our ownership of this solution because when that shift happens we show up in a different way. 

We show up to do a live without panicking. We just start to intuitively be able to build our free offers and our paid offers because we’re so keyed in our ideal client. We’re speaking to them every day on either social media or we’re meeting people, networking, or in groups. We’re seeing the problems that they have because we’re asking those questions instead of saying, I don’t know if I can do this. It’s not even any more about us it really becomes our entire business becomes just one big solution for ideal clients at different stages in their life 

Sam: Absolutely 100%.

Rachel: Well we are at one of my favorite points in this interview where we’re going to go over a few questions of course I have to put on my glasses because guys I am like I thinkI’m blind but I would sayI’m getting a little older. 

Okay, what are your favorite hacks for health?

Favorite Health Hacks

Sam: It’s the basics. It’s simple hydration. Keeping hydrated is definitely good to clear skin. Definitely hydration number one. Number two is so big especially because I know I struggled with it and that’s a soul leap now especially when you’re building your business and you’ve got all those things going through your mind in the middle of the night. But you really need to sleep you need to restore you need to replenish you need to reset so hydration sleep and also you know meditation giving yourself some time you know taking in self care and all self care that’s Huge especially for us. Heart warriors hearts into something. 

Rachel: Yeah, hands down. And let’s even get specific. What self care habit is really at the top of your list that is, is your non negotiable? 

Sam: My self care that’s a non negotiable. I love taking soaks, that’s me. 

Rachel: You know if you ever see Sam no joke, I think she’s constantly soaking in your hot tub outside, right? 

Sam: I am 

Rachel: What is the one thing your program did for your client, they did not expect?

Sam: Oh, this was huge. I didn’t expect it and she didn’t expect it. So big disclaimer, I’m not claiming to heal or do anything. But this one is near and dear to my heart. My mom came to me and she was one of my first clients. And she had struggled with some weight for years, right. And she was also diagnosed with diabetes. But what she really wanted to do when she came to me was like, I really need to lose this weight. 

I put on my programming together, and mom did go and she lost I think over 40 pounds. So excited, we were so excited. But what she did was she was really good. The program ended, but she kept with healthy habits. And she really wanted to get off her medication. And I was a little apprehensive. I’m like, Oh keep working with your doctor and so forth. And Rachel, what happened was months after that, a few months after that, she got hold of me and said, I just got back from my doctor. And medically cleared. 

So that was the one it’s the biggest. And because of course it’s my mom, it’s near and dear to my heart just so special. And so I have that experience with my mother in law. I call her Mimi, but she was one of my first clients. But she got off of medication. Her blood pressure was low for the first time. I think that’s the part of it. Some of us do this because it is our family that we take care of. And to be able to really have that imprint to change our family is I think the most fulfilling, and probably the best testimonial ever. 

Rachel: So our last question before we round out this is if you had 5k to spend on your health on health products, what would it be? Like on your health bucket list? I need that. 

Sam: I would really get a really nice infrared sauna. Love 

Rachel:  Listen, I love my sauna. Because whenever I’m feeling low,cry or hangry or I need a little mommy alone corner time. Like, nobody comes near me. Or even just after work where it’s I just need to do breathing, that was my 40th gift to myself. Oh, yeah, that was a great one. And I will say if that’s on your bucket list make it happen.

For now we’re now we’re you’re just going to put that on your vision board. Well, guys, thank you so much for being with Sam and I today I asked Sam on this interview because I know so many of you are quitting. Because you’re being told that it’s just going to be this like this, this one thing that you should do. It’s not to overwhelm you. It’s to say that there isn’t one magic bullet in anything in life. So remember, you’ve got to believe in yourself. You have to do the daily reprieve of not only the mindset, but that inner work that we all need to do to be able to show up in our highest and  in our highest purpose. 

It’s not just this passion for coaching, but it’s really the purposeful message just like Sam shared that you have I’m sure you’ll have. And so make sure to come back, take some notes. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. And guys, Sam, before we go, can you tell everyone where they can find you? 

Sam: Thank you so much. So you can find me at www.vibeupslimmeddown.com. That’s my website. Or you can find me on Facebook, my group, it’s exclusively for women, it’s called High Vibe. So those are the places you can find me Facebook and my website. 

Rachel: Clearly we can see from this call you’re lacking in vibe. So if anyone wants to increase their vibe, definitely reach out to this woman. 

And for anyone who is sitting there just doubting Can you do it?  I think it’s actually the opposite. Do you really believe in yourself enough to just sit in the overwhelm, and the uncomfortableness of putting yourself out there?

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, or maybe you’re like Sam and I are extroverted but have a lot of analysis paralysis in our brain of not thinking that we’re enough and perfectionism and all that stuff. So remember, do that in our work, because that in our work, and that very pain is really the product that you want to be able to have for people just like yourself or your ideal client that really needs to see that transformation that you can provide for them. 

So guys, make sure you follow Sam and hit us up. If you have any questions. We will see you later and thanks so much for tuning in. Bye, guys.

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