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I have seen time management be a KILLER for so many coaches because many have a full-time job or they are raising a family or juggling mommy hood and building a business.

This was me. I talk to coaches every day and this is the same story — we do not have time.

Never sacrifice self care or going to the gym because a clear mind and a healthy body means a rockin’ business. 

Bottom line.

I took a day off and went to the beach with my laptop.

Working and being your own boss, means your office can be anywhere but I would not have had this luxury if I did not plan.

The day I took off for the beach, was a day I needed to write and work on content creation.

I planned this day.

I had a killer day and the words flowed because I managed my time and planned and created the day I needed for myself and my business.


Here are some simple ways you can plan + create a kick-ass business without feeling fried.
✔ You need to plan your day
✔ Schedule social media at night for the next day or better yet, plan for the whole week
✔ Schedule your days where you have clients, doing health histories and then marketing.
✔Plan times for physical care, emotional care, spiritual care and make sure you look at these times as appointments.
✔Stick to your plan. Make sure if you set a date to complete editing a program or writing a blog by X date, keep to it.
Success ONLY happens when you keep to your dates.
✔ Plan using a journal, whiteboard and my favorite — google docs to mastermind your month, 3 months and get clear on what you are offering.
✔ Create a realistic list that yo can accomplish daily and stick to it.
Clarity = confidence + success.

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Rachel Feldman


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