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Health Coach Business Tips for Driven Coaches

You are not living in a world where your client or potential client cannot google a topic and find X answer. DO not cookie cutter anything. You may have a proven system that works for you or you but every client is different and know your system needs to be on the website to build authority and show you as an expert in the field but in your 1:1 or even you online courses, you may find you need to modify (as we all are different).

DO not cookie cutter anything. Why? Cookie cutter is NOT going to set you apart from your competition.

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Know how to message to your niche and your sub niches — I did not just get clear on who was my avatar, back when Marie started talking about this before I even went to B-school but what did my potential client do on:
Monday, Friday Night, Saturday day and Sunday night?
Did she have gut issues like myself and an autoimmune?
Did she have a family?

Fill in 10 cool things about your avatar and what pain points she or he has.
What worked for me? I would ask myself daily. What are the wake-up pain points she has and how can I convey that on a work with me, tie those pain points (my own pain points) into my story and also niche out my online programs to speak to these niche.

I ditched the traditional 6 month model. I know it takes 6 months or longer to work with somebody and make massive change but I would not hire somebody w/o test driving them first – so I offered a single session and a 2-month offering.
Note – I had clients will be much longer because they chose and not because I made them sign a contract to be with me.
Speak in the first person and this is something I always did in my practice – what worked for me.
Also in my single session, I would turn that into a personalized cleanse – an elimination diet or a pantry makeover or a shopping tour but I made that a standard hour price and would give my online program for free — this built trust, over delivered to my clients and that also created long-standing referrals.
I also made sure to blog weekly and I still do — I made sure to post online and be consistent but always inject my STORY as people do not buy your website or your product, they buy YOU. Although great websites and opt-in freebies are essential for growth.
But if you are starting out and you had no money like me, focus on making your work with me and your offerings tantalizing for your niche — what problem can you solve for them and why?

Define your business and your niche.

Do not be scared to be you in your business. The world needs you.


Rachel Feldman

Business Coach for driven health coaches who want to build businesses with purpose and profits.

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