Self doubt kills dreams

Self-doubt has been known to destroy dreams.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 41.

I spent the day reflecting on what it felt like to be 40 and what I learned throughout the entire year.

I was anxious about turning 40 the year prior and wondered what the year would be like, but I never imagined it was going to be the most enlightening year I’ve ever lived.

I learned to let go at 40, released negative people and energy, and, most importantly, I discovered self-empowerment and my true essence as a strong diva who would not take anyone’s shit, either in my personal or professional life.

I questioned my power for years. I spent hours and even days crying on my office floor because I couldn’t hold back the pain, pain that lingered from a broken childhood and painful memories that still leave a deep-rooted mark on my emotional life.

I always took a lot of hurt and abuse from other people.

Forty was all about discovering my self-worth.

It was about saying NO when I needed to.

It was about embracing my power and authority as a woman and finally believing in myself.

I released so much pain this past year. Do you know what happened because of this?

It invited and attracted good things in my life. My world became inundated with amazing people, both personally and professionally.

I didn’t let others take advantage of me anymore, not even in business.

I stood up to the haters, the bullies, the people who spend their days looking to tear others down to boost themselves up.

I put my foot down and finally said YES to me—to my wants, to my needs, to my family’s needs, to my business, and most importantly, to my purpose in life.

Not everyone experiences tough stuff like I did, but almost everyone experiences a lack of self-confidence at one time or another. I always had thick skin with a vulnerable interior. Not many people know this about me, until now.

I used to say to my husband every day, “Are you proud of me?”.
For years, I suffered from nagging self-doubt.

I continually tell my kids, “You matter to me.” I want them to know what it is like to hear someone tell them they matter and that they’re valued because I rarely heard it growing up.

I’ve gone through some major “stuff” and I don’t share everything because I don’t need to. We all have a story. Some of us have gone through more “stuff” than others, and I don’t need to share all my “stuff” because at the end of the day the past is just the past.

Truly, it’s the future that will define our life.

But what I learned from seeing the light is that within each and every one of us is a light so bright it can illuminate the world and enhance the light in other people.

Turning 41 marked the close of an epic year for me.

I said no to the darkness and I let the light permeate any crevice of pain and hurt left behind.

I moved forward, I pushed through, and I want you to know this…

You matter.

You pursued an entrepreneurial life for your own reasons, so what I am telling you is that your dreams matter and it’s okay to let go of the old to usher in the new.

I want to celebrate turning 41 with you, so I’ve decided to throw a huge virtual birthday bash, but I wanted to do this by also giving to one person who may be going through their own struggles. Maybe it’s you… maybe you need someone to help you build your business so you can live your dreams too.

Join me here on March 31st.

I’m giving this away:

#1. One Kindle Fire Tablet worth over $99
#2. Your choice: Spring Basic Detox or Easy Weight Loss from the Done for You Programs worth over $145+
#3. The New Beginnings Smoothie Challenge worth over $57

I’d love nothing more than to spread the light and for you to build your dream business.

Love and healthy hustle,




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