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Hi Sweet Health Coaches

You are not gonna build an epic business without an awesome opt-in-freebie for your community, online or offline.” – Rachel Feldman

I told this to a Health Coach yesterday. She is struggling to make money and she has a list of 30 people.

Sound familiar?

I am talking to too many coaches who feel jaded, burned out and frustrated because they are NOT making money for a few different reasons.

They have no list
They do not have a system/product to convert clients from a strategy session or a webinar
They do not know their niche, message or why they want to help people
No worries. I am gifting you another freebie in this email.
If you know me, then you know I am all about the strategic, healthy hustle. I’ve created the Done-For-You Programs to take away your stress, pull you out of creation mode, and give you the time you desire to coach more. I created these programs not for you, but for me.
I was tired.

I was worn out.

I was making 13k that first year and wanting to quit.

I was feeling like a failure.

But, it all changed when I created my first detox and allergy elimination program.

I had a program.

I had a way to convert strategy sessions to a real product and service and not just 2-50 minute sessions.
A coach asked me if I would sell the program to coaches and that was the birth of the done for you programs.
I know what it takes to build a business.

I did it all by myself and I built it from the ground up.

I know you need:

  • The right tools, like killer opt in freebies and programs for your work with me page and your online/offline groups.
  • You need a system for success (the one that helped you and the one that will help your clients).

Here’s what you can do with your brand new opt-in freebies:
Launch a new digital detox challenge or chocoholic challenge (bet you they’ll love these!)
Give the digital detox or the chocoholic freebie as a bonus for your paid program offer
Gift the digital detox or the chocoholic freebie to your newsletter listLaunch a brand-new digital detox or the chocoholic freebie on social media to get more subscribers

Click here to get your free digital detox.
Epic Opportunity #1: Enter my FREE giveaway and be in the running for a Blendtec. Plus, you’ll snag the FREE DONE-FOR-YOU OPT-IN FREEBIE: A hot off the press, never been launched before opt-in freebie + 2D+3D images: How To Be A Healthy Chocoholic. Click here to enter the giveaway and grab your FAB gift. THE GIVEAWAY ENDS MAY 11TH!!!!

Epic Opportunity #2: When you register for my upcoming webinar on May 18th at 7pm EDT, where you will learn about the NEW AGE DEFYING DETOX AND THE 21 DAY RESET YOUR LIFE PROGRAM (ALL ABOUT MINDSET) WITH A VEGAN OPTION! WOOP WOOP!

I’m releasing the details and all the Summer 2017 Done-For-You Programs on the launch call, Building Your Health Coaching Business from The Ground Up | 10 Ways to Make Money Online & Offline for Every Health Coach, on May 18th @7pm EDT.

Click here to join me.

I’ll cover these 10 ways to help you make money online and offline:

  1. How to Build Your Authority Online + Offline and Make 3k: Get ready to become the leading expert in your niche-specific industry, attract the clients you’re meant to serve, and grow your business brand in style.
  2. How to Create and Sell a Killer Tripwire: Grow your list and bank account tenfold with offers that attract your ideal clients effortlessly. I’ll show you how to create the perfect tripwire to get new customers in no time.
  3. How To Brand And Sell The Done-For-You Programs For Your Niche: You’re not a dime a dozen coach and you can’t have a dime a dozen work with me page either, It’s time you sold signature programs to offer to your clients, knock it out of the park, and sell programs that meet a specific need and bring in the money.
  4. How to Market an Online Group Program & Enroll Clients: When you’re pressed for time, group coaching is the way to go, but you must know how to sell these programs, get a ton of sign-ups, and the only way to do that is to market like a badass pro.
  5. How to Sell Recipes and Suggested Meals Online: Stun your clients with a low-end offer they can’t refuse, sell the recipes, and make money in your sleep with passive income.
  6. How To Sell Using Three-Tier Program Offers Via Strategy Sessions: Phone calls can sell programs like hot cakes, but you gotta know how to close to your program offer and the only way to do that is to hop on this live webinar and let me show you how to sell like a pro and stand out as a health coach.
  7. How to Charge for In-Person Workshops in Your Community: Get plugged in locally and build your business offline. It’s about time you were a recognized name in your community. Get clients locally, and build your business effortlessly.
  8. How to Sell a Weight Loss Program to A Gym Using A 70/30 Split: The key to making money is with client referrals. Imagine rocking a weight loss program with 25 moms at your local gym. It’s possible. I’ve done it. Let me show you how.
  9. How to Partner with Referrals and Make Money: Referral partners can be your new BFF. Learn how to partner with your local community to get more clients and get paid.
  10. How to Sell a Simple Membership: It’s all in the branding coach. You gotta learn how to brand yourself, stand out, attract your niche, and hit the pain points needed to sell a membership with ease. Ready to become a leading expert in your industry and make money? It’s time to thrive, not just serve as a health coach.

Meet up with me on May 18th at 7pm EDT, and together we will transform your business and grab the only SWEET 20% savings you can get this season.
Rock your healthy hustle,



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