Free Webinar How to Use Social Media for Your Programs

Hey Health Coaches, Are you feeling lost with social media?

Maybe your launch was a flop or maybe you want to ramp up your 1:1 and you just do not know what words to use to get your people to sign up for your opt in freebie to build your list.

I am not a marketing maven and I did not graduate from a fancy school but I built my biz from the ground up and I started with 0 list and now I have close to 20,000.

I am teaching this free class.

Join me on May 12th at 7 PM EST.

Sign up here:

During this webinar you will learn how to:

> Use social media to successfully promote your online and offline programs

> What key words you need to use to authentically promote your programs

> What social media strategies are key for the “busy business owner”

> How done for you programs can be easily launched with social media when you are using “this system”

Do not forget to sign up for the next interactive workshop/Free webinar on May 19th at 7 PM EST.

You want to bring a whiteboard as we will be crafting your sales funnel and talking about the brand new summer done for you programs as well plus how I nailed down my niche, my story and how I learned to market my own programs online and offline.

Sign up here >>


Rachel Feldman

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