I learned how to build my business from my babies

Hey Coach, when it comes to business, I know exactly what it’s like…
To feel lost.
To feel scared.
To feel like everyone else has it all figured out, but somehow we didn’t get the book.
To try absolutely everything, but stay stuck at square 1.
To be on the verge of throwing in the towel, and turning your back on your dream.

In my early coaching days, I worked like a dog for barely any income.

I was doing what I loved to do, coaching, but it wasn’t bringing in the money that I needed to make ends meet. I was not owning my worth and I was terrified.

I had few showing up to my tele-classes online, and realized that was not where I needed to spend my energy.

I was not comfortable in that arena. I needed to go OFFLINE and work on my 1:1.

I was working my ass off, and going nuts trying to make it work with my Facebook business page, learning twitter, figuring out Instagram, and spending my energy in all the wrong places.

I was ready to give up. I think about those early days a lot because I had to figure it out, and still do. My hubby’s business did not recover from the stock market crash, and so I am the one who needs to make it happen. I do not have a choice and honestly, neither do you. Money trees only exist in dreams, and in 2015 prices are only increasing when it comes to the cost of living.

When I am scared, I look at my inspiration – my babies, who make me want to be a better Mom, Coach and Business Owner. I have learned to look at these pictures when I get scared. My babies have taught me to have faith when I get scared.



sammy and mom
But, my babies cannot build my business…I need to do that myself.

I need to have a sales funnel that really works – otherwise I cannot pay my mortgage, buy food, or survive let alone thrive. This sales funnel has to get me strategy sessions, health histories, and help me to make online and offline money.

Have you been there too? Maybe you’re standing there right now?

Here’s the good news: after years of experience, education, and some amazing teachers and mentors, I have learned what works. AND – I want to share it all with you because I want us to rock the ripple effect together. The world needs both you, and I.

See, there’s ONE critical element so many coaches overlook in the program creation & launch process – How to Create a Unique and Not Cookie Cutter Sales Funnel. How do you stand out from the crowd?

When this key piece of the puzzle is missing, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, or what you try. It just won’t work.

So, why should you come to this webinar? I am doing a live and interactive class where you need to bring a whiteboard to the party.

I will help you build a sales funnel so you can make money doing what you love, and make the money you need to survive in this expensive world like I do. Most importantly, I want to help you make enough money to not just get through by paying the bills, but to take a vacation and maybe even enjoy a shopping spree for once – OFF the credit card.

That’s what I want to share with you – live on the line.
Learn to Build a Killer Sales Funnel in this modern day world for FREE plus let’s rap about the done for you programs, and how they can help you build the business you TRULY deserve. Let’s turn your dreams into a REALITY.

Join me on Tuesday, May 19th @ 7 PM EST.

This isn’t just your average pitch-filled preview class either. We’re gonna get straight down to biz – and the ways you can make yours stronger.
Now, I’m proud to announce that Summer 2015 is our most freakin’ amazing season yet, with fresh goodness like the all NEW PALEO PROGRAM! These are the VERY same programs I use in my own thriving health coaching practice.
But I know what you might be thinking.
“Rach, I’ve tried programs like this before and gotten nowhere. What makes this different?”
Because I’ve walked the path you’re on, too. I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it means to pour $10k+ into programs, your business…. and not see the ROI you deserve.

Learn how to craft the perfect Sales Funnel on this fab FREE preview call (but you have to bring your whiteboard).
Trust me: you won’t wanna miss this one.
Here’s what we’ll get into:
Create a Killer Sales Funnel for your Online & Offline Business. Let me show you how to build the perfect sales funnel in 5 simple steps. HINT : Build your List & get them in the door. I have clients who pay me $600+ per month and you deserve this too.

Nail down your niche and test it in the market. This system has brought me to the top and I want you to be there, too. This isn’t a system that’s sold online. I created this system myself and I continue to use it every day.

Have a healthier biz with more cash, more clients, and more credibility.

Interested? There’s a virtual seat with your name on it. Click HERE to learn more, and register for the call.
Can’t wait!


P.S. And I am so not a P.S. kind of girl but this one calls for it cause’ we finally created the program you have all asked for >>> a done for you Paleo & Grain Free program holistic style.

You will NOT want to miss out on the preview PLUS I’ll be offering some amazing Early Bird Specials AND PRICES, and they will ALL be revealed during the event.

I will cover all the details on the call. This baby will be recorded, and as long as you register it will be sent straight to your inbox after the event.


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