GDPR Regulations and Your Health Coach List

How Does GDPR Apply to You as A Health Coach and Your List

As a health coach, it is your nature to collect multitudes of personal data to offer services to your patients. However, with patient data is organized is about to be changed, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of European Union comes into force on 25thof May.

The EU GDPR has a direct impact on your marketing practices, which includes email marketing. Along with GDPR, every health coach concerned with it should change how they seek, acquire and save consent. Following are some information on how GDPR applies to you as a health coach and your list.

How Will GDPR Affect the Email Marketing of Health Coaches?

The global influence of GDPR is substantial since it’s a regulation rather than a directive. GDPR is officially binding and thus extends the scope of scrutiny and protection to any company or professionals, which deals with or collects EU personal data, even if the person may or may not be headquartered in the EU.

The effect of GDPR in email marketing domain sits in the meaning of personal data. Any data, which could be utilized in conjunction along with other data, to determine an individual is considered as a personal data. It denotes the email address and name, which you’ve gathered from a signup form entitles you to be bound by GDPR policies.

What are these Key Changes in GDPR that Affects You as a Health Coach?

Let’s talk list building. You MUST use words like, ” Join my list and get this great free gift”

You are promoting your LIST and not promoting the free gift because if you do then you could be considered false advertising IF you are marketing to your list any offers or services.

If you give them ONLY the freebie and add to a main list that is fine but most of us add people to our list.



  • Getting Consent

Every time you’re collecting email addresses for adding to your list, your subscriber needs to present definite consent for it. It denotes you need to educate them about what you will do with their email even if it denotes you should be monitoring the metrics.


Once they settle with clear affirmative action, only then you can deliver them an email. Much worse, you need to get the same approvals from a current email address on your list, which were collected before May 25th.


  • Right to Access

Your subscriber has the power to receive the confirmation as the data gathered is being utilized for the purpose it was gathered for. Furthermore, the copy of information should be provided free of charge in a digital format.


  • Right to be Forgotten

Here, any personal information about your subscriber should be removed. It consists of all the information sources including and not restricted to non-production storages and backups as well.


  • Breach Notification

In a scenario that your data is broken, it should be notified within seventy-two hours of being informed of the data breach. On top of that, data processors should alert their controllers and customers without unnecessary delay.


  • Territorial-Free Jurisdiction

As mentioned earlier, all the stated requirements apply to you as a health coach as you process personal information from any EU resident. It’s not limited to organizations, which are in EU; however, those outside if they provide services and goods to EU residents.

Why is the Implementation of GDPRGood News for You as a Health Coach?

The good thing about GDPR is that your subscriber will value the transparency, which permission-based marketing carries with it. The transparency interprets into brand trust, and your subscribers will feel invested whenever the power of option is in their hands.

After GDPR practices implementation, your list should be pruned and will only cover those subscribers who are sincerely interested in interacting with your emails. It will enhance your list quality and lessen the unsubscribes.

To sum up, the GDPR is the main reason for the health coaches to be excited. It could assist unravel the huge stores of data, which have continued dormant for many years.

Here are some great links to information about the GDPR Laws.

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Look at GDPR as an opportunity to re-engage with your list before 5/25/18.

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