Health Coach Success Story

STOP it Health Coach.

Stop thinking we have to do it one way.

I did not.

I built my biz the opposite way I was taught and made it.

Many are trying to sell a 6-month program or a a retreat and nobody signs up.

Some are trying to launch a challenge and nobody signs up.

What about focussing on your hero journey and your system for success?

I know.

I know.

This is different, right?

It needs to be for you to make it.

I did not become a 6 figure International coach by having one option on my work with me or one freebie or one program.

I had multiple ways to work with me:

  1. Online: DIY, gateway programs, challenges, non-commital programs and masterminds
  2. Offline: JV with gyms, doctor offices, spas and worked locally to host classes

I had a killer 3 Tier work with me. 

I had low hanging fruit such as tripwires and masterclasses.

I had online and offline programs.

I had DIY programs for my clients and VIP days.

I could meet my potential client anywhere they need: emotionally and financially.

Do you?

Do you feel you have on your site what it takes to hit the 6 figure mark?

Are you spinning your wheels trying to create content?

You need me to save you TIME and ENERGY so you can build your biz online + offline.


I thought so.

This is why we are doing the summer launch webinar on this topic.

How to sell your program online or how to rock this offline and partner with a GYM.

Plus we are Revealing the brand new programs and goodies

  1. Summer Grain Free Seasonal Detox with extra info on Candida
  2. Paleo Eat for Energy
  3. Paleo Emotional Eating Program
  4. 5 Day Slim Down Program
  5. Newsletter Content Package
  6. A Hormone Workshop

I know you’ve done this before


Bought a program because it sold you on the promises it made (and didn’t deliver).


Paid for high-end coaching (think: $10k+) because you have to invest money to make money, right?


Joined Facebook groups and a mastermind program. Gone on a retreat. Watched Gary V and felt the excitement. Created funnels and sales pages. Tried to build your email list. Created an offer that didn’t become a slam dunk. Offered 1-1 coaching. Made a high-end program that nobody bought …


The list is never-freakin-ending.


Don’t make the mistake so many are making


  1. They go online too soon
  2. They don’t have enough free offerings or low hanging fruit to get known
  3. They don’t know how to build authority offline


How long have you worked at this and expected to start winning?


How many dollars bathed in your blood, sweat and tears have you spent on the solution that would finally make you make it big?


The truth is this:


Every move. Every decision. Every dollar you spend – it counts


It all counts.


While you’re thinking about paying for a business coach to whip your behind into shape, another health coach is out there busting her back doing the opposite of what you’re doing.


She isn’t building a sales funnel without testing the market first.


She ignores Facebook groups and paid advertising (goodbye Facebook ads!).


She doesn’t build an email list online without testing her offers offline first.


And that’s what’s missing.


Business is being done the wrong way around.


I’ve been a health coach for almost 9 years, and I didn’t take my business online until it was time.

While the first couple of years were a struggle, I soon learned to put systems in place that not only meant I was working with paying clients online and offline, but also translated all this into done-for-you programs.


More about the done-for-you programs in a second (Summer launch, baby!).


That’s the mistake I see a lot of health coaches making that means they struggle instead of thriving.


Their hustle is happening in all the wrong places.


They’re focused on funnel building, paid advertising, list building and high-end program creation … when they should be focused on something completely different.


That’s why I’m hosting a free webinar on May 22nd at 7 PM EDT so I can show you:


PLUS, How to choose just the right done-for-you program that your niche will flock to, and brand it to fit their needs perfectly (clean eating, weight loss, detox, paleo, family-friendly, short term, long term and more!)


The Summer collection WILL BE REVEALED ON THIS WEBINAR, plus a VIP coupon code to receive a discount when you buy.

Book your seat now:


[register here]


See you on May 22nd at 7 PM EDT so you can get the program you need.





PS: Been waiting for us to create an Emotional Eating, 5 Day Weight Loss, Eating for Energy or Newsletter Package? No more waiting. Deets will be revealed on the webinar.

Featured Coach Success Story: Carey Adam

Problem: Lots of zest for her health coach business but she needed a system that would work for her online business.

She needed to create visibility.

She needed a system for her clients online.

Solution: She bought a 3-month program to use in her Membership. She worked on her message and her niche. She continued to test her market with the key messages and she showed up daily. She created a membership by herself and then did interviews and showcased these interviews as part of the membership.

She decided what was the best platform for her membership and what tech platform would be the easiest for a busy momma like herself. She created a membership by herself and then did interviews and showcased these interviews as part of the membership.

She created a membership by herself and then did interviews and showcased these interviews as part of the membership.

Today, she is launched, happy and changing lives. Check out this amazing program here.







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