How to Get Your Ideal Client on Your Mailing List

We all want an email list that is responsive and full of buyers for your ideal client. This is probably expecting too much, but what you really don’t want is a list full of freebie seekers or tire kickers. You can never have total control over who ends up on your list, but there are some things that you can do to minimize the number of freebie seekers. Here are my top tips and best practices to get the right people on your list.

Understand where your traffic is coming from.

The sources of your traffic are an important factor because if they come from a “cheap source” then they are very unlikely to become buyers. A classic example of this is a “safe list” or a service where people will subscribe to your list if you subscribe to theirs. All people are interested in here is getting you onto their list. They will probably never even read your emails let alone buy anything.

The more targeted your traffic the better. As a health coach, an ad on a healthy eating forum is likely to produce far better results than an ad on a general forum or website. Ads on Facebook can bring reasonable results as you can target specific demographics. This can get tricky, but it does work when done properly. Consider hiring someone to help you put together your audiences in the Facebook Manager if this is the route you want to go.

Most people are interested in making extra money and if they are on a general site then they may well be interested in learning more, but they will probably end up being tire kickers. People go to health forums because they have a genuine interest in their health and becoming healthier.

Use a double opt in and don’t just give your lead magnet away

Too many marketers will just redirect a visitor to a download page as soon as an email address has been submitted. How do you know that the email address is even real? The preferred option is to use double opt in. This will reduce your conversions a little as some people will not be bothered to confirm their email address. This is fine because you don’t want these people on your list. A double opt in is also a requirement in many countries.

You can tell people more about your sign up incentive and your subsequent newsletter during the email confirmation process. Make it clear that the incentive and the newsletter provide real value, and that it is something that the visitor will not want to miss out on.

Also make it clear that special additional offers will be made in your emails that won’t be available publicly. This will give people more incentive to stay engaged in your emails and in tune with your offers.

Monitor you email activity and cleanse your list

You want to keep a close eye on the subscriber activity in your lists. The bottom line here is that if people have not opened your emails for a long time then you are better off without them. This is not your ideal client.

There could be a number of reasons why people are not opening your emails. It could be that they receive so many emails that they don’t have time to look at yours. Maybe they just don’t like what you have to say in your emails.

They maybe tire kickers who were only interested in your free gift. Maybe they are not using the email address they supplied that often any more. Or they might have just forgotten that they signed up in the first place.

Here is a good way to cleanse your list of these people but offer them a second chance to come back if they want to:

  • Use your autoresponder service to find all of your subscribers who have not opened one of your emails in the last 12 weeks.
  • Create a new list especially for them and remove them from the main list.
  • Send three broadcast messages to them on different days advising them of the situation and asking them to re-subscribe if they want to continue receiving your newsletter.

If you follow these 3 simple steps when building your email list you will find that you create the right kind of list from the start – and you want to make sure you always have your email list engaged and on point as this is the only form of contact you have full control over when it comes to your potential clients.



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