Are your Opt in Freebies Converting Health Coach?

Health Coach….If I see one more opt-in freebie like this, I’m gonna lose my freakin’ mind.

  • 5 Steps to Live Your Best Life
  • 10 Tips to Be Your Healthiest Self
  • 6 Ways to blah… blah… blah…

No wonder health coaches are struggling to build their lists and sign clients.

This is a huge problem I see online. Everyone is trying to market these generic free guides instead of doing the essential work of knowing their target audience, getting clear on their pain, and creating a free offer as a solution to a problem.

Maybe you’re sitting there saying to yourself – well, sh*t, Rach, I have a “Live Your Best Life” freebie or one that isn’t converting.

Keep reading, because I’m gonna break this down for you.

You have to ask yourself – who in this modern, busy world is going to sign up to read a 10-page guide that doesn’t have anything to do with them? And who wants to sign up to get emails from someone who isn’t offering them a solution?

No one. And that’s why the list-building method you’ve been trying isn’t working.

You have to develop different freebies that grab your potential client’s attention and establish a pattern of trust building with you. Here’s what that can look like:

  1. Your ideal client wants to lose weight – you offer a free 4-day Weight Loss Reboot
  2. Your ideal client struggles with IBS – you offer 10 Ways to Repair Your Gut Guide
  3. Your ideal client has PMS issues – you offer Eat Your Way to Hormone Health

That right there is what your trust-building high-converting opt-in freebie is all about. Nurturing people and understanding their problem so you can mirror it back to them and give them a problem-based solution.

This is the almond butter and the jam (on grain-free bread of course). This is the coconut dairy-free icing on the paleo chocolate cake.

If you’re not doing these things, then your list is not going to grow. You’re going to keep posting your freebie on Facebook and getting zero sign-ups (except for Grandma). Or worse – your ad budget is going to be gone, baby, gone – with no results to show for it.

Let’s stop that disaster before it starts.

If you’re ready to dive in a learn, step-by-step, how to craft freebies that your audience will go crazy over, then you’ve got to sign up for my FREE List-Building 101 Video Series and LIVE training…

You get these 3 pre-recorded videos and worksheets:

Video 1: Creating Opt-in Freebie Content that Converts

  • Learn how to determine what your audience wants & how to test your freebies

Video 2: Choosing the Right Format for Your Freebies

  • Learn how to decide between PDFs, videos, or audios to appeal to different types of learners

Video 3: Turning Audience Pain Points into Profits

  • Learn how to create messaging with your ideal client in mind & how to lead them into your paid offers


PLUS an invite to the LIVE list-building training…


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I’m giving you ALL OF THIS because I refuse to let you get left behind – stuck spinning your wheels, not getting clients – wondering how you’ll ever support your family and your dreams.

It’s time to make some real money and change some lives.



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