Guest Blog Post: How to Make The Most Out Of Your Detox

So, you decided to embark on a detox program. Perhaps, you are doing a master cleanse, a juice fasting program, or even going for a fashionable soup cleanse. Whichever detox program you’ve chosen, the question is – how do you make it a success?

Just like any major undertaking, a detox program requires a thoughtful preparation. The pre-cleanse stage is just as important as the detox itself. Going from eating burgers to green juices overnight is the reason why so many detox attempts fail.

But that’s not all. If you want to achieve the best possible results, limiting your efforts to the realm of nutrition isn’t enough. Detox is a complex thing. If your digestive system needs to be cleansed every once in a while, so does your skin, mind, soul, and even your apartment.

Follow these three simple rules to make the most out of your detox.

Detox Your Surroundings

What is the point of cleansing your body if your environment is toxic? And by “environment”, we mean the physical space you are occupying. The air inside your apartment, for example, can be five times as polluted as the air outdoors. Now that the summer heat is over try opening the windows and ventilating your place as often as possible.

You might also want to rethink your choice of a dry-cleaning service. Most dry cleaners use toxic chemicals. In fact, the most widely used solvent, perchloroethylene (or perc,) can trigger all kinds of health problems, including respiratory and eye irritation, headaches and dizziness. Choosing “green” dry cleaning services that use non-toxic solutions – at least for a while – is a great way to “detox” both your fabric and the space around you.

Detox Your Skin

Fasting or just eating clean will do miracles for your skin. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enhance the nutrition efforts with an external skin detox.

Paying a visit to a steam room is a great and natural way to cleanse your skin. Elevated temperatures will help you to sweat out toxins and unclog the pores. A word of caution – a session in a steam room shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.

Another great to give your skin a deep, thorough detox is taking a special cleansing bath with Epsom salts and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. One such bath will draw dirt out of your pores, cleanse your skin, and help it to start anew.

Do a Social Media Detox

Social media addiction is a thing – and so are social media overdose and withdrawal.

It’s all tied up to a chemical dopamine. Ever wondered why receiving a simple “like” or a Facebook notification makes you feel so good?

Well, this is how it works. Dopamine makes you crave instant gratification and puts you into a reward-seeking mindset – which, in turn, compels you to act. When you get the “reward,” no matter how meaningless and symbolic, the brain releases endorphins. Long before you know it, you get hooked on that notification bubble sound and start compulsively monitoring your social media profiles, wasting energy and time.

Now, how do you do a social media detox? Simple – block all social media sites on all your gadgets. It might be a good idea to announce your plans to go incommunicado for a while – least some of your virtual friends begin searching for you.

Just like with any other detox program, you are likely to experience certain withdrawal symptoms – which, in this case, will be purely psychological but unpleasant nevertheless.

The end result – normalized dopamine levels, brain clarity and tons of free time – will be worth the effort.

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