Raw Cacao and Coffee Smoothie

I am heading off to meet with my new kick-ass trainer and I am powering up this morning with a kick-ass smoothie.

Check this baby out. I call this the @bulletproof “Coffe & Caco Kick-Ass Energy Smoothie”

4 oz of coconut milk (fat is the key to a ketogenic state and tons of energy)
4 oz espresso coffee
1-2 tbsp coconut MCT oil (hello energy and balanced blood sugar)
2 tbsp raw cacao powder (boost of antioxidants)
Dash of sea salt (hello minerals)
2 tbsp Collagen @vitalproteins
2 oz of heavy coconut cream (OMG baby).
Then @vitamix this gem.
Top with some raw cacao nibs and coconut shreds.

Insane, right?
But so darn good you cannot handle it and then you have epic energy and this drink is so easy to digest.
Almost like a mono meal —> liquid energy.

If you want to take it to another level, then add peppermint and wild orange to your chest before working out.
I only use the best of the best and that is doTERRA. Sign up with me and you get a free #detoxprogram.

Check out my website at www.rachelafeldman.com for all my oil info or email me.

Have a great day.


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