HEALTH COACH GIFTS: Here are Designer Images for You (Download Now).


READ on….

First off, I love my hubby.
Behind every successful woman is not just other successful woman, but a person (mine is the hubby), who supports her.
Just the other day, he said something truly awesome. I’ll tell you what it was in a second.
But first, let me ask you – how many times have you done this:

Decided to create a graphic to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or sales page
Opened up PicMonkey or Canva and started searching for images

20 minutes later, found an image and then started working out what quote or words to add over it

Spent the next 30 minutes tweaking the image – moving the words, making sure the alignment was just right, checking you weren’t going blind …

… and finally thrown your hands in the air and figured it’s best to hire a designer
Sound familiar?
Here’s today’s #businesstruthbomb

Success in your coaching biz won’t come from spending time on creating sexy social media images.

haute chocolate styled stock photography summer collection june 2016-46-FINAL
It’ll come from investing your time wisely to attract clients, and dedicate yourself to those clients so much that they rave about you to everyone they meet.

I talk to coaches every day in my private practice, the done-for-you program forums and in groups on Facebook, and they all say the same thing…
“I don’t have time for my business because …”

FILL IN THE BLANK _______________________
I have three kids

I just birthed

I have a 9-5 job and then my kids have activities
“Even if I do have the time, I don’t have the money for …”

FILL IN THE BLANK _______________________
A virtual assistant.

Hiring a designer

Paying someone to teach me the tech
Or simply – I’m just not creative enough to produce the kind of images I want.
STOP. COLLABORATE and LISTEN … like Vanilla Ice would say (hello good old 90’s).
I was all of the above

I have been in your shoes.
I did not know Canva.

I did not know
I did not know how to put a frickin’ PayPal button on a sales page, which is why I sold my first 4 detoxes on Eventbrite.
I did not have a VA until year 3 of my business when I realized they even existed.
Since I didn’t have a lot of time and I didn’t want to learn the tech, I decided to find a shortcut that gave me what I needed.
And today I’m sharing it with you.
How would you feel if you had a designer at your fingertips whenever you needed them?
A designer who had gorgeous images ready for you to pick?
A designer with hundreds of quotes, thoughts and jokes you could use in your social media images?
And better yet … worked for practically nothing?


That designer is Wordswag. (You can get this on the App store for iPhone).
This smart little app helps you create sexy images with text overlays in seconds.
Choose an image

Select the text (from hundreds of free quotes, or just add your own)

  • Tap a button, and you’re done
  • You can use Wordswag to post images straight to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Beats slaving away at your laptop for 45 minutes, doesn’t it?
  • It’s super cheap and it’s yours – go get it!

I love how easy it is to WORDSWAG.

This is an example!


And to add more to the party, I’ve created TEN Wordswag images ready for you to use in your next social media update.

Click here to download ‘em and get busy on social media in a hot NYC second. 
Watch your inbox for next week’s free gift, which will have you trimming time spent on social media to minutes (with maximum impact).
And finally, what did the hubby say to me?
“Rach, I love you. Be good to yourself and take time for you … because we need you.”

1 unspecified
Wise words from him … not just to me, but to you too.
Love and hustle,

P.S. Ready to boom your Biz? You cannot have a sustainable business without a sales funnel. It automates new clients, gives you a steady income stream, and gives you more time to dedicate to paying clients, which is why I am doing a F.R.E.E webinar on the “6 Pillars of a Profitable Health Coaching Practice” on June 30th at 7 PM EDT.


kidsA little about Me: I’m also a biz coach for health-focused solopreneurs, helping you create more, get your work out there strategically, and start raking in the cash you deserve. I have a successful health coaching practice. I use a proven system in my own thriving practice – these are the tools I teach you. I am a certified health coach + detox specialist. I do not just write the programs, I use them too! Ready to Empower your Business? Heck Yeah!


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