People Pleasing and doing Health Histories

I am a recovering people pleaser. Yes, people pleasing could have been my middle name. For years I said yes when I wanted to say no.

For years I said yes when I wanted to say no.
You thought I was a tough girl but I was scared inside.
My fears got the best of me. These fears entered my business and messed with how I did Health Histories. Crazy, right?
They fed my sickness. They fed my first ulcer at 14. They fed my fear of you not loving me.
What if I said no? What if I told you that I did not want Chinese for dinner or I could not go to that party? What if?

What would you think of me?
This carried into my adult life.
The fear of not being accepted and the years of trying to be perfect.
The madness needed to end as my body got sicker and sicker.

When I birthed my children, there was a massive change in me. Years before I had worked to let go, read to find myself and been to many retreats, energy workers, EFT, etc but the work needed to be from soul.

I needed to believe I was worth it.
This could come from nobody else.
I would put drama in my life to keep the drama going…sound familiar?
And then it changed (not saying every day is perfect) but it changed because I changed in my heart.

I let go of the little girl who was scared. I let go of the 14-year-old who needed x, y and z. I decided it was over and yet it was just the beginning.
Life does not begin until you believe you are worth the party. Otherwise, it is like waking up for Groundhog day, every day.
Do not let old stories define you.
Business does not get started because you have a perfect excel spreadsheet or a wicked cool website, although that helps.
A business gets started and booms when you believe you are worth it.

I USED to give the shopping center away for free when it came to doing Health Histories. I would say too much in fear you would not hire me. Sound familiar?

I learned what not to do. I learned how to do a health history and strategy session the right way (one that benefited me and my client).

That is always the goal, right?

I am hosting a free training for health coaches. I am teaching you how to Master the Health History without giving away the shopping center for free.


Join me on June 30th at 7 PM. Sign up here.

Plus, I am giving you a 3 page Health History Script (instant download). Check your inbox. We are covering this in the free training. Do not miss out.

Rule #1 Do not let anyone Mess with your Zen but this can only happen when you believe you are worth it.
Rule #2 Believe you are worth it.
Rule #3 Be you because you were meant to be here.
Love, Rach.

P.S Check out my latest #podcast interview here.


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