Health Coach Spring Preview Call

Hey Health Coach,

Every day I talk to coaches. Every day I hear the same stuff.

“I spent a crap load of money on a boat load of programs and I spent a crap load of money on a boat load of business schools and I am making nada.”

Is this you? I hope not.

I am not saying I was lucky that I have built a killer business  because luck has nothing to do with starting a business. There is strategy and a lot of hard work. I bust my ass daily. Yep, that is the darn truth.

I am not talking about bogus sales tricks, conversion rates, and overnight success stories is total frou-frou. … Not to mention it’s a monstrous waste of your time.

And your time is worth A LOT of money, Honey.

The truth is … formulas, false promises, and fairy dust won’t actually grow your business.

And believe me – I’ve tried ALL of it.

So let’s eliminate the shiny objects from our dialogue. And let’s stop comparing ourselves to others. I mean, IMITATION is so ‘90s, right?

Instead, let’s talk about something real…

Let’s talk about the back-end of my business. AKA my business booty. Yep, regardless of the size, we all have one.

It’s the side of business that no one normally talks about.

It’s the side of business that has given me d-o-z-e-n-s of eye-twitches over the years and waaay too many late nights.

And make no mistake, it’s the side of business that can make OR break you.

Why reveal it ALL in this R-rated LIVE event?

Because the truth – combined with surrendering ALL of my mistakes and my most expensive lessons to you – will help YOU grow your coaching business into a powerhouse empire.

And who doesn’t want to lead a powerhouse empire, huh?

If you’re ready to go BIG – like, Oprah BIG – you won’t want to miss this bullsh*t-free webinar for ridiculously driven, Type A entrepreneurs (…that’s you!) on March 10th at 7pm ET.

What can you expect?

At this LIVE event, I will show you how to:

1. Grow your visibility. You need a gateway drug, I mean program, to pull new clients in your virtual door.

2. Work your day like a pro. I’ll share my typical business day, from the time I wake up to the time I pirouette into my pillow.

3. Build your list, exponentially. Whatever you do, DON’T screw the list. Learn how I grew my list to over 5,000 health coaches, 100% on my own.

Oh, and there’s a BONUS…

Yep, there’s some extra frosting on this gluten-free donut.

When you join us, you’ll also receive a behind-the-scenes look at our newest signature offerings, The Spring Collection of The Wellness Business Solutions in a Box, which includes:


That’s it. You. Me. And total business booty exposure.

I am here to help you get out of debt. I am telling ya the truth. Why? Cause’ I see it everyday… one of the coaches sold 450 detoxes this season with a boatload of hard work, soul and a the right tools and guess what…. YOU CAN TOO.

Sign up here.

Love ya big time,



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